It was a dark night in the woods when Zoey and Stark were attacked by Voldemort. On impulse Stark took out his sword and slashed Voldemort across the chest, Voldemort fell to his knees as he screamed out in horrific pain. He tried to reach for his wand that had fallen to the floor but it was out of his reach, Zoey saw what he was looking at and picked it up and said, 'What's this your toy?' Voldemort shouted to her violently, 'No it's not a toy, foolish child, I don't have to kill you. I just want that seer stone, now give it to me before it gets ugly!' 'What you want the seer stone for? It's just a stone.' Stark replied with curiosity. Zoey wasn't scared of Voldemort but she was scared of his massive wand and what it would do so she quickly shouted 'You can have it I don't want it anyway!' Stark was confused at what Zoey was saying. He gave her the look so Zoey explained to stark 'If we give it to him he won't hurt us. You know how much bullpoopie this stupid stone has put us through.' Zoey put the seer stone in his face.

Just as Zoey was about to give the seer stone to Voldemort, Harry shouted 'No don't give it to him he will kill you.' Harry zapped the seer stone to the floor with his wand. But Neferet was already there and she caught the seer stone to give to the white bull. Neferet summoned the white bull as Voldemort screamed at her. The white bull killed Voldemort with his terrific powers. Harry tried to kill Neferet, but she bit him. Harry screamed out in pain.