Alfred wasn't Looking for Bruce, strictly speaking. He hadn't been 'looking' for his charge for the last few nights. He was just sitting quietly at a bar of a less than upscale establishment. One of several he'd visited, he was careful to not to draw unwanted attention and keep his ears open. Some times he was a bumbling drunk, others he was a wary traveler, or a recently fired Professor looking to score drugs.

Tonight he was less intent on finding out information and more focused on drinking. At "The best of Brit & Emerald Isle" that boasted to have the best "authentic" "traditional" Irish And English food and liquor. He was nursing a pint of bitters when a young woman sat down next to him. She was quite overdressed for her surroundings. Much to his personal annoyance she was loudly chattering away on her phone. She waved her hand, long painted fingers glinting even in the low light of the pub. She ended her call as the bartender reached her.

"Hey there handsome..." She said to Eddy behind the bar with a wide smile, before changing her accent from loud American to a smoother Russian in a lower tone. "I'll hav wacka on dee roxs... ehn..." Once again she changed her accent, this time to a distinct Cockney drawl. "...And wat Ee's hav'in." Nodding at Alfred before winking at him. "Oy Eddy, have a pen? Got's ta remember a message, da mates keep rabbiting on about." She was served her drinks then a pen was placed beside them. She brushed Alfred's arm then elbowed him slightly. If she was trying get his attention it was gotten, and if she meant to annoy him she had done smashingly! She began to pretend to write on her palm, speaking under her breath as she did. "Let's see, Sal, Lee, and Kyle wants me to tell, Al, Fred and Penny..." She had Alfred's full attention now. After making brief eye contact she really started to write on her hand. "...worth of the..." Her voice faded to an unintelligible mumble. Alfred wasn't really listening at that point anyway. He was focused on the three words she had written down. 'CAT SENT ME' Shortly followed by '2 MANY EARS PLAY ALONG'.

"That's quiet the interesting accent you have Miss...?" Her eyes light up as she turned her body on her tool so she was brushing her knees against his thigh, which she placed a hand on.

"Please, I' m hardly a Miss lov!" She laughed making her breasts jiggle a little. A good deal of them were exposed. "...They call me Honey."

"That so?" She nodded. "Couldn't get them to stop?" She chuckled, leaning close enough for him to catch the scent of jasmine.

"I'm so sweet, you'll get a toothache! Wanna taste?" She spread her legs suggestively. Alfred coughed and cleared his throat as if he was uncomfortable to hide his eye roll and snort of disbelief. "Come now, tit for tat, what's your name?" Not sure of her game he didn't want to use his name, she seemed to already know who he was.

"Watson..." He said with a reluctant smile.

"You wouldn't be..." She barely blinked as she downed her entire drink of vodka. " any chance..." She moved her own pint closer to his. "... a Doctor?"

"In fact, I am." He smiled back as he looked her up and down.

"" She was rubbing his thigh in a circular motion, giving him a squeeze with each word. He knew it was pretend, but he was a man of flesh and blood and was starting to be affected by her touch and seductive voice. He was focused on her eyes so not to stare at her modest breasts where they rested high and proud upon chest. However her eyes were distracting as well. They sparkled and glinted, shined and danced. If he didn't known this was all just an act, he would have been flattered, even interested, if she was not so forward and too young for his taste. She was quite fetching, her dark hair was smartly bobbed, her makeup was dramatic without being horrid. And though her dressed was made to draw attention, it was not cheaply made and in many ways tasteful. It was form fitting in the front, the back however reminded him of a Roman Stola. Silver chain stretched between her shoulders held together the swaths of dark blue material that made up the rest of her dress. Another chain ran down the length of her exposed spine. It stopped where the next chain gathered the bottom of her dress below the dimples of he back. From what he could tell the hemline was cut at a dramatic angle. It was most definitely provocative but the closer he studied it, he realized it could have easily cost as much as one of the motorbikes parked outside. Not that this lot would have the faintest idea. He would have leaded towards high class call girl. He'd seen her like at certain Wayne charity functions. If they had met at one of those occasions, he was sure he would be responsible and ultimately turn her down. But...'Damn those eyes...' They were as big and brown as he had ever seen. Framed with long eyelashes and playful freckles painted sporadically across her nose and under her eyes. Where on earth had that miscreant poppet crossed paths with "Honey".

"Hmmmm..." She purred. "I'm a bit peckish, would you care to join me..." She traded her hand with her knee as she moved her hand to his arm. She was all but crawling into his lap. "For a bite?" At the end of her sentence she snapped her teeth like she might bite him. After closing his eyes for a moment and letting out a sigh a switch flipped in his brain. His eyes open and Alfred was 20 years younger and on the prowl. Honey felt as much as she saw the change, it caused a hitch in her breath. Her eyes fluttered at the warmth of his hand that was now resting on Her thigh. The callus on his finger tips sent jolts of pleasure straight through her as he echoed the teasing path she had taken across his body. She gave him a knowing look that might have said 'it's about time you played along...' He answered with his own that said 'you saddled yourself to the wrong bull lass...'

"There's a booth in the corner, that's nice and quiet. Why don't we take our conversation over there." He stood first, offering her his hand to help her down from her tool. She was wearing high heels that came to a dangerous spike. But she moved as easily as he did in his wingtips. He pulled her body against his with one hand, the other handing her their drinks to carry. The one that held her almost cupped her right breast he guided her to the booth he'd suggested. Once they arrive he took their drinks from her hands, placing them on the table. Before he could offer his hand once more she insisted on him sitting first. He scooted back and she quickly followed, entangled herself with his person even quicker. It was hard to keep his senses from filling with the soft, smooth, sweet, heady warmth of her body. When he sipped at his drink Honey began to nibble on his ear. It caused him to inhale sharply through gritted teeth.

"All differences aside, she respects what you've done for him..." She whispered in his ear. "He is safe and has held his own..." He rested his chin against her temple as she nuzzled his neck and shoulder. "...You'll be the first to know if things go bad."

"Is that so?" She grinned before kissing him. She was surprised that he kissed her back, deepening the kiss than roughly pulled away for a short breath and to glare into her eyes. Then kissed her again, it wasn't so much as kiss as a ravishment of her mouth before moving her neck.

"If this is a game, if you're lying to me..." He murmured against her skin while dragging his teeth across the fleshy part of her neck and shoulder. Then bit down hard to emphasize his intent. "If anything hap..." She wrench herself away so she could quite him with her own lips. Causing him to growl in warning.

"The butler hit her..." She looked somewhere between curious and puzzled. "Cat said if I said that you'd know...?" Alfred chuckled darkly. "And one of us has a tail." She whispered in a sing song voice while tugging at the lapels of his jacket. He felt his eyelid twitch. But he wasn't surprised, he'd been reckless, going out 'not looking' after the fight.

He so wanted to believe she was a link to Bruce, but the little minx in his arms could be just a messenger, maybe a friend (If he was lucky) or (More likely) the devil herself. He couldn't help grabbing at her like the straws he'd been grasping at for days.

"Then why don't we go somewhere a little more private, yes...?" He asked quietly as they pulled away from each other. He took a long drink and she straightened her dress. He almost snorted out his beer in disbelief, she was texting on her phone. Only she didn't hit send, just set it back down next to her clutch. The reason dawned on him as he read the 'text'. "The best way to keep them off the scent is to make sure they see us. I suggest we go into some where public-ish and 'shag'. You speak, I moan, I speak, you grunt..." 'God I'm too old for this rubbish.' He inwardly groaned. He tucked her phone into the clutch letting her know he'd received her message. He cleared his throat and spoke up, a little louder than their previous hushed tones.

"Perhaps you'd like to powder your nose lov..."

"Perhaps I would like you to powder me... Loovv-er." She winked and scooted out of the booth just as some loud football fans mixed with some younger men that worked at the nearby docs clambered inside.

'Oy, oy!' Said a young man, bowing as he removed his cap like a pearly king. Then waved it at the bar patrons sitting at the bar before he was pushed forward by the others. By this time both Honey and Alfred had exited booth. However Honey seemed to be the only one noticed. Shrill wolf whistles and cat call filling the room. 'Butcher's hook, Bristol city!' One exclaimed as he nudged his friends. Alfred stiffened at his rudeness. 'Come now crumpet, care ta kick and prance?' Other called to their turned backs.

"You know..." She turned to face them, Alfred following. "I would love to dance. Why don't you lads clear away a table and chairs to give us little room." Two of the young men did just that. While they worked she reached into Alfred's front trousers pocket being as obvious as possible. He looked down at the cheeky young woman with an amused smile. Her hand re-emerged with the change that had been in it. She kissed His neck getting his attention once more, which had shifted to the men making more lewd remarks. He leaned in some Honey took the opportunity to ask him if he knew any ballroom dance.A smug smile spread across his face as he nodded in reply. With that Honey walked over to the music box. The realization hit him like a ton of bricks, she was a dancer, not a call girl. She was wearing a Latin dance costume. He felt like a git as she fed the appropriate coin and made her selection. The dark and sensual music of the Argentinean Tango filled the room. Reflecting later Alfred would smile at how suitable, or more accurately how perfect her choice had been. For a moment he had been worried, not that it had been too long, or he might be rusty. It was the striking difference between them.

Whoever said 'it takes to two tango' must have had a word view as deep as a damp napkin. It takes a lifetime of moments, between countless persons, interacting and reacting to one another. The Tango like life is a series of moments. You can not wait or hope for a perfect moment. You must take the moment and make it perfect. The steps that are taught are the palt and tools to create a sculpture that is only visible for a few fleeting moments.

And as they moved his doubt disappeared. She responded to his touch like they had been dancing partners for years. Unlike other steamy Latin dances were the hips move, side to side, front to back. With Argentine tango the hips only swivel, making it more elegant. Giving an added air of dignity and grace to a school of art that is often seen as a vertical expression of a horizontal desire.

Caught in the moment, he forgot Master Bruce, murder, mayhem, Corporate corruptions, and the endless dregs that crawled out of Gotham's underbelly. For a snapshot of a moment he was Alfred was simply dancing with a beautiful Miss...


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