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Danny wasn't on a ship, and he wasn't in space. The SHIELD HQ was a giant floating base in the sky. Normally he was fine with heights, enjoyed them even, but right now he was powerless and really couldn't do anything if he fell.

"Look at that Cap, priceless!" Tony Stark had been looking at Danny when they had exited the door leading to outside, and caught the whole process of Danny's double-take, and even when his jaw literally dropped. Danny closed his mouth before Stark could poke fun at him more, and cleared his throat.

"Tony." Steve Rogers said in a warning voice.

"The plane is this way." Black Widow lead Danny over to a plane on the deck. Well, the smaller plane on the deck of the way bigger plane that he was standing on. Yeah, he still hadn't wrapped his head around that fact yet.

"Do you have any stuff? Bags or anything?" Danny turned and saw that it was Dr. Banner talking. He had forgotten that he was there, to be honest. He hadn't said a word, well, at all when he was here.

"No, I was in too much a rush to get out of the house to really pack anything." Banner didn't respond, just kept walking to the plane.


The plane ride had been interesting, the view had definitely been nice. No one had really talked to him the whole time, Stark was reading the file that had Danny's whole life in it, and everyone else looked like they were still reeling from the fact that people wanted to dissect him.

They landed the plane, and drove to Stark tower.

"I'll take you to your room." Steve said as he was getting out of the car.

"Actually," Bruce Banner started as he got out of the car, "I think I will. I… I want to talk with Danny for a minute." The team seemed to respect that, and left, filing into the elevator. Banner waited for the doors to close before he turned to Danny and started talking.

"Was it a recreation of my experiment?" Was out before Danny could ask what he wanted to talk about.

"A- A recreation? No. My- well, my parents built a ghost portal." There was a pause.

"A ghost.. Portal? A portal to the realm of.. Ghosts?" Danny nodded.

"Why did you think it was a recreation of your experiment?" Banner stood for a minute, mulling things over.

"You come in with super powers and have the government coming after you for existing. That's about all the evidence I have, but it seemed pretty… familiar to my case. Ok now, let's talk about the… ghost portal that your parents built?"

"Yeah. They built it, it didn't work, they left, I went inside and accidentally turned it on. I got zapped with 10,000 volts that fused cytoplasm with my DNA. And now, I have ghost powers."

"Sounds painful."

"I get that a lot."

"I'm sure. Let's go up to your room." They walked to the elevator and Banner hit a button.

"I love your work by the way." Oh. My. Gosh. Danny had told himself that he wouldn't say it, he didn't want to mess up and embarrass himself.

"The fact that I turn into a giant green rage monster?"

"What? No, your other work. I've seen some of the articles you put online, and while I had to look up some words and theories, they were super cool."

"Thank you."

The rest of the ride they started talking about some more of Banners work. When they got to the floor, Banner stepped out of the elevator.

"Well, as much as I would love to keep talking, I'll let you get acquainted with your floor."

"Whoa, wait, did you say floor?!"

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