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Chapter 2- The Psychology of Friendship

Annie was quite excited. It had been a hectic month, with Britta trying to allow Abed to pursue his dream by mothering him, and Jeff learning to be a better friend to Pierce. She had managed to secure a place in Professor Duncan's Psychology Lab. All she needed was two friends to come with her. She approached the group, who were now in the cafeteria.

"Hey guys," she said sitting across from Jeff, who was on his phone, texting or playing, she was never quite sure. The thing is, she didn't know how to approach him now. She didn't know how to approach him, or ask for anything of him now that she knew that they were soul mates. Of course he didn't know, and just because the universe decided that they were soul mates didn't mean that they had to end up together, anyway he was older than her...

"Annie isn't that your writing?" Britta asked.

Annie glanced quickly at the purple pen that decorated Jeff's arms, and weighed up the pros and cons of admitting that it was. Pros: she could finally have someone who would love her unconditionally, Jeff was one of her friends and he was usually nice to her and she liked him. Cons: he would end up hurting her, it could ruin their friendship and break up the group,she didn't want to be another one of his conquests, there was the age difference, which personally she didn't care about, but he might and she didn't want him to feel forced to love her.

"No," she said quickly, the pitch of her voice rising.

"But isn't it? You use purple pens and it looks like-" Abed started.

"It isn't, okay?" Annie snapped, "And anyway it's too faded to tell."

"I don't know whether or not to feel insulted," Jeff muttered not looking up from his phone screen, as he had become seriously bored with the conversation and extremely uncomfortable.

"Okay fine. Annie have you had writing on your hand?" Britta asked rubbing the back of hers vigorously as if trying to get rid of Ian's ink.

"In fact I have, but it was nothing important. Just test scores. He's a straight A student," Annie lied. Everyone quickly changed the conversation after that. Annie sighed quietly in relief, quickly catching Abed's eye, who just raised his eyebrow and turned back to the conversation.

"Count me out," Jeff said automatically. The others voiced the same concerns, all of them coming up with excuses as to why they couldn't participate in the experiment.

"Please guys, I really need to do this," Annie asked, practically begging, "Troy? Abed?" Both agreed eventually, after a lot of wheedling, bargaining and Annie resorting to use her 'Disney eyes', as Jeff liked to call them. Annie smiled broadly and jumped up and down excitedly and then ran off to tell Professor Duncan that she had subjects.

"You know you didn't have to do that," Britta said.

"Annie said that we were friends and friends help each other," Abed said turning to Troy, "Is that right?" Troy just patted him on the arm and they both left the table, Abed wondering about the changing dynamic of the group, why Annie lied about her writing and if he could possibly start watching Indiana Jones before the experiment began.

"Okay, welcome to the Duncan Principle," Ian Duncan started as he wrote the words on the board and motioned to the TV screen, "I asked you to bring test subjects with you, which you all did. Now, Annie we will tell them that the experiment will begin in 5 minutes, but the experiment is," he paused and chuckled, "That there is no experiment. We're actually going to see how long it takes for a person to snap. The longer the wait the bigger the snap." He then paused again as there was a half-hearted applause, "Now, Annie, will you please do the honours?"

Annie stood up, smiling, happy that she was chosen for this particular position. She liked it when teachers gave her responsibilities above those of her other classmates. She opened the door and told the subjects that the experiment would begin in 5 minutes, just as Professor Duncan pressed the start button on the timer and the first subject left.

Shirley and Jeff were walking on the grounds and turned the corner, where they saw Britta and Vaughn making out. Shirley put a consoling hand on Jeff's arm.

"She wasn't your soulmate anyway," she said patting his arm. Jeff frowned at her and continued walking. What did that hippie have that he didn't? Shirley ran to catch up to him and asked, "Did you see his tiny nipples?"

"I know," he replied, "But we have to be supportive. Britta's our friend and we can't make fun of her boyfriend no matter how small his nipples are." And they both burst out laughing and turned the corner.

"But I'm serious, Jeffrey," Shirley said, "Wasn't the writing on Britta's hand Professor Duncan's, and the writing on yours is purple?"

"I don't know why she uses purple pens, it just fuels Pierce's belief that I'm gay," muttered Jeff.

"That's not the point," Shirley replied smiling, "But seriously, you shouldn't mess with another person's soulmate."

"People who aren't soulmates still get married and have kids, or at least have a good time," argued Jeff, "Look at my parents."

"And are they still together, hm?" Shirley asked giving him her signature look.

"Touché," he muttered. As she started to walk in the other direction to her class, he yelled, "I'm not gay, I've slept with more women than you know!" which he instantly regretted, because it caused everyone to turn around and stare at him. He walked off in a huff to his next class and sat down, thinking about the actually useful conversation he had with Shirley. He took out a pen and started wrote on his hand.

Annie sat in Professor Duncan's room watching as Troy and Abed sat waiting next door. She rubbed her hand where the words had appeared yesterday. She honestly didn't know whether she was thrilled that he wanted to find out who she was and meet, or scared that it might ruin the friendship that they had. Professor Duncan nodded at her, so she stood up, almost falling (she hadn't slept since the night before) and opened the adjoining door.

"It's just going to be 5 more minutes," she said.

Troy stood up, "When Annie when?! It's already been 5 minutes! When is the experiment going to start?! I want to go home! I wanna, I wanna-" he stopped and screamed before running out of the room and falling on the ground outside, whimpering and curling up into a ball. Annie was shocked, and quickly closed the door, scared at what just happened.

"And then," Professor Duncan said looking at the screen, "There was one."

They waited several more hours, but Abed didn't move. Annie just wanted to go home. The room smelled from their unwashed bodies and the residues of Chinese take-away. Even though the area where she lived wasn't great, it was better than Professor Duncan's experiment room. She just wanted a shower, and then bed...

"Why isn't he freaking out!" yelled Professor Duncan snapping Annie out of her reverie, "He should be gone, why didn't he move?!" he turned on Annie, "You have destroyed the Duncan Principle, it's all your fault!" everyone looked at him in shock, "Leave! Go!" and everyone did, because at that moment Professor Duncan started to trash his room.

Annie looked in where Abed was sitting and yelled, "Why are you still here?! Go!" and slammed the door. Abed just shrugged, picked up his bookbag and left.

Annie walked towards where Abed was sitting in the cafeteria, carrying a gift. She was ashamed at her behaviour, she shouldn't have yelled at him. When she reached the table she handed over the gift bag.

"I'm sorry, Abed, I shouldn't have yelled at you. It was unfair of me," she paused, "And I'm sorry you missed the screening of all the Indiana Jones movies. I got you the first three because the fourth one sucks," she and Abed finished at the same time.

"Why did you stay?" she asked.

"Because you said we were friends and that friends help each other out," Abed answered.

"Oh, well, thank you," she said, looking over, and seeing Professor Duncan. As she started to move away Abed asked, "Why did you lie?"

"About what?"

"About the writing on Jeff's hand," he answered, "It's yours, isn't it?"

She took a deep breath, "I lied because I don't want to jump into anything. I don't want to be forced to love someone just because some ink says we're soulmates. I want to find out for myself, not now, but in the future. Also, Jeff needs to grow as a person before he can think of dating someone seriously," she answered, "As I said, maybe not right now, but in the future. When he's ready." And she walked off to where Professor Duncan was sitting by himself eating something that resembled bangers and mash. He looked up and said, "Look, you're very pretty, but you're just too young for me. Come back in a few years," and resumed eating.

"Ew, no. That's not why I'm here. I just wanted to say, sorry for trashing your experiment and the Duncan Principle. It was a very good idea. Did you know that there's an exception to every rule?" Ian Duncan looked back up, "Yeah. And if there's an exception, then it proves the rule!"

Professor Duncan stood up, as if inspired and started waving his hand, "This could be an interesting article. Of course, no experiment is without faults!" he kissed Annie on both of her cheeks,"Thank you Miss Edison. You have made me very happy!" He ran off clicking his heels together, students moving out of his way so that he didn't bump into them. Annie turned away, with a small smile on her face and went to join her friends that had watched the entire events unfold.

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