Chapter 1- Yui Komori

Drip drip drip...

Damn.. Why is it raining all of sudden!? And how come is it only here is raining? I swear moment ago sky was clear and coloured.

Drip drop drip...

Maybe this place is cursed or something...? Well, this castle like structure sure is beautiful but the aura is surely intimidating. I checked the address once again if this was right place I was supposed to check in. Its exact same place but... Should I really go in.. I mean this place is scary if you ask me. I'm more into small and colorful ones but this place is exact opposite of what I want.

Drip drop drip...

If it wasn't was sneeze I would have forget about myself soaking wet. Looks like I got cold. Great, just what I need as addition.

I grabbed my things but rushed to door, panting. I don't know why but I feel this weird sensation of being watched. I looked around to find none.

I turned to door, this creeping feeling was still chilling my bones. I took a deep breath, adjusted my dress which consisted of a blue jacket over a white shirt with a brown bow on the front (the collar of the shirt shows above the jacket). I also wore a beige skirt, black tights and brown shoes. My long patinum blonde hair was also wet and damped but looked presentable, so before knocking the door.

Knock knock...

It was loud enough to be heard by the residents unless they are deaf. I patiently waited for someone to arrive and welcome me in. Like any other normal person. Unless they are not normal. Hmm..

"H-hmm...," I was losing my patience. Note, I'm not those typical patient person. I angrily stomped my feet, I was getting annoyed, "damn.. IS ANYONE INSIDE!," I shouted once again. I was about to knock again when the opened... itself.





"Uhh..," okay, this is not normal. Definitely not. How can a door open without anyone opening it!? Is it automatic? No. Was it opened by some ghost? Maybe.

But not jumping into conclusion, I peeked inside.

"Hello, invisible man but can you show up so that we can introduce each other normally?," I loudly said but was greeted with silence. Deadly silence. I shivered, that was not feeling this place is giving me creeps. How can my father expect me to stay here in this weird atmosphere!?

I walked, cautiously. I don't want some weird thing just pop out of nowhere. But the moment I walked in, the door closed itself. I yelped at the creak sound as I backed away from the door.

"Okay. That wasn't funny, if you are here just show yourself," I demanded. I looked around me but there was no presence of a being around me.

I sighed as I continued my walk, I was now and then looking around myself. The thunderstorm stuck with a loud sound, I was never fan of rain because of thunder. I was sweating bullets but it was cold inside.

"Curse the people here...," I murmured venomously. I mean is this how they treat a guest, a weird door that opens and closes itself, spooky atmosphere and no greeting at all. I wonder who lives here. I sighed yet again. This was unnerving. I looked at the dark hallway that was leading god-knows-where. I looked at my right to be greeted by a sleeping crea- I mean a boy. I looked at him from afar. Here I was shouting and he is sleeping for god sake!?

I was about to approach him but stopped dead in my tracks. For some reason I don't want to go near him. But.. I nonchalantly approached him.

He looked at near same age as me. He had unruly, reddish-colored hair spiked at the ends, and a fair complexion. He looked slender and handsome without a doubt. He also wore a black stud on his right ear. He looked so cute sleeping. I giggled a little. I continued to study him as i noticed his outfit as a frown replaced my smile. His outfit was definitely not understandable. It consisted of a white shirt that had brown bordering the top and bottom of the shirt with a black jacket and brown scarf. His blue jeans was with a belt attached to both sides of his pants that hang down and go around his pants. I wore a nuetral face and raised a eyebrow silently questioning myself if this was new trend these days. I quickly losed my interest in him So I turned and continued my walk to the dark hallway.

"Omae," a voice called.

I stopped and turned to the source of the sound. I was greeted by a handsome face. The boy with weird sense of fashion.

"Hm?," was my response.

"Don't 'hm' me! Who are you and why are you here!?," he yelled at him with clear annoyance. That ticked me off. So I snapped as well.

"I don't need to tell you, redhead," I said coldly, I glared at him, hard.

"how dare you to talk back to yours truly, This is my area, breastless," he said back with a smirk. My temper was raising inside me, vein popped in my forehead. How dare he- calling me breastless!? 'Yours truly'!? How annoying.

"What did you call me?," I was at my limit. My words were filled with nothing but venom. If looks could kill he would have been long dead by the looks I was giving him. Oh, how she wanted to rip him in pieces.

But yet, he just grinned like I was saying some joke, "oh! I'm so scared, help me," he said with obvious playfulness. He wasn't fazed, nuh-uh not one bit that was when I kicked him- hard where sun doesn't shine. He groaned as he fell on his face holding his- what seemed like his life.

It was my turn to grin, this attack never fails on opposite sex. He glared at he with his mesmerizing emerald eyes. It was scary but yet I was trying my best not to show any effect on my face.

"Y-you! How d-dare you, you insolent bitch! You will pay for t-this," he yelled with anger which was directed at me but I was not fazed- not one bit.

I was about to retort back but was interrupted by a fake cough. It was that redhead. I turned to see another fellow who was clearly opposite of this pest.

"R-Reiji..," Redhead groaned with annoyance

I raised an eyebrow at him. Before turning back to new comer. He was clearly not pleased with the scene. He was tall with his hair being a shade of purple-black with lighter purple-gray gradients. It is almost an inch away from being shoulder length and it is neatly combed. His eyes were light red. He also wore glasses. He wore a suit-like attire. To me he clearly looked aristocratically annoying. I mean who wears such outfit these days. And its to hot here as well, considering it is summer.

"And you are?," I questioned the displeased fellow. He narrowed his eyes at me before answering.

"Well, hello to you to...," he asked
Trailing, asking my name.

"Yui. Yui Komori, it is," I answered with blank face but my eyes clearly help annoyance for he didn't answer my question. Well I'm a guest so who am I to cross question him at first meeting, after all I'm to live here.

Author's Note...

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