So by now, it's been some months since the last update for this story. There are many reasons for that, some health-related, others related to the state the story had been in at the time I stopped updating.

For the TL;dr people: The story is a train-wreck. The story as it is will not be continued, but I will rewrite it to fix all the mistakes I've made in this first attempt at this plot.

Now for the few who are interested in a little more detailed explanation. Basically, I've messed up. Senna is highly inconsistent as a main character. There are problems with who she is and how she acts because of decisions I have made as a writer. Let me elaborate on that a bit. Before I started writing this story I created a complete concept, detailing the story from start to finish with all the milestones, characters and places I wanted to show. That concept document is actually over 100 pages long, mostly lists and character ideas, but also some graphics about character relationships and so on. Then I started the story and to my surprise, the story idea was actually very successful and people seemed to like it. But that was when I started messing up. I listened to much to outside influences (Reviews and Messages) and began adjusting the story to meet the expectations of the readers instead of following the actual plan. At first that worked just fine and the number of favs, follows and reviews grew by leaps and bounds, but in the long run, it ruined the story and the main character. The story started to grow like a tumor and with every change in the earlier chapters, more things had to change later on. It was a mess.

Lyanna is a prime example of this mess. In the original concept, I had intended for her to stay in King's Landing with Senna. The books have always highlighted that the Starks have some sort of magic in their blood, something old and powerful. Wargs and Greenseers are not uncommon in their family, so I had planned to keep Lyanna around as the troublesome and difficult apprentice. The relationship between her and Senna wasn't supposed to be a smooth ride like Senna's relationship with Ashara. In many ways she was supposed to be the exact opposite of Ashara, adding a more rebellious element to the queen's retinue that she lacks now. But that never came to be. The moment I first mentioned her name, I was bombarded with hate mail from every side, especially from some of my most dear and loyal readers. People saw her as the home wrecker who would ruin Senna's marriage, so people wanted her gone. As mentioned before, Lyanna's role would have been completely different, but I made the mistake and listened to others. I had Lyanna run away, ruined a chance for both Senna and Lyanna to grow due to the assured conflict of their different characters and created a gaping hole in the plot that had to be filled. Events I had planned for much later had to come sooner. Lyanna's possession and Brandon's death happened far too soon, stealing all the possible emotional and political impact they would have had on Senna's role as queen.

Another example is Aerys. He wasn't supposed to die so soon after the wedding. He was actually supposed to stay around for the entire second act, roughly until the time Thoros dies. His madness and the reasons for it would have been a major plot point. It was supposed to push Senna's marriage to the breaking point and make her open up to Rhaegar so he can understand why she has to kill his father. Oh well... one or two dozen 'I hope he dies soon'-Reviews and twice the amount of hate mail later that plotline was dropped and everything went to hell.

These are just some example of the things that have gone wrong because I liked the place in the sun more than staying true to the story I had wanted to tell. I could list up many more mistakes I have made, though most were merely the results of earlier changes.

The biggest problem, though, was that I have omitted several characters that had been supposed to be in the story. People from Senna's earlier lives as well as mentor figures from this one. The ghost of Elaena Peverall, for example, should have been there from the very start. I had wanted her to be the ever-present shadow that provides commentary for Senna to realize her mistakes. Elaena would have been staunchly anti-Targaryen, a constant reminder for Senna to never let her guard down around her new family. It would have provided the much-needed explanation for Senna's lack of trust towards Rhaegar that has become so glaringly obvious in later chapters and it would have further explained the feud between Peverells and Targaryens, a subplot that was completely dropped after Aerys's accident.

Then there were the other people from her first life. Seven of Light, Seven of Dark. I had originally planned to have others with magic in this world as well, some as pawns of the Great Other, others as possible allies or at least road bumps on the way. I won't name them all, but the two most important I had wanted to include had been Draco and Luna. I had planned them as companions for Senna, reborn as her cousins from Volantis. Draco would have kept her on her toes, someone who challenges her and doesn't accept her bullshit. And Luna would have brought in the mysticism of a Daenys the Dreamer type of character that the current story sorely lacks. So why were they cut? Because the story had been based on a challenge and the way I interpreted the challenge, Senna was supposed to be the only reborn witch.

And finally, we have my own shortcomings as a writer. In hindsight, I have to admit that I failed to convey some things about Senna. In the reviews and messages, many complained about Senna's obvious mistakes as a ruler. But that was supposed to be the entire point about her character. She was supposed to be inept at ruling. In Myr, she had been coddled. She had been the last heir of Myr's founding family and everyone tried to make her feel good in the hopes of winning her over. Had one noble family tried to force her to marry their heir, the others would have acted. So they needed her to come willingly and did everything to sway her to their side. She never had to face any opposition whatsoever. She never learned how to rule there. But due to the changes I had made to the story, the part in Myr might have been far too short to convey this properly. Later on, Senna becomes a religious icon due to Melisandre's meddling and once more no one dares to contradict her. And her two previous lives did nothing to change that. Let's face it, Harry is kind of a moron most of the time. Certainly not a politician or great leader in terms of cunning and tactic. And in her second life, she was a powerful servant of the Titans. A girl ruled by her anger and the darkest memories of her first life. But I have to take the blame for failing to show this about Senna. I should have put more effort into showing her problems, instead of only alluding to them.

So the final conclusion, for the few who have been willing to read this all. The current Phoenix Queen story is a train wreck. To continue it would only make things worse, so I will rewrite the whole story and this time I will follow my own draft, no matter what. But that will take some time, so don't expect the rewritten story to be up anytime soon. At the moment I plan to upload the first chapters sometime during the second half of the year. I make no promises though. Should things continue as they have, I might just as well abandon this story entirely. If some of you are interested in the rewritten version, then I will put up a notice here once I start uploading and to all the others, thank you for putting up with this story for so long...