He tried to go ghost.

And it worked! He flew out, and kept living his life, with no super secret government on his tail!

But, if that happened, I wouldn't have a story to tell. So, here is what really happened. It didn't work, and Danny felt panic begin to crawl up his throat. He took a deep breath and tried to remember what could have caused him to lose his powers. He went back to when the GIW shot him, and then it struck him. They had hit him with the plasmius maximus. He wouldn't be able to use his powers for maybe another few hours. He suppressed a groan, and nearly banged his head on the closet wall.

With a small sigh, he began to look around and find something, anything, that could be useful in helping him get out of here. After a brief glance around, he found nothing useful. That is, until he happened to glance up and found an air vent cover. He grinned and began unscrewing the cover. He had no idea why they were so easy to unscrew, but that didn't seem important right now. He had to get out of here, because even if they wanted to help him, if he stayed here too long the GIW would be able to pick up his ecto-signature. And, who on Earth calls themselves SHEILD? It probably stands for some long, and forgettable name, but still.

After heaving himself up into the vent, careful not to hurt his shoulder, he began to army crawl. There wasn't really any forks to choose between, it was all just one long, very small and uncomfortable tunnel that turned occasionally.

After doing this for about 10 minutes, he hit a dead end. The only thing was another vent cover, with voices coming from it. Danny crawled toward it to listen to the conversation. Curiosity killed the cat, but he was already half dead, so might as well listen into a conversation that was probably just wasting his time.

"O.k Fury, can finally tell us who that kid was and why you sent a team of agents to come pick him up?" Danny couldn't see who it was that was talking, he could barely see through the vent cover, much less make out faces. The vent was in the wall, about head height, and he could barely make out that there was a group of people around a table.

"Daniel James Fenton, born in Amity Park, Illinois, to Jack and Maddie Fenton, the leading experts in ghosts. Yesterday we gathered footage of Daniel getting attacked by the Guys in White, also known as the GIW. They were cut from government funding a month ago due to the fact that they couldn't get anything done. They have been off the grid since yesterday, and only came up when Rogers stopped them from getting to Daniel." A second voice started talking, and this voice was obviously the leader, and had obviously done his research. "O.k. you know a lot about this kid, but why are the GIW after a kid that can't even be 17?"

There was a pause and some background noise, and then the second voice said, "Danny Phantom," Danny's breath caught in his throat and he tried not to make any sound," is Amity Parks superhero. There is multiple footage of him fighting ghosts-" "Ghosts!" The second voice was cut off by a third,"Fury, Ghosts don't exist. I can believe in aliens, and Norse gods, but ghosts?" The voice that Danny now knew as Fury, kept on talking,"No ones knows where he came from, but he appeared around the same time as the Fenton's completed their ghost portal. He has saved the town multiple times from different ghosts that have threatened the townsfolk safety. The GIW and the Fenton's have been trying to capture and contain him, with failed efforts. New evidence has proven that Daniel is Phantom, how, we are not sure, but I am sure that he would like to explain seeing as he is listening in on this conversation in the vents." After that last part, nobody made a sound, until the vent cover was taken off and Danny found himself looking into Steve-Freaking-Rogers, a.k.a, Danny's life long hero.


Hello! I am so sorry that I haven't updated in a while, and I am so sorry that I am not good at making long chapters, but I hope you enjoy this. I changed a few things in the first 2 chapters. I was told that Amity was in Illinois, and even though the internet says that it is in Minnesota, I completely agree that it should be in Illinois. Also, i changed that instead of Doc. Banner being there when Danny wakes up, it is a random SHIELD doctor, and instead of the Avengers tower, it is SHIELD HQ. Also, in the second chapter it says mistake, but I meant to type escape. i am very sorry if that confused you. ALSO! I want to change the title of my story, any suggestions? Thank you all! constructive criticism is welcome.