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Brie's POV

It felt as though the entire weight of the world was covering me like the blankets, only crushing me to the point where I couldn't get up. Not a feeling one enjoys when waking up in the morning. The unexpected proposal from Adam, singing guarded secrets with all my strength, unresolved conflict with my family, tossing and turning all night...each a stitch in the blanket that was smothering me with impossible planet-sized pressure. There was just so much going through my mind and I honestly felt as though I would never process it all.

What didn't help my restlessness was hearing someone coming into the hotel room around 2 in the morning. I knew it wasn't Christine or Gustav since they were already asleep in their own rooms. I slowly crept out of bed to take a peek and right as I opened my door, I heard someone mumbling and the gush of liquid pouring into a glass cup. I slowly pushed the door a little wider to see the back of Raoul. I was confused and concerned as I watched him he drink his rum quickly.

I accidently opened the door a bit too much and gasped when it creaked into the dead of night. The moment I saw Raoul start to turn towards my room, I rapidly rushed back to my bed and instantly closed my eyes. I laid still as I could when my door reopened softly from the outside. The sound of footsteps crept towards me and I held my breath. I almost winced, startled at the contact of his hand pulling my comforter closer to my shoulders.

He gently kissed my forehead and whispered very softly to my ear, "I promise you Brieanna, I will not let that monster hurt you or take you away from your family again."

I waited until I heard the footsteps leaving and the door clicking shut. My eyes instantly opened and I sat upright. I knew he was talking about Erik. Just as I knew this was wishful thinking, but I prayed to God that they didn't do that stupid bet. Shaking the thought from my mind, I laid back down, trying to get an ounce of sleep. Not that I did.

I was before sunrise and while I was getting dressed for the day, I looked over to the calendar to see I only had two days until the concert. So, I had two days to 'make my decision and fix this problem.' I decided to wear a dark purple dress and put my hair in a French braid. When I walked out of my room, I looked around to see Gustav was still sleeping and Christine and Raoul's door was still closed. That must mean they were still asleep. What surprised me was that Adam wasn't in his room. Even his bed looked like it hasn't been slept in. Where is he? Did he come back? I knew Erik wanted to have a voice lesson in a few hours. I was about to leave the room when a voice stopped me.

"Brieanna, please wait."

I turned around to see Christine standing in the doorway. She slowly closed the door, making sure not to disturb Raoul. I could tell I wasn't the only one who didn't get any sleep. Christine had dark circles under her eyes and she almost looked paler than normal. The thought of yesterday's incident hit me. I cringed when I recalled our fight and more importantly, when I revealed I wasn't really her sister.

"What is it? I have somewhere I need to be," I insisted. I was in a hurry. I wanted to go to the café to get some tea and start my planning. I didn't need distractions. Or guilt piled on top of it.

"I just… I just-"

"You just what?" I asked her.

"About yesterday afternoon, what I said might have been out of hand."

I glared at her as I crossed my arms. "Might have? Christine, I had a nervous breakdown because of your accusations! Not to mention what's going on with Raoul and Adam." She shushed me and looked back at her bedroom door. I scoffed and groaned, "Oh you did not just shush me."

"Brieanna, please keep it down. I don't want to wake up Gustav or Raoul."

"Well then, you don't have to worry about that because I'm leaving. I have to rehearse for the concert. See you in a couple of hours."

I was about to place my hand on the doorknob when she said, "Please, sister. If we don't talk about this, I'm afraid we'll -" When her voice cracked and disappeared into the air, I slowly looked back at her to see that she was truly sincere. "Please, talk to me, Brie. Am I not your sister?" Her eyes looked like she was about to cry and I couldn't help but feel my own tears rising in my throat.

I sighed and said, "Let's go to the café and talk."

She slightly smiled before quickly getting dressed. We decided to eat at Petit Café Papillon which in French meant the Little Butterfly. I sipped my tea and continuously looked everywhere I could to avoid meeting Christine's eyes. I could tell she was nervous because she barely touched her food and tea.

Getting anxious with the silence and her long stares, I placed my porcelain cup down and asked, "Ok, what do you want to talk about? I only have a couple hours before I have to go rehearse."

Absently stirring her tea, Christine answered in a meek voice, "I know you think I'm being over protective, but ever since the fire at the opera house I was so worried that something like it would happen again. I still have nightmares of all those people screaming, the chandler falling towards us and our angel… the Phantom taking you away into the darkness. Sometimes, I think I still hear you screaming in the middle of the night and have to remind myself it was only in my mind, that your nightmares finally drifted away."

I sighed as I knew exactly what's she's talking about. It was true for me too. Even back at home, I sometimes had nightmares of that show. Sometimes when I watch the 2004 movie or the Royal Albert Hall movie, I got flashbacks of that night. I tried not to show it, but it still haunts me.

"Ok, so I admit it, that was a horrible night," I said as I looked at Christine.

"It was awful! So many lives were ruined that night. Some of the patrons were killed in that fire, including Meg's friend Timothy."

I gasped at Christine's statement. I remembered from Meg's letter of her talking about Timothy. She had a fling with him. Now he's dead because of the falling chandler and deadly fire.

"Timothy is dead?" Christine sadly nodded her head. I sighed and felt my stomach drop in guilt for Meg and Timothy's family. "Poor Meg, she must have been so heartbroken," I said.

Christine reached over to grab my hand for comfort. I smiled and instantly squeezed it in return. I knew in the back of my mind that she was suspicious of Erik being Mr. Y. Maybe I could show her the beauty of his world, not the murderous side. We heard laugher and turned to see two little girls running together. They ran up to the ice cream man and purchased two cones. It melted my heart to see the joy and playfulness. It made me miss my childhood.

Christine smiled nostalgically at the girls before looking back at me, saying, "Do you remember when we were that small? So young, so bright and hopeful." Her smile widened as a memory flashed in her mind. "I remember when we were little, before our Father died, we would always play on the beach. One time, when you were four years old, a huge wave came up-"

"And I screamed so loud, terrified that I would have been swept away," I interrupted her as the memory of Brieanna Daae came to me. I could see a little girl running away from the ocean's waves as she held her big sister's hand. Little Christine hugged her sister to make sure she was all right. I could feel Brieanna's emotions and love for Christine. My love for her.

Christine laughed at that memory. She lovingly tightened her hold on my hand and smiled at me. "We did everything together. We had fun when we were little, pretending to do things and being someone one grand when we grew up. Let's do it now, give me a task to do."

I looked up at the sky to see the white gulls flying in the air. A thought came into my mind; a special song. I remembered one duet that Amber and I sang when we did our High School Talent Show. We got 2nd place. The song was special to us, but now it was perfect for Christine and I.

I closed my eyes and sang softly, "Let's pretend we're riding on a kite. Let's imagine we're flying through the air!"

"We'll ascend until we're out of sight. Light as paper, we'll soar," I heard Christine sang.

I opened my eyes and stood up. After paying for our meal, I grabbed my sister's hand and we walked through Phantasma. It was a beautiful day. I smiled at the costumers running to get on the rides.

"Let's be wild, up high above the sand, feel the wind, the world at our command." I grabbed both of Christine's hands and looked right at her. "Let's enjoy the view, and never land."

Looking around Phantasma, Christine smiled as she sang out, "Floating far from the shore."

I pulled Christine to the Ferris Wheel. After getting on, I looked out of our cabin to see the beauty of Phantasma. I sighed, knowing that I would have to choose to either stay in this world or go back to mine. I wished that both worlds could somehow merge together.

"Some things are meant to be, the clouds moving fast and free," I sang out softly.

"The sun on a silver sea."

We reached to the top and Christine smiled at the sight. We looked out as we sang together, "A sky that's bright and blue."

I stood up and held onto the pole as I looked out of the window of the cabin. "And some things will never end. The thrill of our magic ride." I looked at Christine and smiled at her, feeling the joy in my heart. "The love that I feel inside for you."

Christine stood up and held onto the pole with me. "We'll climb high beyond the break of day."

"Sleep on stardust, and dine on bits of moon," I sang as our cabin came back down and we exited the ride.

We decided to walk through the market place. Throughout there were amazing sights to see. Silk clothes, delicious treats, wooden toys and more. I bought a mini music box for Gustav, a sketch book for Adam and dark chocolate fudge for Raoul.

Christine was looking through the scarfs as she sang, "You and I will find the Milky Way. We'll be mad, and explore." She picked out a beautiful purple scarf. She tried it on, but felt against it. She placed it back on the shelf before singing again. "We'll recline aloft upon the breeze. Dart about, sail on with windy ease. Pass the days doing only as we please, that's what living is for."

We grinned at each other, before grasping each other hands as we continued to look through the shops. My heart soared as we sang the duet together, "We'll be mad, and explore. We'll recline a loft upon the breeze. Dart about sail on with ease. Pass the days doing only as we please, that's what sisters and living are for."

We stopped at a jewelry store. As I looked through the necklaces, my eyes stopped at something. Hanging on a mannequin were two crystal dove necklaces. I took them down and examined them. One dove held in its mouth, half of a pink heart that had the letters 'sis.' The other crystal dove held in its mouth, half of a blue heart that had the letters 'ters.' I gasped before I rushed to the clerk with the necklaces.

I reached for my purse, but the clerk held his hand. "It's alright Ms. Daae. It's already been taken care of."

"Oh, are you sure? I mean, it looks expensive," I said.

He just smiled and replied, "HE already paid it for you."

I narrowed my eyes at that statement. Of course, it was Erik. Was he here watching me? Was he trying to be nice or was he up to something? I shrugged and walked back to Christine. She faced the mirror as I placed the dove necklace with the pink heart on her neck. After fastening her necklace, I placed my dove pendant around my neck. We both looked at each other in the mirror.

I hugged Christine as I sang softly, "Somethings are meant to be, the tide turning endlessly, the way life takes hold of me, no matter what choice I decide to do, and some things will never die, the promise of who you are, the memories when I am far from you."

Christine looked confused as she slowly turned to me. I sadly smiled at her as I took a shaky breath, trying to keep the tears at bay.

"All my life, I've lived for loving you; let me go now."

Christine's faced turned from confusion to concern at my declaration. She opened her mouth to speak, but a voice called out, "Mama!"

Gustav ran up to us with an exhausted Raoul trailing behind.

"Can we go on the rides? You promised yesterday we could," said the excited little boy.

I laughed as Gustave grabbed his mother's dress skirt, tugging her towards the carousel.

"In a moment Gustav." He pouted but complied. Christine looked at me and asked, "Brie, what do you mean? Let you go?"

I shook my head and replied, "It's nothing. I'll explain later." I looked up at the clocktower to see it was 9:30. We had spent a great deal of time talking, singing, and enjoying Phantasma. Now, I had thirty minutes before my next rehearsal. "I have to go, but I'll see you at lunch if my rehearsal doesn't keep me long."

I was about to leave when I felt someone grabbed my shoulder. I turned around to see it was Raoul.

"Brie, I need to talk to you," he said urgently as he took my hand.

"I can't right now. I need to go Raoul." I tried to pull away but his grip tightened. "Raoul, let go of my hand."

"Please, I really need to talk to you. It's very important."

I glared at him and said, "Raoul, I'm still angry with you from yesterday. I don't want to get into it right now. So, would you please let go of me?"

Raoul looked into my eyes. I could see the conflict there, but he sighed and lowered his head before releasing my hand.

I exhaled before tilting his chin down towards me and said softly, "I promise you that we will talk later today. Right now, I need you to do something for me. Not as my manager, but as my brother-in-law." I nodded my head towards Christine and Gustav, who were waiting in line at the carousel. "Go spend time with your wife and son. I know you have been stressed out with me and the press. When was the last time you spent family time with them? They love you so much and they miss you. So please, for my sake, enjoy your time with them."

Raoul looked back at his family before turning back to me. "Alright, if that is your wish."

I smiled before hugging him. I could feel him tensing before he relaxed and wrapped his arms around me. We gradually freed each other before he walked to Christine and Gustav. I smiled as I watched Raoul playfully messed with Gustav's hair and gave Christine a sweet kiss. I slowly walked away, knowing I had to be at rehearsal soon.

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