Bloom stepped outside into the warm summer breeze. She and her best friends, the winx, had decided to stay at Alfea over the summer, a school for fairies just like them. Their boyfriends, the specialists that went to red fountain, decided to do the same. (Not sure if they can really do this. Please just go with it.) The fire-fairy took in the scene around her. The trees glistened with morning dew, making the forest look like it had been lit up with diamonds. Flowers bloomed, and animals sang happily, putting bloom in a great mood. She had never felt so free and relaxed. Many troubles had accompanied her this past year at school. Her ex-boyfriend, sky, had cheated on her, for a girl named Diaspro. Bloom was admired by many boys, but she had always believed sky was the one for her. She was heartbroken upon hearing the bad news. Just thinking of sky reminded her of the moment it all ended.


Bloom weaved in and out of the trees on a borrowed leva bike excited to see sky for the first time in weeks.

She raced up the stairs to sky's dorm, and what she saw made her stomach lurch. Sky was making out with Diaspro, a popular fairy the Bloom envied greatly.

Diaspro smirked as Sky turned around greatly surprised to see Bloom.

"B-b-bloom." stammered sky. "Its not what it looks like… Let me explain-" The young specialist went quiet when bloom thrust her hand into the air to stop him.

"Yes, Sky. Yes it is what it looks like. You cheated on me with another girl, one you PROMISED you did not hang out with anymore. You broke my heart and my trust." The dragon fire fairy said, trying to keep the tears in.

"Please, Bloom. Don't do this….."

That was it. "NO! WHY SHOULD I GIVE YOU ANOTHER CHANCE?" screamed bloom to a greatly shocked sky. " I have given you so many chances, sky, and you took advantage. We are OVER!" The tears she had tried her hardest to keep in came flowing out, and she ran back to alfea, away from her ex-boyfriend and now worst enemy.


Other than boy troubles, her friends had started arguing over very tiny little things, and it had started to get on blooms nerves. She started walking deeper into the forest, thinking about simple things; like what she was going to have for lunch, or what she wanted to do in her free time. Bloom was so caught up in her own thoughts, that she was greatly surprised, when a specialist about her age ran straight into her, knocking her over.

The boy quickly got up and helped bloom up as well. "I am SO sorry." he apologized. "Its okay." Bloom replied, quickly blushing and turning away. The boy who stood in front of her was not only kind, but very good-looking. He had light brown hair that almost looked orange from a distance. His hazel eyes were bright, with gold flecks in them. He was tall, and muscular. He smiled, and Bloom felt butterflies in her stomach, which rarely ever happened. The two stood there for a moment, just staring into each others eyes, until a magenta haired boy came running into the clearing. Riven, the boys name, jogged up next to the new boy. "Hey, Bloom." he said, nodding in her direction. Riven wasn't the most social or positive boy, and Bloom was surprised to see him in such a good mood. "Come on John. The guys are waiting for us!" "John…." Bloom thought dreamily. John said a quick farewell to bloom, and disappeared back into the forest with Riven.

Bloom mentally slapped herself for having feeling towards the boy. He did not even like her back! "Come on Bloom!" she told herself. " You're starting to act like Stella now!" Realizing it was almost time for lunch, Bloom turned around and headed back, thinking about a certain hazel eyed boy a few miles walking in the opposite direction behind her