Once Nyomi left Kaito, or should she say Ran, to Ailuro, the main part of the plan was set in motion. Ailuro would distract the thief while Nyomi caused all heck to break loose. Nyomi's nerves were frazzled as she prepared for her part. This plan was a bit naive, she started nervously. When all's said and done, Kaito will definitely know that we're the culprits. Well… It's not like he can draw attention us without exposing himself either…

It wasn't long before Nyomi spotted their target. She casually walked up to the formally-dressed host, Sonoko's mother and hesitated, unsure of how she would remove the jewel that was so carefully pinned on the woman's garment. Everyone's attention was on the hired magician, but Sonoko's mom was a very cautious woman. She was sure to notice if Nyomi blatantly plucked Black Star from her dress. Suddenly, as if on queue, the fake pearls began to go up in a cloud of thick, pink smoke. Nyomi smiled, her heart racing with excitement and fear. Thanks Ailuro. That makes my job easier. The crowd was in panic and many of the guests hurried toward the exit only to be blocked by authorities and Kid's taskforce. Nyomi caught hold of the host's hand before she was pushed down by the crowd. In a swift motion, she unclipped the glossy black jewel, careful that she didn't touch it with her exposed hand, and let it fall into a hidden handkerchief that she acquired earlier. The host was still in shock from her near fall, and didn't notice her missing jewel. Nyomi forced the adrenaline from her veins and calmly blended into the crowd. The chaos engulfed her. She disappeared from their sight like she was never there in the first place. I can't believe I just did that. I thought I would fail miserably. She relayed the events in her mind. Oh my gosh, I just did that. She breathed outwards in disbelief, trying to calm herself.

"Well, now that that's settled, I should…" Nyomi's voice faded out and she tuned out from her surroundings as she spotted the very familiar cowlick of someone she spent days, even months, fantasizing over. Conan! Nyomi's heart fluttered and threatened to stop altogether. She felt a warm blush spread throughout her face. She knew that she would run into Conan in this world eventually, but actually seeing him was overwhelming. In her eyes, he shone impossibly bright. She would never be able to directly look at him, let alone talk to him. Very discreetly, she followed the little boy, keeping a 5 meter distance between them. Nyomi watched him stiffen at her passionate eyes burning a hole into the back of neck. He glanced around, but he was unable to find anyone looking his way. With an unsettled expression he rushed off. Nyomi was backed against a wall, mortified. Her hand was over her mouth and her face was now beet red. What am I doing?! The moment I see Conan I start stalking him?! She took a deep, shaky breath, again attempting to calm herself down. Failing to do so, Nyomi slouched to the floor and hugged her knees, still completely failing to collect her thoughts and heightened emotions.

"Are you okay, nii-chan?" A familiar, childish voice called out.

The already flustered Nyomi looked up, complete shock and dread showing on her face. Conan had noticed her. She expected no less from the shrunken detective standing in front of her, but his sudden appearance was overwhelming. He narrowed his eyes looking at her, examining her expression. She looks terrified...of me? Yet, she was trailing me… did someone shady force her to trail me?, he thought. Conan's hesitated after seeing her face, but pressed on with renewed determination.

"Is everything alright, nii-chan?"

"Nyomi!" A familiar voice called from the distance. Ailuro was frantically searching the room for the familiar face of her sister, but Nyomi had disappeared without any trace. Freakin' Nyomi, getting lost at a time like this!

She called a second time before Nyomi became aware that her sister was shouting her name.

"H-hai!" Nyomi called back, still keeping her eyes locked on her senpai, aware of their sudden closeness. He was only inches away. She wanted to reach out and hug him, but her mind was screaming to hide and lay low. The indecision tore at her, so she remained deathly still. Footsteps quickly grew closer.

"There you are! Stop being a Zoro [One Piece reference] and getting lost so easily." Ailuro suddenly appeared beside Conan with her hands placed on her hips.

"I-I wasn't lost. I know where I am." Nyomi looked away, embarrassed, but nodded toward Conan. He was now too busy examining Ailuro to notice Nyomi's gestures.

"Zoro would say the same-" Ailuro trailed off, finally noticing Conan. Ailuro was stunned for a moment, but found her voice quickly, unlike Nyomi. "Ahem, what are you doing here, little boy?"

She put emphasis on the last two words and Conan's eye twitched in irritation, but he answered in an overly cheerful voice. "Nii-chan looked a little lost, so..."

"Well, thank you so much for your help," Ailuro answered in a mocking high voice, "I don't know what she would've done without you." She ruffled his hair a bit too roughly, holding back a snort of amusement. His kid voice is even funnier in real life, Ailuro thought, amused.

"Thank you." Nyomi murmured to the floor, sweat drops beading her forehead and her eyes averting from Conan.

Ailuro leaned close to Nyomi's ear, whispering sternly, "What do you think you're doing?! Kaito will definitely figure us out sooner or later. You know he's smarter than he looks!" she scolded. Her eyes made her way to the small figure standing near them, then added more quietly than before, "And now there's Conan to worry about…"

She stood up straight, giving a hand out to Nyomi. Nyomi wobbled to her feet still averting her eyes from Conan. Conan noticed the handkerchief that Nyomi was gripping rather tightly. Now that I think about it, she was near Oku-san when Black Star was stolen… He then thought back to the conversation he had with the stammering, awestruck Nyomi. He sweatdropped. There's no way she's Kaito Kid. Could it be an accomplice? Ailuro slightly glanced at Conan. His hand covered his mouth as his eyes determinedly observed them, trying to gather every piece of information as possible in that time. He's examining us… Conan's eyes sharpened as he glared directly at Ailuro. Ailuro stiffened, Yikes! Creepy… She moved her gaze over to her sister and found Nyomi in a state of total disarray. She was twirling her fingers together, her face covered with a deep pink blush, and her eyes darted around the room looking everywhere but Conan. Ailuro sighed.

"OK!" Ailuro clapped her hands together. Conan and Nyomi jumped out of their current thoughts. "We," she pointed to Nyomi, "need to go." She looked at the small boy next to them and smiled. "Thanks for your help and hope we meet again!" Ailuro leaned down and whispered to Conan. "Also, Miss Mouri is up on the deck if you were wondering."

Nyomi stood up too quickly, startling Conan. She turned to face her senpai and bowed stiffly.

"H-Hai! T-T-Thank you for everything!"

Ailuro took Nyomi's hand and hurried out of the room, practically dragging her along outside the ballroom with Conan curiously tagging along. As they headed passed the towering exit, a stunned Kaito was there to intercept them. Ailuro squeaked in surprise but excitement shown on her face.

"Gotta blast!" she called over her shoulder. Both girls were out of sight before their trail of dust could disintegrate. Conan appeared beside Kaito, languid shock written across their faces. They stared down the hall the girls' had been and sighed in hesitant acceptance. If there was one thought on everyone's mind it was: What have I got myself into?!