Ten long summers have passed since the untimely deaths of Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio, Paris, and Tybalt. Reflecting back over the events that transpired, leading unto their deaths and my shameful part of them, I am mortified at how fast I was to unite Romeo and Juliet, knowing the probable strife they were placing upon themselves. That I then decided to hide the union from all but a select few hoping to prevent an outbreak of rage between the Capulet's and the Montague's, lead instead to underlying consequences for all.

First, born from hate at being publicly disgraced in his family's home, Tybalt sought revenge on Romeo, alternately slaying Mercutio in his stead. Sick with rage at having his friend slain, Romeo then confronted Tybalt, killing him in retribution. Through decree of the Prince, Romeo was banished in response. Distraught, Juliet sought me out. Begging from me a way she could be once again with her Romeo. In surrender, I devised the plan to have her fake her death with a letter then sent to Romeo, explaining the situation and that he should make haste to be there when she awoke.

Regrettably, Romeo never came to possess the letter. Rather, informed by Balthasar that his wife was dead, in rash decision, he purchased a poison that would ensure a swift demise. It is in the events that followed, that I've laid my greatest sorrow, it is those few moments I have replayed over and over again in my mind. If I had taken Juliet away, would she still have expired? and before that, if Romeo had received my letter would any of this have come to pass? would Romeo have yet slain Paris, then himself?. No matter how many times I consider these events I know I will never have any answers to them. What has passed can never be changed, and we can only learn from our past mistakes.

I have now dedicated my life to helping people in troubled situations. Providing counsel to those in need, giving them a safe harbour from their misfortune, and trying my hardest to prevent any re-occurrence of the disastrous past with help from contributions made by the Capulet's and Montague's, I have been able to oversee the creation of a boarding house where those who are homeless may stay. Also, I have set up a fund to provide the support these unfortunate people need. A new guest to the house is a young girl I came across yesterday while riding to town. She was lying in the street horrendously ill and so thin her wrists looked like twigs. I ordered my coachman to take the girl to the boarding house to await a doctor.

Since then she has made rapid improvement. in the past forty-eight hours alone, having been fed and forthwith taking medication for her ailment, she no longer looks so brittle and starved. Witnessing this miracle makes me truly believe that the shadows of the past are finally drifting away to reveal clearer skies ahead, giving me the hope and strength I need to prevail. Though not forgotten the past can now be put to rest and the future can begin.