|Right now I'm falling in love with you|

Plot - "Every moment I share with you, Rinto, I fall in love with you all over again. Even now, I find myself falling in love with you. This feeling...I know that I'll only be able feel for you and no one else, you are my first, Rinto"

Pairing - Minto (Rinto x Miku); very slight Lenku (Len x Miku)

Warning - Rated T


A girl, seemingly 13 years of age, tapped her feet impatiently as she waited outside the theatre. She had her arms crossed over her chest. Groaning, she stomped her feet. Her face was red, either because it was a cold day or in anger. She fastened her loose scarf around her neck when she felt her teeth clattering because of cold day. It was December 24, yes, Christmas eve.

She looked down at her watch that was tied on her wrist. It read: 21:25pm. Her teal hair that was tied up in twin tails swayed along the cold, winter breeze.

"Just another 5 minutes...," She murmured to herself.

Her aquamarine eyes darted up at the Christmas tree that was decorated with colorful lights and all the stuff that you'd see in a Christmas tree. It was beautiful, illuminating brightly under the dark, night sky. Under the tree were mostly couples who took pictures together and were enjoying their perfect night together, while others were kids with their parents who were probably having time of their life together. Her eyes sparkled as she looked at scene before her. She was so lost that she had almost forgotten about her date. Almost.

"Where is he?!" She yelled in irritation, finally snapping out of daze. "It is the fourth time that he was late! He had better not forgotten about our date, not after I had wasted my time waiting here for someone who has a nerve to forgot about his date with his girlfriend, and it is Christmas! DAMN YOU, RINTO KAGAMINE!"

The way she was yelling to herself attracted unwanted attention from bystanders who looked at her way with irritation and as if she had gone mad. When she realized others were looking at her, her cheeks reddened in embarrassment and she mumbled an apology. She looked down at her feet, 'Rinto, you're dead' was clearly written on her face as the aura around her darkened threateningly.

"Mi-chan! M-Mi-chan!" A familiar voice called out the said girl who was currently mumbling curses under her breath. Upon hearing her name, she looked up with a glint in her teal eyes that said she was ready to beat the person into pulp.

"Woah! I-I'm sorry, Mi-chan! I'm here now anyway, aren't I?" A boyish voice said with easy going and cheery tone that tealette was familiar with. The person, or boy who looked a little older than her, patted her back energetically. Miku just hissed at the boy who grinned back at her, but apologetically. "This time I hadn't forget about our date, and we are just on time!" He pointed at his watch with a wide smile.

The boy looked around about 15 and was obviously taller than her by about a head or half. His hair was flaxen that complimented his beautiful sapphire eyes. His longer bangs were moved away from falling over his eyes with white hair clips. He was what others call a 'pretty boy'.

"Hm, whatever, but why were you late anyway?" Miku asked with a stern expression crossing her delicate features. "And Rinto don't blame Len...again," She added with a eye roll.

"B-But it is that brat's fault, you don't know what he did," Rinto hurriedly explained his 'sad' story. After he explained, all miku was able to do was look at him in disbelief.

"So...you mean, when you were getting ready for our date, Len locked your door to keep you from coming here," she received a nod "and then you spent half an hour banging the door and shouting at him," Another nod "After that Rei-nee-san came and got you out of your cell and you spent another half an hour lecturing Len for his doings and he just ignored you. And while you were about to get out if the house, Len had tripped you on your way and you fell flat on your face and blacked out," Rinto nodded with a kicked puppy dog expression crossing his handsome features. He pointed at his slightly red face to prove his point that he actually tripped and fall flat on his face.

"You... You are ridiculous, Rinto," Miku couldn't keep herself from laughing at her clumsy boyfriend. As much as his story sounded genuine, she couldn't bring herself to think that Len would do such thing. She was sure that he was late because of his clumsiness. Len and Rei were Rinto's brothers, The former was the classmate of hers while the latter was the oldest of the three and was a senior in their high school. Four— minus another friend of theirs, Rin kagane — of them had been best of friends since they were in diapers, and rei doing kindergarten. They had formed a unbreakable bond over eyes which they cherished with all of their heart. Well, Then She and Rinto had starting, which for some reason had Len ticked off and he had refused to talk to her for a week or two. But he was alright with them now, or at least that's what she think anyway.

"Mi-chan!? I'm not lying, you don't know that Len completely...he is a devil sent upon earth to ruin our lives," Rinto pondered on what he just said and continued,"or maybe he is just jealous, I've got myself such a cute girlfriend after all," He added with a flirtatious grin.

Miku flinched in surprise and heat rose to her pale cheeks. She looked away from her boyfriend with a huff. As much as she wanted to hug him for his words, her pride wouldn't let her openly express her feelings.

"Shut up, Now let's go before we are late for movie,"

"Acting modest, are we? I know you too well, Mi-chan, Anyway off to the theatre!"

"Keep it low, Rinto!"

"Ha...I can't choose, which one would you like to see, Rinto?"

Rinto looked at all the movie posters before him, inspecting each of the posters carefully. It was obvious he was acting overdramatic. How childish of him but this was what she also loves about him but not that she will admit this to anyone, let alone him.

"This," Rinto pointed at the poster before him excitedly. He looked just a kid.

"Hmm...what have you—" Miku wore a smile on her face when looked over at the poster and time froze for her and her words stuck on her throat as she looked at the poster with horror and dread that numbed her mind momentarily.

"T-that...W-Wait," She was barely able to stop him on his tracks as he went over the cash counter. It was too late, he had already brought the tickets.

He approached his girlfriend with a biggest grin she had ever

seen on his face, not that she was able to comment about it because...

"Mi-ch–Woah! You are all blue, are you feeling well?!"


Miku let out yet another horrified yelp as the walking dead pounced on the one of the main characters, biting onto their neck wildly and tearing the flesh with their deteriorating hands.

"My my, You are totally terrified, you should have told me before that you hate horror movies," Rinto looked down at the girl who was holding (clinging) him in a death grip. He was hardly able to move from his place, but he didn't complained. If miku was scared, he might as well try his best to comfort her and so he tried but so far he had failed in every attempt he tried to comfort her.

"B-But I tried, you were far too happy to even notice me...," Miku meekly replied back to him without moving away from him. Her face was pressed against his face and her slender arms were wrapped around his torso. She was too scared to notice his well sculpted chest and be embarrassed.

"I'm here, It will be over soon...Miku,"

Miku looked up to him, her cheek still pressed against his chest. Tears were forming on the corner of her eyes that were ready to pour down her cheeks any second. Did he just called me 'Miku'...? Her eyes widened in surprise. He rarely ever called her that, the last time he had called her that was on their first date. Then... Involuntarily she looked sideways at the movie screen just when the zombie attacked another main heroine who let out shrill scream of her own which was filled with horror and terror. Ironically, the scream Miku let out from watching the glimpse of the gruesome scene sounded exactly like the one the heroine had let out.

At once, Rinto wrapped his long arms around her petite shivering form and held her close to him. Miku's eyes blurred as tears fell from her eyes and started soaking Ringo's coat but he didn't care.

"I told you, I'm here...don't worry, you don't need to look at the movie, just look at me," Rinto pulled away and looked at her teary face. With a soft smile blossoming on his handsome features, He raised his hand to her face and wiped her tears with his thumb, holding her cheek gently.

"Just think of me, look at me only...Miku," He sounded possessive and demanding which wasn't like him at all. But for some reason, the thought of him being protective of her warmed her heart. Normally it was opposite and she would be protective of him because well, he was kinda– no, heck a lot popular among female population for his looks and friendly nature. They tend to get awfully clingy to him and he also tend to allow them like a oblivious, innocent boy he was.

Miku looked at him wide —teary— eyed, then she realized how he was holding her– so lovingly and protectively. Ever since they had started dating, never had they ever been this close (physically) to each other. Some even thought their relationship was platonic and had no meaning at all. Well, she couldn't blame them since she never expressed her love for him and it has been over three months since they had started going out. He was the one to ask her out which she replied with 'yes'. Her reply sounded like she didn't care but Rinto knew her better than anyone and was happy with her reply. Maybe...I can confess now, and it is Christmas too...just perfect.

"Rinto...I...I want to tell you somethi—," But before she was able to complete her sentence, the bell rang indicating the movie was over. She blinked and saw the movie was indeed over and everyone was leaving the hall. Looking back at Rinto who smiled his trademark grin, she just let out a sigh. Thanks to her horrible luck, she missed the perfect moment to confess again. But for a moment there, was it just her imagination or...

"Let's go home Mi-chan,"

She just looked him blankly at him, she was trying her best to bottle up her surprise. He was back to his nickname basis– 'Mi-chan'. But that was not what surprised her. Rinto looked worriedly at her when she didn't replied back, and asked her if she was alright, she just smiled at him and shook her head in response.

"No...I was just thinking something,"

Is it just her or was he leaning in towards her as if...he had wanted to kiss her...?

Miku and Rinto were walking back to their apartments. No one had spoke a word to each other after they left the hall. No glances exchanged, No smiles to each other, It was as if they were ignoring each other's presence. It was extremely awkward for them, and it didn't help that it was Christmas eve night– A time in the year that is extremely special to couples.

"Rinto, I.."

"Mi-chan, I was..

Both of them called for each other simultaneously. Shocked, Both of them glanced at each other at the same time, their eyes met and both at once looked away in embarrassment.

"U-Um...what is it?" Miku decided to ask.

"No, Mi-chan, you should continue what you were about to say," Rinto passed.

"No, you should...," She hesitated.

"Ladies first," He tried the old trick.

"You," but Miku stood her ground.

"I insist, you were about to say something," Rinto pressed.

"So were you," Miku countered back.

By now duo were glaring down at each other, trying to intimidate other but failed miserably when both of them broke into fit of laughter that bubbled from their throat. What a childish war, but their verbal fight had managed to lift up their mood.

"...It is been a while since we've been happy like this," Rinto was first one to start up the conversation. A joyful smile spread on his lips as he looked at her with lowered eyelids. He looked genuinely happy. A sudden thought hit her and her eyes widened in realization. Her eyes fell on his lips for moment and like lightening, Another thought popped on her mind and that thought was embarrassing enough to rise heat to her cheeks as she averted her eyes away from him.

"Y-You noticed, I never guessed," Miku teased her boyfriend with a playful smile. She looked flustered, it was obvious to him but from what, he had no idea.

"Hey! I'm not that dumb," Rinto defended himself as he pouted slightly.

"Eh~ You admit you are dumb then," Miku resisted the urge to snap a photo of him pouting. He looked just so adorable.

"Mi-chan! I'm your boyfriend, you shouldn't make fun of your lover y'know," Rinto scolded semi seriously as he closed his eyes and furrowed his eyebrows to make it look like he was actually angry. When he didn't hear a reply from her, he looked up at her and was shocked to find her solemn face.

"O-Oi! I'm sorry, I wasn't really angry, Miku!" Rinto panicked and stepped closer to her. He leaned down to her and smiled apologetically. His sapphire eyes shone with worry and concern with slightest hint of fear. Fear of what? She didn't know exactly but had a slightest idea so she decided to ponder on it. It was now or never.

"Say, Rinto, do you fear to lose me?"

The question startled him to the core and all he was able to utter in response was.


"Do you fear to lose me to other boy?" There was no trace of emotion on her face, she was looking blankly at him so it was difficult for him to guess what she wanted to hear for a response. He leaned away from her eye level and stood straight, looking deep into her aquamarine eyes.

"I don't," was his response. His gaze didn't falter from her eyes which narrowed in return and her walls began to crumble. That was it, his response, she didn't like it.

She didn't replied back and broke the eye contact, looking away from him without troubled expression on her face before her eyes widened when her gaze fell on something. Rinto followed her gaze and a smile blossomed on his face.


Snow flakes fall from the dark night sky and slowly landed on her hand that she had held out to catch them. Instantaneously the snow melted from her warmth. Miku's lips tugged up into a warm smile as she watched the snowfall.

"It will be a White Christmas, Mi-chan," Rinto spoke up with a excited smile, He averted his gaze from the scene before him and to Miku who was staring at her hand in wonder, her lips were wearing a pained smile.

"Say, Rinto...Do you not love me?"

Rinto's eyes widened in shock. Why is she asking these questions all of the sudden? After noticing the pained look on her face, Rinto's gaze softened and he didn't waste a moment to express his feelings.

"I love you, Miku," and I'll always.

Her lips parted, bangs covered her eyes and she opened her mouth–

"As for your first question, I don't fear losing you because you'll always be mine, and of course I'm yours, if you think I'll let go of you...then you are badly mistaken,"

Her lips closed after hearing his reply to her unasked question, She clutched her skirt material tightly to keep herself from losing her composure. Tears were ready to fall from her watering eyes. Since she had tilted to head downwards, she was unable to see his expression.

"... Last question, will you kiss me right now if I ask yo—" her words were cut off and her words died in her throat as a pair of warm lips pressed down upon her. Her head was titled upwards by Rinto as he kissed her, trying his hardest to express all of his emotions he felt towards her in it. Tears finally left her watering eye and dripped down on the ground, looking like pearls in the air for a second before they disappeared from sight after falling onto the now-damp ground. Tears of happiness, that was what they were. Without further thought, She responded back to him with same amount of love and passion. She didn't closed her eyes, she wanted to capture the moment in her memories to cherish the moment in her heart forever, not only the feelings of his lips but also the blissful look on his face.

"Mm...R..in...t..o.," She managed to utter in midst their loving kiss. Of course Rinto didn't let the golden chance go waste and plunged his tongue on her warm mouth, turning their innocent kiss into a more passionate, heated make out session. His arms encircled around her waist and pulled her closer to he body. After taking few steps forward without breaking the kiss, he had pinned her on the wall behind her.

"L..Lo...v..e," He explored her mouth, not giving miku her chance of dominance. He opened his sapphire eyes to gaze onto her teal ones which were brimming with tears...of happiness perhaps. He didn't let her tears end their kiss and deepened the kiss, successfully earning a moan from her. Her hands somehow got hooked with his soft, now-messy blonde hair and she pulled him as closer as possible to her, leaving no space between them.

"Y..you," Finally expressing the last part of her confession, she pulled away slightly– their sightly swollen lips inches away each other. Rinto groaned and leaned forward for more but Miku was no having that, as much as she wanted to. She was determined to express her feelings for him at any cost.

"R...Rinto," She silenced him by placing a finger on his lips. He didn't move from his position, She was still pressed against the wall and his arms were firmly encircled around her waist. Miku calmed herself, taking a deep breath in through her mouth. She looked up at his mesmerizing sapphire eyes that she loved so much. She frowned when she didn't saw any trace of smile on his lips. "There is something that I always wanted to tell you,"

"I...I love you, Rinto. I love you so much, I'm sorry I never told you before, but...I really do love you with all of my heart,"

Rinto's eyes widened in surprise before they softened and shone happily. Lips tugged up and he flashed her his brightest and happiest smile. The smile which had made her fall head over heels for him hopelessly the moment her eyes had fall on him; Smile which had pulled her into a dimension with no way to exit; That radiant smile of his which had left her speechless when he confessed his love to her three months back, that left her in answering him a lame 'yes' as reply to his heartfelt confession.

Looking at his joyful expression, A smile blossomed on her pink lips and she felt like she had finally found the place where she belonged– his heart. With one swift movement, She pecked his lips and shyly averted her eyes. Rinto blinked at her actions and decided to ask her something that had been nagging his mind for sometime.

"So...you have just fallen for me or what?"

Miku looked up at her boyfriend with soft smile playing on her lips and answered him honestly without any hesitation. "With every passing moment I share with you, Rinto, I fall in love with you. Even now, I'm finding myself falling in love with you all over again. This feeling...I know that I'll only be able feel for you and no one else, you are my first, Rinto...," With a tug on his shirt, she pulled him closer with a smirk crossing her lips and kissed him softly.

"How's that for an answer?"

"You'll have to say it again. I didn't quite catch that," he said, sealing his lips over hers in response.


|Author's note|

First chapter was about how Miku had moved in from her first love to Len; the fight with her boyfriend which almost break their relationship and finally how she gets back with Len, thanks to the help of Rinto, her ex-boyfriend and her first love...with glimpse of how much Rinto was pained at seeing her with other man.

So, I felt bad for Rinto (even though I was the one responsible for that) and I decided to focus more on their relationship before and after the break up. So this chapter was, as you have already read, is about how close they were before their break up. I tried my best to portray them as a loyal and 'totally-in-love' couple. I hope you were touched enough to go 'aww' over adorableness of this loving couple– Minto.

New chapter will be more interesting — if interesting refers to that anguish feeling you feel when you see your favorite character suffer from drastic heartbreak and such. Stay tuned anyway~

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