Collaboration by A1LUR0PH1L3 (Ailuro) and ZeroXYami (Nyomi)

Ailuro is pronounced uh-lure-oh

Nyomi is pronounced nigh-oh-me

Disclaimer: We do not own any part of Detective Conan

[In our world]

He looked over his shoulder, positive that they were close in his tracks. He nervously smiled. It's no use. They're probably already surrounding me. Have my efforts been for nothing? The feeling threatened to suffocate him. He swayed, only barely catching himself on the brick wall beside him, taking slow breaths as an attempt to calm himself. He grabbed at his chest.

"No." He muttered. Even if I can't take the organization down, I can still throw them off.

He took a stone out of his pocket and looked at its fixture. It was said the stone he held before him was the source of immortality. Even in the dim alley lights, it gave off an illuminating glow. It was almost hypnotizing. He swore and put it back into his pocket. It's power is overwhelming...I can't let them get their hands on it! He started off again turning a few corners now and then to throw them off his track. He had thought about using the power within the stone for himself, but images of his young daughter and wife danced in his mind. Even though he had an opportunity to be immortal, there would be no point if he couldn't spend it with his family. His legs began to numb. His steps became heavier and his breaths became more rapid the more he ran. Something or someone had collided with him. He groaned and immediately thought of the worst. It's all over.

He tightly gripped the stone in his pocket and cringed, expecting a cold, metal pistol at his head. Nothing connected. Confused, he opened his eyes. Instead of an icy gray muzzle, he sat there dumbfounded at the scene before him. It displayed a fallen girl, in her teens, holding a hand to her head. She shot a look as sharp as knives at him while grumbling silent curses. Slowly she started sitting up and gathering her scattered belongings. Long brown hair hung down over her shoulders and freckles spotted her nose and cheeks. There was another younger female, around the same age as the other girl, standing near the collision with one small hand covering her mouth in surprise. After quickly recovering from the surprise collision, she carefully offered her hand to help him up. The teen had short blond hair and chubby pink cheeks and she wore a worried expression on her face as she offered him assistance.

"Sorry about that, my sister is a bit of a klutz. Is there anything I can do to make up for it?" she asked. They looked nothing alike, but the young teen still introduced themselves as siblings.

In the background, the fallen girl picked herself up with an irritated expression, bursting out with complaints.

"A klutz? This morning you tripped over your own feet more than three times in a row and you're calling me a klutz!?" She was going on about her sister's faults, but the young girl ignored the savage retorts and smiled towards him. Hesitantly, he grasped her hand and got to his feet. His heart was racing.This could be my only chance to get rid of the stone. They wouldn't check a civilian for it and even then there's too much of a crowd to check everyone… a crowd where I stick up like a sore thumb. He waited a second before speaking.

"T-there is something you can do. Please…pretend you never saw me."

The girls exchanged looks of confusion.

"Thank you. I'm in a hurry, so please excuse me."

He slipped passed the two girls, stealthily placing the stone in the younger girl's back pocket.

She went rigid as she felt his hand maneuver across her backside. They watched as he ran farther from them.

"Did he just-?..." Her sister muttered, surprised.


He sighed in relief as the two girls faded out of his sight. His breaths were quick but silent as he slowed his pace. Then a hard cold object was pressed against his back. He froze. The gunman's voice echoed the twisted smile on his face. "I see that you finally separated yourself from the crowd. Have you finally accepted your fate?" He smirked before continuing, "Hand over the Pandora." The cornered man visibly relaxed. Thank goodness, they didn't notice the exchange. The stone is still safe. The gunman frowned at the silence. With more force he asked "Where is it?!" More silence. The gunman took out a second firearm and pressed it into the hostage's shaking man looked up at his offender.

"What's this?"

With a smirk, he replied, "Since you refuse to answer, you condemned yourself to death. The Organization has wasted too much time on you, searching for the Pandora's location. I'd rather not let you waste any more of our time with your foolish games. You'll die either way, so what will it be, by my terms or yours? You should be grateful that I'm giving you a choice."

The man hesitated for a second, but then took action. He took the gun and placed it against his temple. Any movements to do otherwise would have resulted in a quick shot to the head. Like I'd die by your hand, becoming one of your faceless victims. Remember my face well, Black Organization, it's the face that added countless years to the organization's search for Pandora. One that had been close to becoming that fated silver bullet. Still, I know when my time has come.

He pulled the trigger. The world seemed to slow down as he fell towards the ground, a smile on his face. Memories of his wife and daughter replayed in his mind. A small smile spread over his lips. I'm so sorry.

He stared at the moon as the life faded from his eyes. The moon. Somehow that's important, right? The full moon…

A gunshot sounded from off in the distance. The two girls from earlier walked to their apartment in near silence. When they reached their apartment door, one spoke quietly.

"Hey, Ailuro, what so you think all that was about?" She spoke quietly.

Ailuro glared at her and started talking with her hands.

"Geesh, I don't know, Nyomi, why don't you tell me? Calling me a klutz. He bumped into me." Ailuro angrily fumbled for the house keys and Nyomi looked away, thinking.

"No, not that. Wasn't that a gunshot earlier?

Ailuro unlocked the door and curiously glanced back at Nyomi.

"I didn't hear anything." She said bluntly.

Nyomi sighed and walked through the door, Ailuro following close behind.

Nyomi and Ailuro walked into their bedroom and made their beds comfortable. Ailuro took out her iPhone and immediately started watching the second to last episode of aoharu x kikanjuu, one of her many favorite animes. Although she thought it was sort of a rip off of Ouran High School, Ailuro appreciated the action placed throughout the plot and Tachibana's (the main character) determination. While Ailuro got herself comfortable, Nyomi got her laptop setup to read some detective conan fanfiction works. She always said:

"After you watched every episode and read every manga chapter (of DC in particular) always turn to the fanfictions!" There were so many talented writers out there. Nyomi sat down on her bed, but instantly stood up again with a quick gasp. Something hard jabbed her from her back pocket. She reached back and pulled out a stone, no, a stunning jewel. Ailuro caught a glimpse of the shining crystal and sat straight up.

"Oh my gosh, Nyomi! Did you nab that from the jewelry store on our way back?!"

Nyomi sweatdropped. That's the first thing she thinks to say? She returned her attention to the jewel and sat there silently, dumbfounded at its sudden appearance and beauty. That man. She thought. She quickly rushed toward their balcony. She opened the glass doors and looked around, naively searching for him. Ailuro skipped to Nyomi's side with an interested smile glued on her lips.

"Oi, Ny, let me see it for a sec."

Nyomi held it up to Ailuro's face for a quick moment and then hid it from her view. Ailuro's face lit up at the beauty of the jewel only a second before she realized Nyomi was messing with her. Annoyed, Ailuro snatched the gem from her sister's hands, and held it up to the sky, out of her sister's grasp. She twisted it in the star's illuminating glow, slowly moving it across the sky. Nyomi watched as the jewel glimmered across the night sky. Ailuro stopped moving her hand once the jewel rested over the moon. The gem's colors suddenly brightened and the moonlight passed through the surface, creating a patch of brilliant scarlet to dance across the two girl's faces.

"Wow…" Ailuro was speechless (for once).

At that moment, the stars around it dulled and the moon itself seemed to merge with the gem. The jewel all together lit up with brilliant colors and the at the center was a spark of fiery red.

"Woah there." said Ailuro, somewhat amazed and concerned at the same time.

Ailuro lowered the jewel so Nyomi held it with her, watching the beautiful transformation. The fiery red center flowed throughout it, creating beautiful patterns. Suddenly, a crack formed near the center of jewel. The sisters were transfixed on it, everything else obscuring around them. The crack became more visible by the second. Ailuro suddenly spoke.

"Good job Nyomi, you cracked it with your big fat butt." She murmured bluntly.

"Sorry, but it's hardly my fault it was so fragile…" she retorted.

"So you admit it..." Even their conversation faded out. The gem held all of their attention.

The crack deepened until the crystal shattered in two, the liquid fire within dispersing into the air. A wave of weariness passed over them with the heart of the jewel gone. They swayed and collapsed, both still clutching half of the gem.