Hey Guys. Honestly, I'm really bummed and don't want to do this, but I am. But I do feel as though this if for the better. I want to kinda start fresh.

Before I wrote this story, I had a whole idea in my head about how the beginning was going to be, but I really didn't have an idea of how everything was going to go after Bloom came back. Since it was my first fanfic, I was mostly proud with the beginning, and I though the story was pretty good, but after Bloom came back, I feel like the whole story went downhill from there. Chapters were short, and nothing seemed original. Sometimes I go back and read the chapters, and I'm disappointed in how very un-exciting they were. They were also very short. Also, I have many others ideas for fanfics that don't include the Winx Club, and I feel as though it would be easier to have one less story. And anyways, writing this story isn't fun for me anymore. That's why I'm giving this story away, or, putting it to an end, which would be kinda heartbreaking.

I wanna give this story to someone who has new and creative ideas that are much better then mine. :) The only thing I ask is that I get credit for these first chapters that I created. You can copy and paste them exactly as they are, or change it up and add a bit of spice. Either way, I want credit for the chapters I wrote, whether you changed it a bit or not. After this though, you can create your own chapters, and it will be completely up to you with what happens next!

The first person to review that they want this story gets it, unless someone really close to me, such as a friend, wants to continue this story. (sorry o-o)

I enjoyed making the first part of this story, but it's time for me to move on, and focus on the fanfics that are fun for me to write. Thanks for understanding.

-Angels Athletic