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Chapter 20: Ooze Avatar, Crawling Chaos

5th Floor of The Gamer's Dungeon

Cautiously leaving the (relative) safety of the stairwell, Raynare, Mittelt and Kalawarner could only baulk as they caught sight of the enemy that Dohnaseek was furiously hacking away at with his Light Spear. It was a brown-black mass of ooze, about the size of an exercise ball, that looked (and smelled) like it had more than a bit of petrol in its makeup.

Even worse, every time Dohnaseek's blade of Light managed to carve a line through or gouge out a chunk of the amorphous mass, it would quickly seal itself up again in a matter of seconds, seemingly none the worse for wear.

"A little help would be appreciated, here!" Dohnaseek bellowed in annoyance as he once more attempted to bisect the thing, only for the halves to start rejoining before he was even completely through.

"So much for the 'unstoppable warrior' Dohnaseek; not even capable of killing a bloody slime on his own." Kalawarner sneered distastefully. Dressed in one of Raynare's spare 'bondage bikini,' she looked even more alluringly sexual than normal.

"You can sneer after you manage to kill this fucking pain in the ass!" the male Fallen spat back as he hastily dodged a stabbing tendril and hacked it off, only for the removed portion to slither back across the floor and rejoin the main mass. "Oh, come on!"

"Right, head in the game, ladies. The fact that Dohnaseek can't seem to put the thing down permanently likely means it's hiding a trick or two." Raynare snapped out, sending the bluenette bimbo a quelling glare as she spoke. "That regeneration can't be normal, even normal slime creatures can't recover from being bisected like that. If this thing is anything like the other 'guardians' we've fought our way through on the way down, then there has to be some way off killing it permanently."

"I can't see any kind of core from here." Mittelt pointed out from where she'd been watching the slime-like creature. "Don't most slimes have a core that acts as their 'brain'?"

Nodding, Raynare formed her own Light Spear. "Alright, lets rip this thing apart and see what makes it tick. Attack!"

The three female Fallen descended upon the mass of brown-black confronting their male companion, Light Spears drawn.

More Than Fifteen Minutes Later...

"!" Raynare let out a tired groan as they finally managed to chop the annoying blob into small enough chunks that it started to disintegrate rather than trying to pull itself back together.

It had taken four Fallen, all attacking simultaneously with spears of pure Light, over fifteen minutes of constant, focused effort to defeat what she suspected was just one example of the 'main' enemy of this floor.

"That little slimeball actually spanked me on the ass!" Mittelt grumbled unhappily as she rubbed her aforementioned assailed posterior with one hand. Her face was also unusually red, for some reason too.

"Just be glad that you're flat as a board for once, pipsqueak. Raynare and I both got spanked right on the tits as well." Kalawarner snarled back in annoyance as she gingerly massaged her mauled mammaries. How dare that little creeper mistreat a treasure like her girls?!

"GHRK!" Dohnaseek bit out from where he was kneeling on the floor, one hand using his Light Spear as a crutch to keep himself upright while the other cupped his poor family jewels. Their slimy foe's last act of defiance had been to use a tendril to punt Dohnaseek right in the family pride.

'Fucking men and their junk.' Raynare thought with a roll of her eyes. She knew that getting 'cunt-punted' wasn't any less an agonizing experience for a woman and she was rather grateful it wasn't her on the receiving end of the slime's final 'attack,' thank you very much, but seriously, why did men have to make such a big deal of it whenever their wedding tackle took a hit?

Still, the momentary distraction as they caught their breath had given her time to piece together just what they were likely to face on this floor, and unfortunately also forced her to come to a decision that instantly left a foul taste in her mouth. She loathed and reviled it from conception, it went against her very pride as a Fallen to even consider voicing it, but unfortunately, she was the leader here, and that meant she had to woman up and put her pride to the side for now.

"We…we should fall back for now." she ground out, her voice betraying how much she personally despised the idea. "Whatever the hell these fucking slime things are, they were likely built specifically to counter us. From the way their insane regeneration works, the best way to either kill one of them is to rain down the hits faster than they can regenerate or damage their entire bodies at once with a wide-scale magical attack. Unless one of you have been hiding a talent for sorcery up your asses, then none of us have a way of doing either of those. The fucking Gremory slut or Sitri whore who 'rule' this little shithole could likely wipe out an entire ROOM full of these shitstains, but us? It took us fifteen fucking minutes of dogpiling just to get through one! If we were still fresh, we might have been able to come up with some kind of counterattack but given that we're all wiped from having to grind our way through the past four floors, that ain't an option. If we had to deal with a bushel of these bastards at once…"

She trailed off, not needed to spell out exactly how that kind of encounter would end. Getting spanked or a punt to the groin would be the least of their worries if they pushed forward.

"W-We can't just turn tail and fucking run!" As usual, Kalawarner proved herself to be an utterly braindead excuse for a bimbo. Seriously, once this fuckup of a mission was done, Raynare was going to personally do everything she could to see her put on a long-term 'reconnaissance' mission undercover as a whore in some brothel in…Amsterdam or something, just to make sure her damned boneheaded stupidity couldn't do any further harm to the Grigori.

"In case you didn't notice, we were just badly spanked by the standard mob for this level, you stupid crow!" Mittelt snapped back, using the worst slur she could against a fellow Fallen. "I'm with Ray, I don't want to think about how we'd handle whatever else we'd find down here."

"Yeah, and you enjoyed that spanking didn't you, you little fucking masochist!" the bluenette sneered back, making the youngest Fallen splutter, turn red and stammer out denials that she was a masochist.

"ENOUGH!" Dohnaseek roared out as he finally managed to regain his feet. "We will not run! We are going to hunt down the sonofabitch who built this place and I am going to beat them to within an inch of his life. Then you women can use him as a living vibrator for all I care while I burn this fucking hellhole to the ground, and we grab that useless little chit that Lord Azazel is so interested in."

"I'm sorry, since when did this Flock turn into a fucking democracy?" Raynare growled out icily. "Lord Azazel personally put me in charge of this mission, Dohnaseek, so if you want to test yourself against his authority go right ahead and open your useless word hole again."

"And you've fucked it up every step of the way!" Kalawarner, evidently trying for the previously unknown Braindead Bimbo Queen of the Fallen title, chimed in.

"Oh, I'm sorry, who was it that ignored my orders when I was recalled to the Underworld?" the black-haired Fallen asked condescendingly. "Who was it who let the former Holy Priestess wander around without even assigning one of those worthless Stray Exorcist meat sacks to keep an eye on her? Who was it, hmm? Mittelt dear, who were the ones who royally screwed the pooch and will be lucky not to be executed for their incompetence?"

"Why, I believe it was a Chūnibyō male Fallen and a stuck-up arrogant bimbo with all her brains in her boobs." the goth-loli Fallen smirked at the look of impending doom that was rapidly setting in on the pair of morons. Yup, even if they managed to get Asia Argento back safe and sound, these two were so screwed that they would outdo an entire block of whorehouses.

"And when the fuck did I say we were cutting and running back for the Underworld? Fuck the hell no!" Raynare scoffed, deciding that she had appropriately demonstrated her Stick enough for the dimwits and she now needed to offer a bit of the Carrot. "We are falling back to the Church where we will rest and recuperate for a day or two, then we are going to grab every Stray Exorcist we've got, including that crazy asshat Freed, and arm them to the teeth with all the gear we have available and assault this place in force. The four of us can clear the way up to this point, then we sit back and let the humans do their job as cannon fodder and bury these slimeballs in waves of light bullets and grenades. Then we clear this fucking hellhole and deal with the asshole in charge!"

(In his throne room, Issei frowned in thought. He couldn't very well let that happen, now, could he? His monsters would regenerate in time, but only about half would be back by the latest deadline there; and he could likely only regrow one or two of his Bosses in that short a span of time as well. Fortunately, a window popped up that made an evil smirk blossom across his face that any Devil or Fallen Angel would be proud of as he pressed it.)

Abruptly, a snarling demonic visage made of red fire sprang up in front of the staircase, covering the exit to the floor from top to bottom, before, with a sound of stone grinding against stone, the stairwell began to slowly seal itself up again. Raynare just STARED at it in weary disbelief. "Oh, for fuck's sake, the stupid arena barriers from God of War? Really?!"

A few minutes of fruitless hacking later proved that the barriers were just as impassable as they were in that damned game and the stairwell had reverted to nothing more than a stone wall and the barrier dissipated. Dohnaseek's attempt to dig through the stone with his spear simply revealed more rock.

"Don't bother, the stairs are fucking gone and trying to dig back up manually could just as easily bring this place down on our heads or draw more of those slime bastards to us." Raynare stopped any further attempts as she massaged the bridge of her nose in frustration.

"Fucking bastard!" Mittelt snapped as she stomped her foot in frustration. "This has never happened before!"

"Although I fucking hate having to say it, we have never tried to retreat before." Raynare responded with a frustrated growl. "That and its just plain fucking common sense to keep intruders from turning tail and running once they've gotten a good look at your defences. I should have seen something like this coming, damn it all…!"

"So, what now?" Kalawarner snarked out, as she absently poked at the wall that had once hosted their way out with her own spear. "If the bastard in charge of this place has any sense at all then I'm willing to be that teleportation circles will do jack shit in this place. So, we're basically stuck down here."

"Hey Ray, think this guy will let us go if we give him Kalawarner as a sex toy?" Mittelt suggested half-seriously.

"As if I'd fucking deign to let a human touch me like that!" the bluenette roared back in outrage.

"Nah, he probably has standards." Raynare replied.


"But, ignoring Kalawarner's lack of sex appeal to all but the hard up and desperate-" the Flock leader started.

"Are you trying to pick a fight with me, bitch?!"

"-we need to think about our next move." she continued, ignoring the bimbo's interruption. "Retreat is no longer an option and I doubt they will just let us sit and rest here indefinitely, so our only option is to press forward. But we can't even try and fight any more of those slime things. Even if we find one on its own, dealing with it would leave us wide open for more of the bastards to take us while we're distracted. That means we need to stealth run this shit. Spears and all other weapons away, we advance carefully and quietly and avoid combat at all possibilities. And Dohnaseek, if you say so much as a single word about 'warriors never running from a fight', I swear to our fucking Father that I will personally perforate your junk with every Light Spear I can muster!"

The large man snapped his open mouth shut with a 'click' and a flinch.

(Issei would honestly admit to being rather impressed. Raynare had actually managed to come up with the best solution to their current problem, barring surrendering anyway. His [Eternal Mud Golem]s did not have the best sensory abilities. Being animated balls of mud and magic without any real sensory organs, they relied primarily on an ability to sense vibrations through the ground to detect their targets, and for things like quiet footfalls, that only extended out a few meters. That meant that, as long as they could avoid the other golems spaced throughout and causing a racket that'd draw in the Mud Golems, a stealth approach was the best way to clear the fifth floor. At least until they reached his boss…)

The fifth floor was built much like the previous four, an annoying fucking maze of interconnected corridors and dead ends. The only real difference was the torches that lined the tunnels were becoming rarer and rarer the deeper down they went. The lack of light wasn't much of a bother for the Fallen, who had been blessed with naturally enhanced senses and could strengthen them even further with a small amount of Light, making the entire area seem as bright as midday to them, but it was still an annoyance that they had to waste even a minor measure of their remaining power on something so trivial.

Raynare led the way, with Dohnaseek and Kalawarner following behind, and Mittelt guarding the rear. Rather than protecting from a potential ambush from behind (none of the golems they'd encountered so far had shown the intelligence needed to attempt such a thing), Mittelt's job was instead to keep a weather eye on the two idiots in case either tried something stupid. Mittelt was absolutely certain that the two were already plotting some way to see her and Raynare dead at some point so they could cut a new story of what had happened from blank cloth that left themselves in the clear. It was just a question of whether the two would be stupid enough to try something before they managed to find a way out of this mess, or if they had enough collective braincells to wait until they were 'safe.'

Not that they had any real chance of pulling it off even if they did manage to take her and Ray by surprise. Neither of the two imbeciles had ever felt the unbridled power of a Cadre falling on them in disapproval or anger. They'd fold like tissue paper before the weakest of the Cadre, let alone if they came under Azazel the Scapegoat's scrutiny.

At first, Raynare's plan seemed to be working. The slime things were abundant on the floor, usually moving about in ones or twos, but their senses couldn't seem to even notice them as long as they stayed at least a few meters away, and even then, the feather-light footsteps were soft enough that it took a moment for the creatures to really focus on them. Thanks to that, the Flock was able to make it about halfway through the maze unimpeded.

Then things got stupid. They'd rounded a corner and came face to face with another one of those false terracotta soldiers from the previous floor. As it caught sight of them and raised its clay spear, Dohnaseek had been the first to react, shooting past Raynare before the female Fallen could say anything and proceeded to vent his frustrations by punching its head off with a single empowered fist to its stone face. That had been all fine and dandy, but the sound of its clay body shattering and then clattering across the ground had drawn the attention a trio of the damned slimes from the corridor they'd just left.

"Dohnaseek, I swear to the fucking Father, I am going to feed you my Light Spear through your goddamn ass when this is over!" Raynare roared as they were forced to make a break through the corridors. She was silently grateful that she'd mastered the art of running in heels centuries ago.

"My ass is exit only!"

"It won't be by the time I'm done with it!"

"Would you both shut up and run!" Kalawarner screamed as she scrambled after them. Like Raynare, she had long mastered the art of running in heels but lacked Raynare's ease of doing so.

"There's the doorway! We're almost outta here!" Mittelt shouted, pointing past them to a familiar set of open double doors, before risking a glance over her shoulders. What she saw made her face take on a pallor akin to spoiled milk. "Fuck me running! They're a Lord-be-damned SWARM of those things right behind us! There has to be at least a couple dozen of them!"

"Fucking Move, Move, MOVE!" Raynare yelled, not even wasting her breath to even try and confirm Mittelt's observation.

While the Fallen tended to prefer flight over more mundane forms of transit, no one had ever accused them of being slow on their feet. All four managed to pass through the double doors with enough of a lead that, when they slammed closed a moment later, none of their pursuing aggressors were able to follow. Instead, they were greeted with the sound of sludge splattering audibly against the doors a moment later.

"That…that was far too fucking close." Kalawarner moaned out as she gasped for breath. "Fucking hell! We are Fallen, we shouldn't have to run for our lives from a bunch of fucking slimes!"

"Those were not slimes." a male voice pointed out easily, making the gathered Fallen instantly jerk back to awareness. "Oh, I'm not in the room with you, I'm not the Boss of this Floor. I'm the Dungeon Master, or if you prefer a more relevant title, I am the current holder of the [Gamer's Gear] as you have already deduced."

"Gaia or Tartarus?" Raynare asked cautiously.

"Gaia, so you can breathe a bit easier." the voice responded easily. Aside from the fact that it sounded male, none of the Fallen could make out anything else about the speaker from just their voice. "I am well aware of the…type of people my counterparts tend to be, and I have no desire to be mistaken for one of them. Anyway, as I already stated to your companion, those are not slimes. They are, in fact, another variant of earth golem known historically as an [Eternal Mud Golem]."

"I…I think I've heard of those…" Raynare offered thoughtfully after a moment. "They were the creations of some Master Alchemist during the 1800s. Hard as hell to damage but nearly impossible to control with any kind of precision. Tch…that honestly makes a lot of sense, so far everything we've fought in this hellhole has been some kind of earth golem, so why would those things be any different?"

"Precisely. Now I've been most impressed with you progress so far, so I thought I'd offer you all the chance to surrender with your lives intact, though I believe I already know your answer." the voice asked.

"Of course we refuse!" Dohnaseek roared at the room at large. "Particularly after you dared to insult me with that infernal nickname!"

"To be completely honest, that was an automatic effect of the [Gaming Gear], not something I activated." the voice responded with an audible shrug. "If you want to blame anyone, blame yourself for fulfilling the requirements needed to earn that title while in an area controlled by the [Gaming Gear]."

The sole male of their Flock ground his teeth in impotent fury at that while his fellows quietly sniggered at his discomfort.

"So, does Dohnaseek-san speak for all of you?" the voice asked.

"While we lack his male pride and wounded ego, we must answer the same regardless." Raynare answered calmly, throwing a scornful look at her Flock member. "Azazel the Scapegoat, Governor-General of the Grigori, desires to speak with the former Holy Priestess Asia Argento as well as to examine her Sacred Gear. We were entrusted with the task of brining her before him, and we cannot abandon that duty."

"What Ray said." Mittelt added, before gesturing absently to the two the members of the Flock. "Besides, these two are royally fucked if we don't head back with her safe and sound, considering they were supposed to be the ones keeping an eye on her. Instead, they let her wander off without an escort and get captured by who knows what…no offence."

"So I've managed to gather, and none taken." the voice answered with a slight sigh. "Very well then, I shan't insult you by asking any further. Instead, I shall remind you of this: on every floor, the salient monster on it has served as the basis of the Floor Boss. Do tell me, which monster would be the salient one of this floor?"

"…" The silence that followed was physically painful as the Fallen realized just what they were about to face.

"Fuck…me…running." Raynare bit out in a pained groan.

With a sinister, echoing chuckle, the voice seemed to fade away. Moments later the lights in the room came on all at once before a black, rainbow-tinted ichor began to pour from cracks in the ceiling, rapidly pooling and amassing on the floor until it formed into a blob of enormous size. Easily at least four time the height of Dohnaseek at its thickest point and taking up nearly half the room in sheer girth, the massive version of the [Eternal Mud Golem] loomed over the four Fallen menacingly, red letters slowly spelling out the name of their doom above it.

[Ooze Avatar, Crawling Chaos]

"Ray?" Mittelt murmured out, eyes locked on the oozing abomination in front of them. She sounded scared.

"Yeah?" Raynare couldn't blame her. She'd lived for centuries and had come close to death more than a few times. This…wasn't something she'd ever expected.

"If we manage to make it out of this alive, I am never working on the same continent as those two morons ever again." the youngest Fallen stated deadpan, absently jerking her head in the direction of the two numbskulls that were to blame for this nightmare.

"You know what…same." Raynare agreed as she summoned every Light Spear she could manage, the time for holding back had long since come and gone. "Now fucking fight, all of you!"

Letting out a deep gurgling rumble that shook the room like a roar, the [Crawling Chaos] attacked, several portions of its body bulging before whip-like tendrils with tips as hard and sharp as spears shot forward towards the Fallen, almost too fast for them to dodge.


The Fallen quickly scattered, before each began to pelt the titanic ooze with their Light Spears, but it was like fighting a giant mass of molten caramel. Everything they threw just passed harmless through the mass of rainbow-tinted ooze, leaving holes that sealed themselves shut before the spear passed through the other end. Several attempts to slash away at the attacking tendrils proved more effective, but the gouges they left were resealed within a matter of seconds.

"I'm afraid that tactics like those are rather pointless." the voice commented offhandedly as they fought against the globulous titan. "[Ooze Avatar, Crawling Chaos] has a rather unique ability called [Ultra-High-Speed Regeneration]; it regenerates any lost body mass almost instantaneously as well as instantly regenerating any damage that it may incur. The only way to defeat it is to either bombard it with attacks in such a number and scale that you damage it faster than its regeneration can restore itself, or destroy it utterly in a single, wide-scale magical attack. The four of you have the capability for neither, so it really is only a matter of time before you run out of power."

"BE SILENT!" Dohnaseek roared as his body was lit up as he channelled as much Holy Power as he could. The light quickly flowed into his newest Light Spear, causing it to expand slightly and brighten significantly. With a roar, he threw it and, as it passed through the gelatinous Boss Monster, the spear detonated in a way not too dissimilar to that of the Light Grenade that the Stray Exorcists had used on the first floor.

[Crawling Chaos] let out a high-pitched whining shriek as a solid chunk of its body exploded outward…only for the wound to quickly begin to refill itself as its body mass regenerated.

"Hoh…I wasn't aware that you could do more with those spears of yours than simply manifesting, wielding and throwing them." the voice sounded mildly impressed. "It appears I have underestimated you four by a bit. Sadly, it'd take at least a dozen of those explosives hitting at once to deal any significant damage to [Crawling Chaos], and I very much doubt all four of you are capable of using that trick."

At this point, Raynare was actively panicking. Most of her techniques favoured precision and efficiency, as did most of those wielded by the Fallen in general. A holdover from their origins among Angels, who favoured grace and concentrated power over the wide-scale destructive magics Devils favoured. The Explosive Light Spear that Dohnaseek had just used was not a popular one among their people, considered too rough and inefficient by the majority, so it was one that was rarely used even if you bothered to learn it. She'd never bothered, and she knew that Mittelt was in the same boat, while she highly doubted that Kalawarner had even half as many tricks mastered as even Mittelt due to her chronic laziness.

Fallen…did not pick up new tricks and skills easily. Angels were beings created by the God of the Bible himself to be eternal and unchanging, ever constant and immutable. There was a reason they were so slow to change in any way. Falling From Grace changed the Fallen somewhat, stripping away a bit of that immutability, but just because they could now change, did not mean they were quick about it. There were certainly some that embraced that aspect of their new existence, Azazel being one of the best examples of such, but they were rare.

Raynare had Fallen over five centuries ago and had in time grown and changed in several ways, allowing her to think outside the box and use new techniques with her favoured Light Spears, but it still wasn't something she could do at the drop of a hat.

'Shit! Shit, shit, shit!' the black-haired Fallen thought furiously as Dohnaseek sent spear after spear of explosive Light into [Crawling Chaos], focusing the oozing abomination's attention onto him for now. 'What the fuck can I do?! I can't leave, fighting is useless, and doing nothing will just get me killed!'

She'd already tried to form a teleportation circle, in case whatever was blocking them didn't work in these chambers for whatever reason, but it had failed before she could finish forming the first layer, and all she'd gotten was another window stating that 'she was not authorized to use teleportation magic in the Dungeon' or some such drivel. This fucking Sacred Gear was such bullshit!

"Kyaah!" Mittelt yelped. Raynare looked up to see her mentee slam back-first into the wall and collapse bonelessly to the floor, insensate. A second later, a red magic circle flashed around her, and Mittelt was gone.

And suddenly the choice was made for her.

"GIVE HER BACK!" Raynare howled in fury as her raven-black wings billowed out from her back, five Light Spear blazing into existence around her, a sixth forming in her hand as raw rage helped her push beyond her limits for a brief time.

Fallen tended to be a treasonous, backstabbing bunch of sons of bitches for the most part. At least among the lower ranks anyway, Azazel and several of the other Cadre demanded a certain level of 'maturity' among their personal subordinates. Alliances were rarely more than short-lived things designed to overcome some short-term problem or briefly gain an advantage over a shared rival and nothing more. The relationships between mentors and mentees were one of the few exceptions to that rule, mostly because most were assigned by the higher-ups in the Grigori and the fear of the Cadre being irritated with them for misbehaviour was enough to make most Fallen involved obey.

It didn't hurt that Mittelt, for all that she liked to play the part of the sadistic little shit, was smart, quick to learn and obedient. Raynare knew that, given time, the smaller Fallen would rise far in the Grigori and Raynare, in spite of herself, had gotten attached to the far younger girl.

Which made Mittelt's defeat and kidnapping absolutely enraging for her.

All six spears flew from Raynare towards [Crawling Chaos], spinning like drills. The Light blazed as they slammed into the mass of ooze, slowly moving through the gelatinous body and erasing any and all of the slime that came within reach of them, Raynare's righteous rage lending her Light more power than she knew that she had.

"Well, well, well...this is unexpected." the voice of the [Gamer's Gear] User mused aloud. "[Echo of Angelic Fury], a trait only available to those Fallen Angels who Fell From Grace rather than being born to their nature, and even then, only to those who retain some degree of their former sense of honour and righteousness, and it can only be activated when the Fallen in question feels true righteous fury for the sake of another. Adds a plus-two-hundred percent modifier to their Light manipulation abilities, quite the powerful trump card you have there, my dear. It's no wonder you were chosen to lead the Kuō Town Flock. isn't enough."

As he spoke, the body of [Crawling Chaos] closed in around the six Light Spears, smothering and devouring them until their Light was extinguished.

"Im-impossible!" Raynare gasped, her mental ability to manipulate Light now beyond taxed. She collapsed to her hands and knees in shock and exhaustion.

"Gah, useless bint!" Dohnaseek snarled in frustration, wings exploding from his back as he manifested a pair of new Light Spears. "Let me show you how it's done!"

Duel-wielding his Light Spears, he charged at the massive boss, undaunted (or too stupid to realize how outmatched he was) by the massive creature. The occasional tentacle-spear attack was batted aside as the battle-maniac continued his reckless charge. In a way, it was inspiring...but it was mostly a sign that he was simply too stupid to be aware of how badly he was outmatched.

" you truly are the type that would charge straight into death." the voice offered flatly. "Very well then, finish him."

[Crawling Chaos] hunched in on itself before the front of it erupted into a veritable tidal wave of tentacle-spears that loomed above Dohnaseek for a moment before crashing down over him. He managed to hold out for a small moment by spinning his spears desperately like shields, but they shattered as the weight of the tentacle mass bore down on them, and the Fallen Angel Dohnaseek was impaled through his body dozens of times over.

"D-Dohnaseek...!" Kalawarner gasped, falling on her ass as she stared numbly in shock.

The corpse of the Fallen Angel hung suspended from its killer's tentacles for a moment before it dissolved into feathers, as all Angels did when they died. The black feathers landed softly on the ground as [Crawling Chaos] turned its attention to the two remaining Fallen Angels as it retracted its tentacles into its body.

"So, ladies, I will offer you the opportunity once more?" the [Gamer's Gear] user asked carefully. "Surrender and imprisonment, or...?"

"I surrender!" Kalawarner shrieked in fear. The sight of a Fallen Angel far more powerful than she was being killed so easily before her had broken her pride and courage both.

"Kalawarner, you fucking coward!" Raynare snarled as she unsteadily staggered to her feet.

"Fuck you!" the bluenette growled back before a magic circle appeared underneath her and the weakest of the four Fallen vanished in a flash of light, leaving Raynare, disempowered and barely able to stand, let alone fight, against a foe she couldn't possibly defeat.

Grinding her teeth, Raynare made her own choice. "I...fuck, I surrender as well."

The magic circle appearing beneath her was the last thing she saw before being engulfed in darkness.

Elsewhere, Hyōdō Issei sat back on his throne as screens popped up around him. It was time to see what his gains were.


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