This is my first Fanfic so this might not be the best. I do not own Spiderman or the Avengers.

Peter Parker POV:

"Are you sure you don't want any money? You sure look like you need it, with how skinny you are," commented the old lady I helped out. She was trying to repair her flower store after it got destroyed. While I have stopped going out as Spider-man, I couldn't let her do it alone.

"I'm sure, I didn't do all that much anyway." I responded quietly. I did not talk all that much since Aunt May died of a heart attack and I ended up on the streets. I was put into an orphanage since I was 17 but I ran away because someone was always reminding me of what happened. I knew that Aunt May's death is not one that could have been avoided but I still felt guilt. It seems that anyone I get close to is bound to die. That is the other reason I left, I could have caused another person to die.

"At least let me treat you to a meal." She tried, trying to repay me in some way. Seeing at how turning her down would make her hurt, I gave in and nodded. "Great! Let me just go get my purse from the back room and lock the door now that you've helped me repair it."

Once she was done locking up, she grabbed my arm with a lot more strength than I thought that a lady her age would have. Dragging me along, she took us to a restaurant that was right next to the place I was avoiding like plague: Stark Tower. Although I would love to meet the Avengers, I am scared that they will somehow find out about my powers and that would lead to a series of events that would end up with me getting close to them. Like I said before anyone close to me dies, and I will not be able to deal with the guilt if I am the reason that one of the Avengers die. I have enough guilt to last me a lifetime, I cannot stand anymore.

"Can we possibly go somewhere else?" I asked when she stops in front of it.

"Nonsense, this is the best place to go in this city, besides we might get to see the Avengers come out of their tower." She responds, shooting down my suggestion immediately.

It was then that I knew that I was doomed, because of the fact that I was me. With my luck the Avengers would walk right into the restaurant while I was in it. As we walked inside, I saw a sight that was worse than what I predicted: the Avengers were already there (excluding the Hulk and Thor). Yep, I am doomed.

A/N: I know it is short but the next chapter will be longer I promise. This is more like a prologue than an actual chapter.