Artekæ stepped onto the bridge of the pirate vessel, flanked by four gryphons. The air was filled with tension, but he had a plan that would hopefully help in the long run.

A unicorn stepped up to meet him, and bowed rather formally. He was the most calm being on the bridge, aside from Artekæ. However, AArtekæ frowned a little.

"Where is the human that we spoke to earlier?" Artekæ asked in confusion. The green unicorn in front of him shrugged.

"He had a nervous breakdown, and passed on the role of captain, which fell to me." He replied calmly. Artekæ blinked, but bowed back, now that his curiosity was quenched. Well, he bowed as well as he could, anyways.

"Well, I will get right into business, if you don't mind, time is not a good thing to waste. Have you heard of the recent events concerning the multiverse?" Artekæ asked, chuckling slightly at the mixed and all around confused looks swept across the room from pirate to pirate. The green unicorn shook his head, a bewildered look in his eye.

"Allow me to explain. There is a giant alien armada looking to destroy everything. That means everyone is in danger. Which means if you keep up this pirating, things will end very badly for you. I have some sway with many political figures, and I am positive they would be a lot more forgiving than Telipren battleships. So, you have a choice, you can keep up this little pirating business, running and preying on unfortunate travelers, or you can help save the known universe and help fight the Telipren. What say you, Captain?" Everyone was silent, and no one moved, not even a blink.

"What you are asking of me, and my men is-not an easy thing. You have single handedly crippled our small fleet, what do you expect us to be able to do?" The new Captain suddenly felt very, very afraid at the toothy smile that Artekæ gave him.

"Have you ever wanted to command a Dragon shuttle, Captain?"

Artekæ was about to board the small shuttle back to the Argo, when he was stopped once more by the Captain.

"I never thought I would say this, but I'm kind of glad you shot a hole through my ship." The newly crowned captain stated. Artekæ laughed.

"The pleasure was all ours, Captain. What is your name? I need to make sure you don't get mistaken for another pirate and blown out of the sky-again."

"Captain Star Blast, and if by some miracle we survive all of this… will I get to keep the ships?" Artekæ shrugged, and waved farewell.

"you're the captain, not me, good luck Star Blast, and may you find my father's ships to your liking." The shuttle door closed, followed by the docking bay door hissing shut, and the shuttle was sent on its way back to familiar territory.

A/N: so, it is another really short chapter... but i am working on it, promise, for those of you who cared to read this far.

Star Blast is an OC owned by StarBlast Luminous, you should go check out his writings, they are a pretty fun read in my book.