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She looks at the door before turning back as if planning to retreat from the way she came. But something hold her back, was it guilt or anger? She could tell no more. Her teal hair that were held up in twin tails swayed as she moved, her pair of teal eye were filled with confusion and annoyance.

"Why should I apologize!? It is his fault in the first place. She threw herself at him and he accepted the hug as well!? And he calls it a friendly gesture? Holding a girl by her hip is a friendly gesture? If he thinks I'm stupid then he is badly mistaken," Miku mumbles to herself, trying to justify herself as innocent.

She tugs on her twin tails, too confused and annoyed to care about her precious hair that she cares about more than her boyfriend.

She twirls her hair strands playfully, pouting. But hehasn't talk to me since then...He must really be angry. Damn, I shouldn't really have kicked him straight on his groin. But he shouldn't have hugged Luka like that either...

Deciding that apology would make things right, She stood in front of door staring at the horizon as if trying to imagine the future that is waiting ahead for her if she actually apologized. "It's too late to back down anyway," with a deep breath, she rang the bell waiting for Len to open the door.

Finally after what seemed like hours, Door opened with a click and She engulfed the person with a embrace. She just buried her face on his, muscular, chest. And started mumbling apologies.

"Oh! Len, I'm so sorry for what happened yesterday, I should have not punched you like that! But Luna hugged you and you also hugged back like that so I just assumed some stupid, unreasonable stuff, I'm so sorry, Lenny!," She tried her best to explain herself, a small part of her still was protesting against apologizing to him but she just ignored that part of her.


She froze on the spot, too afraid to look up to the person who was not Len but the one she hugged, apparently assuming he was Len from the glimpse of blond hair. But she knew she couldn't just stay like that forever, so she slowly unwrapped her arms and brought it back to her sides.


"No need to be all shy, I know I'm hot that you couldn't resist," and she knew exactly who he was as well. Flushing red, She looked up to glare at the smirking blond.

"Rinto kagamine," She said his name with disgust. She knew him too well to know that this all didn't faze him at all. Her ex-boyfriend he was. That's right, Ex.
"It's been a while, Miku," He grinned a toothy smile.

"Is Len in his room?," She just wanted to get over all this as soon as she can...but with Rinto, It doesn't seem like this conversation is going to over anytime soon.

"Right on the topic as usual, you didn't change?," He smirked, which I gladly returned with my own death glare. "And... He is not at home but you are always welcome," he added, as he stepped sideways like a gentleman he was to allow her space to slip inside.

"No, Thank you very much," She replied, before adding,"I'd wait for him outside, he'd be back soon anyway,"

"No, he'd be back after a week, now come on unless you want to wait outside in this cold," He grinned playfully. He never changed, he is just as childish as he was before. The reason why she broke up with him... But now, he changed in many other ways... This itself made her frown in dismay.

"Says the one who is shirtless," She turned away, insisting she'd wait outside. But a pair of arms grabbed her and pulled her inside anyway.

"Hey! Stop pulling me!," Her protests was ignored.

"Come on, Mi-chan," He looked back at her as he pulled her to the living room. This shocked her since 'Mi-chan' was what he used to call her when they were friends back then, something she loved about him. That name...

"Now, Now," he started before settling himself comfortably in the couch beside her. "Why are you here to meet Len anyway? And you look troubled back then. Did you ditch on him or was the chick his new girlfriend now?,"

"Well I- Wait! New girl!?," She couldn't believe him, they've not even parted and he was already over her. That len...

"Hahaha..," She was snapped back to reality by a hoard of laughter.

"Wha-!? Why are you laughing!?,"

"The look... Ha.. Was...priceless!," He managed to reply between the laughs. This annoyed her greatly as she stood up, raised her hand attempting to hit but before she could he had pulled her down in the couch beneath him.

"Wh-!? Ah!," She exclaimed in surprise as she tried to push him away from he was too strong for her. He was after all older than her by 2 years.

With a deep chuckle, he leaned down so that their faces are only centimeters apart. His actions appalled her and In desperation she managed to make little distance between their chests. Yup, Previously their chests were squishing together which unnerved her and uneasiness just made her weaker. On other hand, Rinto was enjoying the view and feel of her skin like a pervert he was.

"What? Feeling self-conscious? Don't worry, Mi-chan would be treated like princess like she always wanted to," Though He looked like he was kidding, His eyes said a whole different story. That mischievous glint, that she was very familiar with.

"Stop! Let go, pervert!," Her yells was again ignored by him, her flushing red face gleamed with embarrassment and anger.

Rinto just smirked wider, Seeing that he was having effect in her strangely pleased him. It confused him why he was feeling like this and He hates to be confused.

"You didn't change,"

He pushed himself out of the couch, giving a miku a chance to maintain as distance as possible from him which amused him.

"Am I supposed to change?," She shot back, her cheeks tinting pink as an aftereffect of what happened earlier.


He left her there in the couch, and went out of the room. As he left the room, She let out the breath that she didn't knew she was holding.

She find herself thinking back about other stuff which was nothing but why Rinto and she parted and how she and Len got together.

Rin, Len, Rei, Miku and Rinto are childhood friends, always together wherever they go. Len, Rei and Rinto however are Siblings with Len who was the youngest one while Rei who the oldest of all. As they grew, they drifted away from each other but even so Len, Miku and Rinto remained friends. Rin moved away with her parents to hokkaido while Rei decided to live alone in dormitory.

Rinto and miku started dating as they reached middle school and they were together for 3 years. Everything was perfect but like they say-"perfect things doesn't last," they break up because of a petty fight and miku thought he was very childish and a crybaby so she decided to part anyway. After a month or two prior reaching high school, Len confessed to her and she accepted as well. And...they lasted till now, or till yesterday.

"Deep in thought, aren't you?,"

"Huh," was her dumb reply, snapping back to reality she realized he was offering her something.

"I made banana cupcakes."

Miku raised her eyebrow that played hide & seek behind her teal bangs. It was almost incredulous to think that Rinto who she knew from childhood, one who don't even know how to correctly make a cup of tea, has made cupcakes.

"You...made cupcakes?"

He grinned at her, leaning against the table. He somehow seemed cocky, confident. She never really saw him this relaxed. In the past, he seemed so...shy and childish. But now... He has become Very bold. Too bold for her liking.

"Yeah, You like cupcakes, don't you?" With a flourish, he gestured to the covered plate in the corner of the table where about a dozen were still steaming, golden cupcakes sat. They looks delicious, she had learnt from her experience that looks can kill as well. But then again...she licked her lips, before shaking her head and grinning back at him. Rinto...the chef? That's new.

"So.. What happened?," The blonde boy asked, reaching over and selecting one of the warm, banana cupcakes. She opened her mouth to protest as if that was not the case but He gave her a knowing look as if he already knew she'd protest, his face still calm and strangely overconfident. This shut her up.

She frowned, leaning against the couch with her arms folded over her chest. "Well.. You got me," She gave in, her teal eyes narrowed. "How did you-"

"Know?" Rinto rolled his eyes, observing his creation, the cupcake, in his hand with critical eye as if he is checking every detail and finishing touches on it "Len was ranting on and on about your fight with him this morning, well... More like we got him into spilling every details to us," Miku was about to ask who 'we' is referred to but He raised a hand, to silence her. He then added, "Rin and I,"

Miku gaped, Rin is back to town. She was about to bombard him with questions when he, again, silenced her by raising his finger to her pink lips and it seemed to have work since pink dusted her cheeks and she looked away.

"Yes, she came yesterday and I really couldn't stand her. She has become really clingy, even koala wouldn't cling to you that much," he shivered as he recalled at how she lunged at him as he greeted her. Her death grip around his neck was too suffocating. It was a surprise that he managed to pry her off him.

"So... Did he tell you the reason why we fought?,"

"And why his groin was throbbing rather painfully, as if Someone hit him cruelly?," he added with a smirk. There he was, the Rinto that she knew for quite sometime. That mocking one.

"So I suppose he mentioned how he's not willing to give in," She found herself snarling, thinking about his persistent Len was.

"You suppose correctly" Rinto agreed, nodding. "My brother? Admit he's wrong?" He smirked, taking a bite on his cupcake and chewing on it thoughtfully. "Hell would freeze over if he did so,"

Miku smirked at him, knowing he was right. People thought Miku was stubborn? They clearly had not met Len. Miku stared at her shoes, now stumped at what to say. She had to admit, this was the longest time she and Rinto had ever spoken to one another in two years. After their breakup, they didn't talk to each other much so they don't know much whereabouts of about other than that she is his brother's girlfriend and he is her boyfriend's elder brother. We'd never seemed to have a conversation after the part. Until now that is...

Miku stared at him, noticing many changes in his appearance in 2 years. She couldn't even believe that this guy was very first person who she loved and dated for years.

Rinto caught her staring and grinned, showing those clear pearly set of teeth again as he leaned casually against the couch. He slid the plate of cupcakes over to her, offering her one. She mused for a moment before accepting with a smile.

"So.. He hugged that pinkette...and you got jealous and you hit him where the sun doesn't shine out of rage, Nice" it was obvious that he was entertaining himself by recalling what happened that day.

Miku frowned, taking a bite out of her cupcake. It was good.

"Yea.. But I wasn't jealous or anything but he shouldn't just go and hug other girls like that when he already have me," she found herself saying, her voice muffled by the cupcake contained in her mouth. Her hand shot up to her lips as she realised how much cake bits she probably sprayed everywhere. How embarrassing.

Rinto snorted, apparently not accepting her defense.

"Yea, sure... But I wouldn't have done such thing to you if you were my girlfriend," he winked at her suggestively. She just rolled at eyes, and looked away not wanting to face him anymore. Just when I thought we perhaps could make good friends, he had to go and ruin it. However what she didn't saw was serious glint in his eyes that meant no funny business. Perhaps he was serious. With a inaudible sigh, he looked up at the ceiling thoughtfully before facing her again.

"The thing with my brother..." Rinto began, looking at miku thoughtfully. "...that Rei and I heavily debated whether he could physically be in a relationship with anyone else. He's so stubborn and headstrong that we doubt he can put anyone ahead of himself." He rolled his eyes recalling how he thinks so high of himself. "But- I gotta hand it to ya, you certainly have some power over him."

Miku swallowed, Her eyes widening. "R-really?" She frowned. "What makes you say that?"

Rinto grinned. "He gets insanely jealous, he couldn't stand others who gets too close to what belongs to him,"

She smirked, licking her finger. It did pleased her to know that, that at least she have some control in the relationship. She knew that he is very possessive to his possessions. If there is one emotion that I see every now and then,then it has to be irritation and anger and it is most when I talk with other males.

"Yea.. I have seen him acting aggressively as well, though I couldn't be sure if it is jealousy," She wondered.

He shrugged, his muscular shoulders contracting as he still leaned casually against the tiled kitchen bench. He turned to me again. Those bright, beautiful pair of azure eyes looked at miku closely.

"I just don't get it, Mi-chan,"

Miku frowned at him then, what made him to suddenly call her by her nickname. He has always been so unexpected. But suddenly using her name like that... For some reason made her feel so flustered and... Shy around him. How confusing. "What...don't you get?"

He gazed at her, pushing off the couch slowly, flexing like a cat. Those blue eyes still watched her closely as he walked around the couch, standing square in front of her. His towering form over her smaller one unnerved her especially with his piercing gaze fixed at her.

"Why do you forgive him so easily..? He'd flirt with others and yet you'd accept him and are forgiving him as well... That's not fair," there was something in his tone that felt like there was no humor in whatever he said. He was dead serious.

"I-" Miku frowned at him as he leaned against the table next to her, hoisting himself up and sitting on it, all without breaking eye contact.

"What do you mean, Rinto? Len is-"

"I mean, Miku, he treats you like he's your leader, and you should feel lucky to have him. He expects you to accept everything and just forget everything. Like he knows you're going to agree with him simply because he knows you will...'cuz you're too good, forgiving and sweet,"

She flinch slightly then, glancing at him curiously. Did he just give me a compliment?

"Plus, Isn't Luka that one of the popular who throws herself at every man she sees? I also heard she is obsessed with Len," He continued, frowning and rolling his eyes, now looking moody. "I don't like that...the way he treats you. Like a doll, a possession. I've dated you once Miku, and I know what it feels like to lose someone you love. You don't deserve it," was that a confession? She felt her cheeks burn, she was pretty sure that she was looking like tomato. Her chest strangely felt warm and...fuzzy.


She opened her mouth, only to be closed. She was at lost.

He swung his legs, giving her a mysterious, watchful look. "You need to make him see that he's lucky to have you...not the other way around. I hate seeing a beautiful girl like you coming over here looking so sad," she was gaping at him like a fish. Why is he showering me with compliments all of the sudden? Even when they were dating, he never complimented her, if anything all she'd ever hear from him was how ugly she looked. And all of the sudden hearing him calling her beautiful.

She realized then her mouth was open and she closed it quickly. Then It hit her like thunder. No way...

R-Rinto? Was he-

'He's hitting on you,' Her inner voice concluded, almost at ease as if it is the most obvious thing.

He suddenly jumped down from his post, flashing her that same cocky, confident look. He winked at her, as if sending her a message which she failed to comprehend.

"You see Mi-chan, You are special and such things shouldn't be taken for granted...If he is cheating on you with luka, then he is missing most amazing moments with you,... if he is intimate with other then he doesn't really have any idea what it is like to be," Was he creeping closer to her?

She looked up to meet his gaze, he was now really close to her. His breath and hers mingled together, his blond hair tickling her neck and forehead. My chest was almost pressed against his. She was unable to utter words, as if her words stuck in her throat. "I-"

"Another cupcake?," Rinto offered, looking at miku with his intense azure orbs.

"What in the world are you two doing?," A male baritone utters.

Rinto and Miku, Both looked over the doorway, and found Len, the youngest son of kagamine family and boyfriend of the miku hatsune who was currently in a awkward position along with his elder brother, Rinto kagamine. The soda can that he was holding hung limp, his normally tight jaw dropped in shock as he looked at the both, his deep blue eyes looked at the two friendly companions who were currently lagging in the couch in a very awkward position which fueled his anger. His eyes were wide and furious. The other two occupants of the room could practically feel the anger and heat rising in him as he took in the situation before him. His muscles tensed-Miku could see through his checkered shirt he wore-as he glared at them suspiciously, his soda can crunching in his fist as he looked over his brother who wore his signature smirk on his face.

The situation probably looked like this. The elder brother of the Len, Rinto who was shirtless, was offering Miku who happened to be girlfriend of Len, plate of cupcakes while their faces are inches away from each other in the couch in a position that could be mistaken for something intimate, gazing at each other. Miku bit her bottom lip, wondering what the hell was going on and how she got herself in such position. She looked up to Rinto, but his face gleamed with that cocky, knowing expression as he winked at her slightly, quickly-so quick that she thought she must have just imagined it.

Miku glanced at Len. His face reflecting shock, disapproval, and look that a kicked almost lost look in his eye as he frowned at us, taking in the scene slowly, breathing heavily as he suddenly snarled at his brother.

"Len," Miku sighed, giving him the same look Rinto had. "We were just..." She picked a cupcake from the plate that Rinto was offering. "...eating cupcakes."

He looked baffled, Miku and Rinto just smiled. Rinto was definitely enjoying this, feeling close to miku as if they were friends since childhood (which they are)

Len looked so much like a lost, innocent confused little boy that Miku almost felt like cooing at him and just wrap her arms around his frame, forgiving him. But she couldn't be so forgiving, he shall learn a lesson that would stick to his mind forever. She noticed him clenching his fists and tightening of jaw, that expression that he was displaying— jealousy. She felt this rush then, of control. This alone made her grin.

"Yeah Lenny," Rinto said, grinning widely at his younger brother who was still frozen in the doorway. "…want one?,"

"No," Len muttered, flustered. He gave miku a careful, worried look, as if paranoid one of them did something, but he wasn't sure what. Yesterday, when he hugged luka he wasn't sure what made miku hit him like that, it angered him but now seeing her with other man, not to mention his own elder brother who was her ex boyfriend. This fury and possessiveness that he was feeling. Yea... That irritation... Jealousy isn't it? He looked caught- in between saying something and looking like a fool and pretending nothing had happened. He walked over swiftly, cautiously, to the couch before grabbing miku's arm gently, pulling her towards him. He was glaring at his brother with irritation, suddenly feeling protective towards miku, before planting a kiss on her cheek tenderly, while watching both miku and Rinto like a hawk watches over his eggs.

Miku raised her brow that hide behind her teal bangs, her lips curving into a wide grin as she watches her boyfriend with amusement. Her teal eyes twinkling in delight and pride.

"You're being affectionate," she remarked, her grin curved to a smirk as he brought her closer to him by grabbing her by waist and pulling her to him, sheer panic and worry washed over his pale face as he wrapped his arms around her protectively, tightening as he caught rinto's gaze on her.

"I'm always affectionate," his voice softly said, his navy blue eyes gleamed with nothing but love and hope.

"I recall last time…" Pushing him back, Miku folded her arms, giving him a stern, irritated look. She'd forgive him if he let his ego down a little and admit he shouldn't have done that.

"I recall last time all you did was argue with me, and refused to talk to me unless—," she was, however cut off by Len.

"I know, I'm.. I'm sorry... It was... I don't know.. I should have just pushed her away but...I..," He shuttered, looking like a child who was caught eating chocolates and didn't know how he should explain. Suddenly, he looked at me hopefully, giving a quick sideways glance at Rinto, who was watching the scene that was unfolding before him closely. Rinto who caught his gaze turned away when he realized Len was feeling uneasy under his gaze, whistling lightly. Len narrowed his blue eyes slightly before turning back to miku, looking at her with hopeful and protective look in his eyes. And love of course.

"Look miku, I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have hugged her back when I know her too well to hug her back. And you... How come I didn't realized that when I have you I don't need anyone else. I mean… I never meant to start that fight, and I'm really sorry to hurt you and I'd always love you and only you, and I was wrong. So... Would you forgive me?," He sounded sad and hopeful. All miku at that moment wanted to do was to wrap her arms around his trembling form and just melt in his sweet embrace.

Miku mentally noted that boys are so easy to read and manipulate. It was almost funny, but so sweet as well. But she almost couldn't believe that it was Len, her egoistic and prideful boyfriend who was apologizing to her. Plus he looked like he'd break into sobs if she didn't forgive him.

"I guess I can forgive you" She found herself responding, biting her bottom lip to keep herself from smirking. "but only this time."

His ears perked up instantly, he looked so happy that his cheeks reddened a little from embarrassment and happiness. A wide smile made its way to his lips, his eyes sparkling in absolute delight.

He kissed her on the lips, wrapping his arms around her tightly. He held her tightly against his frame as if he'd lose her if he let her go. Miku grinned into the kiss, throwing her slender arms around his neck and deepening the kiss. In midst of this, She swear she heard a grunt in annoyance when Len kissed her. Though she couldn't be so sure.

Outside the room stood Rinto who looked annoyed. He doesn't know why by he was secretly irritated with all of this. Sure he helped miku but that doesn't necessarily means he wanted to. He clenched his fists, before slowly making his way to his room. His one hand clutching the side of the shirt, where underneath his heart belongs.

"I-It hurts anyway,"

Author's note
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