Title: Five crossovers that aren't going anywhere
Author: SCWLC
Disclaimer: I don't own Primeval, nor do I own Harry Potter.
Summary: Several crossovers that will not come to fruition for a variety of reasons.
Rating: PG
Notes: If you think you want to run with one of these ficlets, feel free.

He was waiting for the moment. That perfect moment to end this. Not that he wanted to, of course, he loved everything about the job and the people there, but he'd been the only one who could do this and come out of it okay, and he could never let anyone know how, either. So, when the moment came, they'd think he'd died.

At least, that was the plan.

With a resounding double crack, two people apparated into the room with him, taking but a moment to note the collection of dangerous creatures, before they were hurling stunners left right and centre. And then the brunette with the bushy hair had him by the ear. "Harry James Potter you take that glamour off this instant! What in Merlin's name were you thinking!?"

"Ow! 'Mione!"

"And this is not in the least subtle! Really? Taking all of Sirius and Remus' best features and using them to make your new face, and tacking on the last name of 'Hart'? I'm amazed Rita Skeeter never found you!"

"Hermione," Ron said.

"No." She was thoroughly irate now. "I have absolutely had enough of this. You will come home this instant and stop gallivanting about pretending you're not yourself."

With a crash and thud, the door he'd gone to such trouble to close in the process of faking his death slammed open. "Stephen? What the hell is going on?"

"Yes, Stephen," Hermione said bitingly. "What is going on?"

She did let go of his ear, however. "Hermione, meet Dr. Nicholas Cutter, a muggle evolutionary theorist from Met Central University and my boss. Cutter, meet my two best friends who have pretty much smashed through a thousand years of secrecy and broken a great many laws in the process. Congratulations, Hermione. You've become a far worse rule-breaker and bad influence than Ron and I could ever be."

Hermione squeaked.