Chapter One

Danny's p.o.v

Danny walked along the streets of New York, his face covered by a hood and baseball cap. After his parents had found out he was Danny Phantom, thanks to the GIW, his parents now hated him. They teamed up with the GIW, and now the only people he could trust were still in Amity park. Jazz, Sam. and Tucker. Jazz refused to help anyone who would hurt Danny, and she had Sam and Tucker backing her up. The longer Danny dwelled on the memory of the three of the most important people to him, the more he felt like just collapsing and giving up the fight. So, he pushed those memories into the corner of his mind, and brought to light what was important at the moment.

First, he needed shelter and provisions. Second, he needed to figure out a way to keep the GIW off his tail, even though they (hopefully) had no idea where in the world he might be. He flew from Amity park,Minnesota to New York, the Big Apple, The City That Never Sleeps, and the rest of the names that people have started nicknaming it during the years. One reason he came to New York, was because of the Avengers. If he could stay in a huge city like this, it would be hard to find him. But the fact that it had superheroes was perfect, because that meant that he didn't have to Go Ghost. When he was in ghost form, he was a lot easier to track, compared to when he was in human form.

As Danny walked past a wall of TV's, he saw his face. Danny abruptly stopped, even though his logical side of his brain told him to hightail it outta there.

"Danny Fenton," says the news caster "has been kidnapped by the Public Enemy #1 of Amity Park, Danny Phantom, and it's rumored that Phantom has impersonated young Danny Fenton. A search has been issued across all of America. If you see anything concerning this young man, please call the number listed below. Now, for the rebuilding of the city of New York. Work has been…." That was enough for Danny. He walked briskly away, making sure his face was hidden. After wandering around until he got to an empty street, he leaned against a wall and took a shaky breath. It was enough that most of Amity used to hate him, now he had all of America after him, and probably the police and government with his luck.

He pressed his back against the wall, and looked at the sky. Dusk was one of his favorite times, with all the colors blending together. He used to sit at his window, or go flying around at dusk, but now with all the buildings, he could barely see it at all. He sighed, and pushed off the wall, walking to who knows where, hoping with all his might that this wasn't actually happening. But, sadly, it was.

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