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"Let hopes pass, let dreams pass, let them die. Without you, what are they for? I'll always feel no more than halfway real. 'Til I hear you sing… once more!"

My eyes snapped wide open when my cell phone alarm went off, however, it was the music of 'Til I Hear You Sing' that rung in my ears. I groaned, rolling over in the hotel bed to shut off the alarm. The small, glowing screen read 7 o'clock and forced my eyes to close once more. They snapped back open when the door crashed open and an excited weight began jumping on the firm mattress.

"Wake up, Brie! We're going to Coney Island!"

I squinted up to see the early bird culprit. It wasn't surprising to see Amber's little brother, Ryan, jumping on the bed.

"All right, all right., I'm up. Quit jumping on my bed!" I tried to close my eyes again, but Ryan continued to jump up and down. "If you don't stop, I'll call Amber over to get rid of you," I threatened.

Ryan's eyes widened with fear and he immediately got off the bed, running out of the room. I smiled; he knew better than to call my bluff and get creamed by his sister. I yawned and stretched my sore back, feeling something foreign yet familiar hit my chest. I looked down to see a ring at the end of a chain. Right, the Phantom of the Opera ring. A lot had happened since the community theater performance of The Phantom of the Opera, when I played Christine. And it had been two years since I came back from the Phantom world. Amber and I graduated high school and were accepted into Anker University of Performing Arts. To celebrate, our families surprised us with a weeklong trip to New York City during the summer. We already bought Broadway tickets to see School of Rock, and of course, The Phantom of the Opera. We were going to see it tonight, but Ryan really wanted to go to Coney Island to ride the theme park rides. As I touched the ring laying on my chest, I couldn't stop the memories of the Phantom world flooding my mind.

I looked around the room to make sure this wasn't someone's - well, Megan Reynold's - sick joke on me. I slowly turned back to the mirror and carefully paced up to the glass. As I got closer, I heard the song again as it grew louder and louder.

"I am your angel of music… Come to me angel of music…"

I placed my hand on the reflection, and to my surprise I went through the mirror! I screamed as I tumbled down, my whole world turning into darkness.

Hearing my cue, I closed my eyes and began to sing.

"Think of me, think of me fondly, when we've said goodbye… Remember me, once in a while, please promise me you'll try…"

I was unaware of the cast, dancers, and the crew. They had stopped what they were doing and were staring at me, in awe of my singing. I opened my eyes and nervously glanced to Madame Giry, Christine, and Meg. Christine was smiling and Meg was beaming, but it was Madame Giry raising her hand to tell me to continue that had me grin and face the empty audience.

"When you find, that once again you long, to take your heart back and be free… If you ever find a moment, spare a thought for me."

He walked back to me, a breath away from my face. He slowly raised his hand and softly stroked my cheek. In that moment, I saw a glimpse of hope and joy in his eyes.

"Only then, can you belong…to me."

He held my hands before gently turning me around, my back against his chest. His touch, the way he moved me, heavenly was the only word in my mind.

"Floating, falling, sweet intoxication!" His hands delicately traveled down my waist and hips until he held my stomach, bringing me closer to him. I couldn't help but close my eyes as I laid my head on his shoulder. He grasped my hand and held it to his bare cheek. "Touch me, trust me, savor each sensation!" I slowly turned around and stared at Erik to see longing in his eyes. "Let the dream begin; let your darker side give in…to the power of the music of that I write…" He took my hands in his and lead me down the path. "The power of the music of the night."

"Let me help you, you need to forget these fears. I'm here; I'll protect you all I can and more." I could see the anxiety in his face, trying to reassure me that everything was all right. I stared at the rose in my hands and knew everything was not all right. Raoul placed a finger under my chin to lift my eyes to his. "All I want is to keep you safe. Anywhere you go, let me go too. Brieanna, let me protect you."

I couldn't help but smile at him. He was like the older brother I always wished I had. I caressed his cheek and sang, "Raoul, with you here, I have no fears. It's almost like old times, Christine, you, me too. We always had such fun, because we both loved you. She I know more than I."

I giggled when I saw his face turn bright red when I mentioned Christine. I knew he loved her with all his heart. I wish I had someone who loved me like that, but I wanted to convince Raoul that I could take care of myself. "I'm fine, but she needs you now, I can take care of myself. You know her, she's afraid right now. Show her how you love her, she loves you too," I sang softly to him.

Raoul smiled at me and did something I did not expect. He kissed me on the cheek. I was speechless as the brotherly gesture as I did love him as such and I know I knew he felt the same. Suddenly, he picked me up and spun me around. I laughed and couldn't believe the fun I was having, so much so that I accidentally dropped the rose. I started to get dizzy, so I had to stop him before the growing sick feeling took over.

"Okay, put me down," I said with a smile. He looked concerned so I reassured, "Don't worry about me, Raoul. I'll be fine and so will Christine."

"As for our star," Here it comes. "Miss Brieanna Daae."

No…No, no, no, and no! Not me! It's supposed to be Christine Daae, not Brieanna Daae. I heard my sister gasp as she turned to me with a look of terror. However, I couldn't keep my eyes off of Erik. "No doubt she'll do her best, it's true. Her voice is good, she knows, though should she wish to excel, there is much still to learn. If pride will let her return to me, her teacher…her teacher…"

Erik's eyes landed on my stunned hazel ones. He was breathing heavily and I felt myself go into a trance with each breath. I hazily took off my black mask and let go of Christine's hand. Ignoring my sister's plea to come back, I walked up the stairs to the Phantom. We saw none of the stares surrounding us in the ballroom. As I continued up the stairs, he slowly descended the steps to meet me. When we were close enough to touch, we stopped, reading each other. I saw the joy and remorse and the maddening loneliness in his eyes, but I could not see if he truly wanted me or if this was just a game he couldn't help but play. Then his eyes left to glower at the memory around my neck. Remorse turned to fury as he yanked the necklace from my gown. The trance he held on me broke and I gasped at the man before me. Erik gripped the necklace holding Christine's mother's ring.

I stared into his darkening eyes as Erik sang, "Your chains are still mine!" he lowered his head to me and hissed, "You belong to me, Brieanna!"

Fright almost screamed from my throat when a flash of red was sent right at Raoul. Luckily, he jumped out of the way before he was hit. I realized it was a fire ball from the Broadway show. The Phantom was summoning fire for his attack!

"You're not going anywhere," I heard Erik say.

We frantically looked around the cemetery to find him, but he had hidden himself too well. Where was he? Raoul was steaming when he saw how scared Christine and I were. "Leave her be, you monster! Do not go near Brieanna and Christine, you hear me?" Raoul cried into the frosted fog as he unsheathed his sword.

Erik suddenly laughed before saying, "Miss Brieanna is mine! She belongs to me!"

Christine was shaking with fear as she barely whispered, "Angel."

I nearly screamed when another fire ball shot down near us. Christine held me closer to her as Raoul yelled, "Brieanna doesn't belong to you! You will never have her!"

"Wait! I think my dear, we have a guest," he announced.

Christine and I looked over to the gate to see Raoul, soaking wet, behind the gate. Christine gasped when she saw her future husband grabbing at the bars. "Raoul!"

I pulled out of Erik's grasp and grabbed her hand, calling out, "Raoul, what are you doing here?"

Before he could answer, Erik began to sing again. "Sir, this is indeed an unparalleled delight. I had rather hoped that you would come. And now, my wish comes true... You have truly made my night."

I uncontrollably gasped when I was pulled from my sister. I was wrapped into a strong, possessive arm around my waist and looked up to see Erik staring out into the lake. Christine ran up to him and tried to free me, but to no avail. "Get off of her!"

I didn't know what to do, so I wriggled and begged, "Erik, please stop! Let go of me!"

He laughed at our attempts, but Raoul called out, "Free them!" It distracted Erik enough to free me from his hold, but Raoul continued. "Do what you like, only free them! Have you no pity?"

Erik looked right into my eyes and spat, "Your lover makes a passionate plea."

My eyes narrowed as his statement at last became clear. Lover? Why would he say that, unless… He thinks Raoul and I are together? No! No, that doesn't make any sense? How could he ever think that to be true?

I smiled softly at Erik as I began to sing, "Pitiful creature of darkness, what kind of life have you known? God give me courage to show you, you are not alone." I softly grasped his face and brought his lips to mine. My mind was slow to process what was happening until I felt him kiss me back. It was real… I was kissing the Phantom of the Opera! I kept my eyes closed to savor the moment for as long as I could. I could feel Erik's shock tense his body, but soon he relaxed under my touch. Tenderly, almost fearfully, he placed his hands over mine and suddenly I realized he had released the rope choking Raoul's neck.

It couldn't have been more than a minute, but it seemed as though our kiss had lasted a lifetime. I forgot that we were not alone in the lair…and that others would soon storm his musical fortress. Not that I didn't know Christine was most likely staring at me in shock or that Raoul was probably crushed despite his efforts. I didn't care.

Erik was the first to pull away, to look into my hazel eyes with wonder.

"You should've known Raoul and I were never together," I whispered. "We're family, not lovers. He and Christine are in love, and engaged. The ring you took from me was my mother's wedding ring." I brought my hands down from his face to hold his hands, keeping my eyes on his. "I chose you a long time ago, Erik. You have to believe that I never wanted to hurt you…even when you scare me."

The Phantom's eyes widened as the horror of his mistake filled his soul. It was heartbreaking to watch, but I needed him to know.

"You alone can make my song take flight. It's over now, the music of the night," he sang before he started to smash the mirrors.

Before the last was shattered, I tragically tripped on the wedding dress. I cried out as I fell, but not toward the ground…I was pulled to the mirror! I looked back at Erik to see terror sweep across his face. I reached out for him and screamed, "Erik!"

As my world returned to utter darkness, all I heard was a voice calling out… "Brieanna!"

I was brought back to reality when I heard someone knocking at my door.

"Come in," I called out.

Amber's head popped in with a smile before walking over and sitting down on my bed. "You're still asleep? You have to get ready. I can't stand Ryan's screaming and he won't stop with the, 'We're going to Coney Island! To ride the rides all day!' chant!" she paused and looked at me, frowning. "Hey, what's the matter Brie?"

"Nothing, just thinking that's all," I said too quickly. She noticed me fidgeting with my necklace and sighed.

"So nothing is thinking about the Phantom world, huh?" I wanted to deny it, but Amber gave me a look that said, 'Don't you dare lie to me.' So I avoided her eyes and nodded. She grabbed my hand, giving it a comforting squeeze, and said, "Look, I know it's been really tough for you. I can't even imagine what I'd do if I got to live in my favorite Broadway show, but Brie it's been two years. Do you really think you'll ever get to go back?"

"I don't know; I guess I hope I will. Somehow. I just really miss it there, everything and everyone..." I tried to explain.

"Everyone being Mr. Hot Phantom, the man of your dreams. I wouldn't mind stealing him from you," Amber replied with a smirk. I scoffed at her and pushed her off the bed. She fell on the floor with a thud. Climbing back up, she groaned, "Ow, okay, I might've deserved that one. But what about Tom? I thought you two were kind of dating?"

Tom went to my high school and was on the baseball team. We met during a school pep rally and went out on a couple of dates. If I was being honest with myself, I was just trying to move on and I failed. "Yeah, well, Tom's cute and sweet but we decided to be friends. Our dates were more like hang outs anyway with him focusing on baseball and me with theater. It's good, really. Besides, I can't think about dating now."

"Okay, fair enough, but who knows, you might meet someone at Anker University. Maybe the next guy you meet will be exactly like Erik. Remember, if you need to talk you got the best BFF right here. No matter what," Amber sweetly responded.

I smiled in thanks. I wouldn't know what to do if I didn't have Amber for a friend. I wanted to share another thought, but we jumped at the sudden banging on the door. "Will you two hurry up? Coney Island is calling my name!" Ryan's scream pierced our eardrums from the door.

"Ryan! I will literally kill you if you bang on that door one more time!" Amber yelled back. A few seconds later, Ryan banged again but the sound was followed by footsteps running away. Amber was so livid her face was turning red. She bolted from the bed and threw open the door to run after her little brother. "That's it you little monster! Just wait until I get my hands on you!"

I laughed as I closed the door to get ready for the day. My limbs felt heavy as I moved around the room getting dressed. It felt as though, no matter how much I hoped and dreamed, I would never see the Phantom world again. They were drifting away...I was drifting away.

Little did I know, today was the day that would change my life forever.

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