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Chapter 1: From Aside

It has been a while since his death.

A while since a little bit of happiness didn't lead to a whole lot of mess.

And, perhaps, a while since anyone even had a bit of happiness in their life.

Albus Dumbledore gave a small hmph as he watched from Aside. A small part of him felt guilt for laying such a heavy burden upon his three students' shoulders. But most of him was content to believe he was fighting for the greater cause. To be honest, he didn't know what was right anymore. After all they were both fighting for what they believed were right. As a professor, such tenacity was one to be complimented. Yes, that was what he should've done. Complimented that poor boy Tom —Merlin have mercy on his soul (if he had any left)— instead of shunning him, like a bully he was! Now that was Aberforth's job (although he was more of a saviour-bully.)

The Battle of Hogwarts had been going on for days. He'd let out small eeks and ahhs as his co-workers, friends, and oh even enemies fall, his yet fragile heart (even after death!) giving small flutters and occasional jumps.

Albus was sad, very sad at how things turned out.

He watched Tom, whom stood on he right side of his vision (oh irony, he chuckled). Then, he looked at Harry, whom was on the left side of his vision. The similarity between those two made his poor heart ache even more. If he let his mind wander far enough, he might've been able to convince himself they even looked identical. Black hair, blue and green eyes. Just different upbringings, the other in a much harsher environment.

He gave one last tut at Bellatrix Lestrange —just finished killing a young Ravenclaw boy he saw— before searching for the other two of his heroes. Ronald was fighting back to back with his brother Fred. Oh the years! Where have they gone?

Hermione Granger was handling two minor Death Eaters at once. She shot spell after spell, dodging and twirling to avoid jinxes, she might've been as well as dancing in the battlefield. She made battle look beautiful. "Oh-Ho!" Albus cheered as Hermione stunned one man and sent the other clash into the ceiling before rushing off to help her friend. She was the brain. He knew that obviously, and did accept the fact them at perhaps without her Harry and Mr. Weasley might have not succeeded in finding those horcruxes. If —Merlin forbid— he was to find a corresponding character within Tom's ranks, she would probably be Bellatrix. An eye averting truth, but truth nonetheless.

Hermione was redemption. He noticed how she would never send incurable spells towards her enemies, while he caught sight of the others sending one or two illegal spells that way (though he chose to go to the bathroom and read Muggle magazines when this happened). If only Hermione was there in the place of Bellatrix...

Albus's face brightened up at the idea.

He could take Tom, or Hermione, out of their respectable time and replace it with someone else. Now he knew he was the one who told Miss Granger all those years ago that bad things happened to those who meddled with time. Well he's dead anyway, and the big lady dressed in white robes did say he could have one last wish granted before moving on. The change would be temporarily anyway, just for this old heart's content. He'll have everyone's memories wiped clean, just to see what happens if Miss Granger was to replace Miss Black...

Alighted with a new goal to reach, Albus skipped down the stairs (skipping one or two steps but he did not stumble, no not anymore!) to the big lady.

The world is his chess board, and he shall be the player.