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New Beginnings and New Friendships

The one thing that Annie was happy about after starting Greendale Community College is that she could meet new people. Back at Riverside, she didn't have many friends and therapy... was therapy. It was good to be able to get it, but it was slightly depressing. Depressing but necessary. The only good thing in her life then was the notes she kept getting on the back of her hands. True, they were mostly illegible notes that never made sense, and women's' numbers, but it was still nice to know that there was someone out there for her. She never made an attempt to contact them, and as a rule she never wrote on her hand. Pens, especially purple pens were made for paper. Her mother had taught her that.

Annie, having already memorised her timetable, headed to Spanish 10, with a teacher who she believed was totally and completely incompetent. Lost in her thoughts, she didn't notice where she was going until she had walked into a very smooth but hard surface.

Jeff didn't want to be back in college. It was the last place he wanted to be. If he could be anywhere in the world, it would be back at his law firm, with a glass of good scotch looking over a new case. Instead he was stuck outside a classroom waiting for Spanish 101 to start. The only upside to taking Spanish was the hot blonde in the front row. This was Jeff's line of thought as he felt someone bump into him. He turned around, ready with some dissembling, sarcastic and hurtful comment, when he heard a small 'Oh.' He looked down to see a head of straight brown hair, that quickly looked up, revealing a pair of the biggest and bluest eyes Jeff had ever seen.

"Sorry," she squeaked, "I was lost in thought."

"No problems just be careful next time, princess," Jeff answered before walking into the Spanish classroom that had recently been opened by Chang. The girl blushed furiously and took her seat at the front of the class near the hot blonde, while Jeff took his seat at the back of class, instantly forgetting that the exchange ever took place, not noticing the purple swirls that appeared on his hand as his soul-mate wrote on her hand for the first time ever.

Annie felt sorry for that guy, Jeff. He looked so lost sitting there on the steps, holding a bunch of blank pages. He looked different than when she had bumped into him the other day, he obviously didn't remember, but still. That was Annie's problem, sometimes she was just too nice. Honestly, the group was better with him. She checked her hand for new messages, but there wasn't one. It had been a week since the last one, and a couple of days since she had written on her hand.

The Spanish study group met daily, and sometimes not within the boundaries of the need to study Spanish. They all found that they had something in common and started to spend more time together, seeing as they didn't have many friends outside of the group.

One day they were in the study room trying to get some studying done, which only happened for about 10 minutes of so, until they all got tired and started talking about something random. Today it was about soul mates.

"Do you ever get writing on the back of your hand?" Annie asked after they had all closed their books. Everyone turned to face her, Jeff even looked up from his phone.

Shirley smiled fondly, "Yes, Andre used to send me cute little notes, it was so sweet. We communicated and then ended up meeting one day. It was love at first sight," she said signing, "Until that slut batted her eyelashes at him! Now, all I get are these cutesy notes that she writes on his hand," she said forcefully showing the group the latest one.

"No," Abed said, "My life is fulfilled with movies. I don't need a soul mate like other people. All I need are my friends and movies to keep me going."

Pierce, Britta and Troy all shook their heads. Pierce had been married 7 times, everytime he thought he'd found her, it turned out that they didn't click, Britta didn't believe in soul mates, her exact words were,"Why is it that we need the idea of soul mates to keep us going? Why can't we not just make mistakes, I mean we are human! Why does the government feel like they can use this promise of a soul mate to keep the people under it's thumb?" even though she admitted afterwords that she'd had a couple of notes, mostly gibberish and random words.

"Did you follow up?" Shirley asked looking at Jeff.

"Yeah, I have a note now, here," and she thrust her hand into the middle of the table for everyone to inspect.

"Ah, your finger would fit my grandmother's engagement ring," Jeff said winking at Britta who stuck her middle finger on her other hand at him.

"Jeff, is that your writing?" Abed asked.

"No... that's...," Jeff took out the piece of paper from the manilla packet from Ian and compared the writing, "That's Ian's writing!"

"Whose Ian?" Britta asked nervoulsy.

"Ian Duncan."

"Professor Ian Duncan?"

"What an interesting development in the plot," Abed said rubbing his hands together, " The readers will be interested to see who the author is shipping Britta with."

"We're not in a fanfiction Abed."

"I never said anything about fanfiction."

"We're not in a TV series either."

"Cool. Cool, cool, cool."

"What about you Jeff?" Annie asked, "Do you have a soulmate?"


"J'accuse!" Britta said grabbing Jeff's hand and holding it up for all to see, "You do have a soulmate! The cool Jeff Winger has a soulmate who isn't me!"

But Annie didn't say anything. All she saw was a faint outline of the word 'Princess' that she had written in her favourite purple pen about a week earlier.