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3rd POV

A beautiful morning swept over Phantasma with all the people enjoying the bright sky and colorful surroundings. Except for one. Adam sat alone on a park bench, seeing everything in the blur of a brutal hangover. He had been there since before the sun rose but didn't get any sleep during the night. Adam mindlessly brushed his fingers through his unkempt hair and rubbed at the dark circles under his eyes, finally noticing that his tie was missing and wrinkled shirt was misbuttoned.

Adam groaned and tilted his head back. He should be enjoying the natural beauty of the early morning, take out his sketch pad, and capture the vivid sight that was Phantasma. Unfortunately, his mind was elsewhere. On the events of last night, with all the shame, anger and despair that filled every second. Even with the hangover, he could recall every detail.

Meg's giggle filled the air as she and Adam walked through the darkened Phantasma. The stars illuminated the night, but reflected something cold and dull in Adam's eyes. Not even the nostalgic melody of the carousel could rouse an emotional reaction from him. Meg slowed them down to stand next to the ornate ponies as they pranced around and around. She smiled, the colorful lights flashing over their faces, and gazed up at him.

At that moment, Adam was so lost in his own thoughts that he didn't realize Meg had kissed him. She was drawn into him by the bright stars twinkling in the night, the entrancing song of the carousel, and copious amounts of alcohol consumed at the bar. Feeling Meg's soft lips against his, Adam suddenly found himself melting into her kiss. He grabbed her hips to pull her closer into him and heard her moan into his mouth. Meg wrapped her arms around his neck and twirled her tongue with his.

The thought of Brieanna abruptly came into Adam's mind at the taste of Meg and his eyes snapped open. Immediately pushing her away, Adam held her at arm's length as Meg looked at him in a haze.

"Meg - Miss. Giry - I am so sorry…"

Meg frowned in confusion and replied, "What's wrong monsieur? Is everything all right?"

Adam heaved a deflated sigh and released her shoulders before stepping away from her. "I should never have kissed you. My mind was somewhere else, I… I must apologize."

He turned to leave, but Meg instantly grabbed his arm to stop him. Adam tried to avoid her eyes as she desperately clung to him. However, when she reached up to touch his face, Adam met her gaze as she said, "I know why you feel you need to apologize, but don't. Please, Adam, I felt something in that kiss. And I know you did too." Meg held onto the sides of his, bringing him back to her lips, and whispered, "We belong together."

Adam blinked at her words and brought his hands up to her wrists to free himself from her touch. He gently let her go and stepped back, saying, "My heart belongs to another."

Meg gasped at the pain that struck her heart. His sudden rejection caused drunken humiliation to creep inside her. Adam left her there in the colorful lights of the carousel, standing even stiller than the statuesque horses rising and falling like her shattered breaths.

Adam felt the shame root itself deep within him. He didn't mean to hurt Meg, but even worse he betrayed the one girl that he truly loved. Brieanna. At the sound of light laughter floating in the air, Adam's head snapped up. To his dismay, he saw a couple walking together, sharing a lovely morning with love in their eyes. Adam sharply inhaled and lifted himself off the bench. He had to fix this.


I quickened my pace when I realized that I was running late for my voice lesson… and if I was late, Erik would not be happy. And I was in no mood to deal with that.

I put all my focus into finding the secret door that I was oblivious to anything else around me. Not until I slammed into someone and fell to the ground.

I groaned in pain as I could see my arm was scraped. I hissed as I slowly got up from the ground. I could hear someone groaning behind me. I turned around to see a petite blonde hair girl slowly getting up. I realized I accidentally ran into her.

"I am so sorry, I wasn't paying attention," I said.

She has her back towards me as she whipped the dust off her dancing skirt. "It's quite alright. I was in a hurry," I heard her say.

My head snapped up when I heard her voice. I know I heard it somewhere. I instantly had a flashback.

Christine and I continued to search for the voice from where we were sitting. We snapped back to reality when we saw Meg enter the chapel and walked right to us.

"Where in the world have you two been hiding? Really Brie you were perfect. I only wish I knew your secret. Who is your great tutor?" sang Meg.

Christine and I looked at each other and smiled. I knew that Christine was about to tell Meg hers, well now ours, angel of music secret.

"Meg...When your mother brought us here to live, whenever we'd come down here alone two light a candle for our father, a voice from above would sing to us," said Christine.

I know what happened but then I started to say, "And in my dreams he was always there. You see...when our father lay dying he told us we would be protected by an angel. An Angel of Music."

Meg looked confused as she asked, "Christine...do you believe? Do you think the spirit of your father is coaching your sister Brie?"

Christine smiled at me and said, "Who else Meg? Who?"

I smiled to myself because I realized that the next song was "Angel of Music," and I loved this song. When I heard the melody to the song, the words from the song would come out of my mouth.

"Father once spoke of an angel. I used to dream he'd appear. Now as I sing I can sense him. And I know he's here," I sang out softly.

Christine looked around the chapel room as she sang, "Here in this room he calls me softly. Somewhere inside hiding. Somehow, I know he's always with me. He, the unseen genius..."

As we all stood up, Meg grabbed my hand and sang to me, "Brie you must have been dreaming. Stories like this can't come true." She then took Christine's hand and sang, "Christine you're talking in riddles. And it's not like you."

I snapped back to reality. Standing before me was my "childhood friend" Meg Giry. She wasn't aware who she had run into.

I took a deep breath and said softly, "Meg?"

She stopped dusting herself off. As she turned around to face me, my mouth dropped and my eyes widened with shock. It truly was Meg Giry. She looked completely the same as I saw her two years ago. Except, it was ten years her time and she did look much older. She was surprised to see me as well.

"Brie," quietly said Meg.

Before I could even open my mouth, Meg squealed and wrapped her arms around me. I was completely stunned. I thought she would be like in the musical, but she seemed so happy to see me.

"My goodness Brie, I cannot believe it's you. I have missed you so much," I heard her say into my ear.

I decided to ignore the warning bells in my head and said, "It's so good to see you Meg. I've missed you so much."

She released me after a long crushing hug. She held onto my hands and said, "I heard you were coming to New York, but never here. I saw Christine and Raoul yesterday, but you were not with them."

I knew I couldn't tell her about my voice lessons with Erik. I don't want crazy Meg to appear like in Love Never Dies. I smiled and replied, "I was busy yesterday. I'm just so glad you are here. I heard you are a star at Phantasma. I cannot wait to see your show."

Meg looked down at her shoes and smiled timidly. "I wouldn't say star." She looked back up and I could tell something was conflicting her. "Is it true that you are singing this Saturday?"

I knew where this was going. I was about to reply when the clock in the square began to chime loudly. I gasped when I realized that I am late for my voice lesson. Erik is going to be pissed that I am late.

"Meg, I have to go, but can we meet later today? I would love to check up more with you," I asked hastily.

She gave me a small grin and replied, "Of course, I have rehearsal in an hour. How about we meet at the Ferris wheel around 3 o'clock?"

"Sounds perfect. I will see you then," I said.

I gave her one last hug before rushing to the secret door.

3rd POV

Meg's smile instantly dropped as she saw her childhood friend disappear from the crowd. The guilt and jealousy rushed back to her. She was happy to see Brie again, truly she was. However, she was jealous, extremely jealous. Meg was the star of Phantasma. There were posters of her face everywhere. She even signed autographs to her fans and received flowers from her admirers. However, with Brie being her and signing this Saturday, Meg's fame will slowly disappear like a dying star. Not to mention that the Phantom's attention will be on Brie. Meg has been trying to show the Phantom her appreciation by performing on his stage. She has been practicing and working her butt off for ten years. She didn't love the Phantom, but she admired him. Now, Brie is going to push Meg away like she was nothing.

Meg needed her black coffee, or something stronger to calm her envy feeling. When she turned around, she gasped as she saw who was close to her. About twenty feet away from her was Adam. Her face heated up as she remembered what happened last night. The kiss reveals that she has feelings for him… Adam rejected her… all because of Brie. Adam's eyes landed on Meg's. It was like time stood still. You could hear the sweet sound of a violin playing around them. Meg took a step forward. However, my smile dropped when Adam shook his head and walked away. A single tear slid down Meg's cheek. Her heart shattered again.

1st POV

Damn it, Erik is really going to kill me, I thought. I don't know why I am nervous. He won't actually kill me… right? I mean, he does know my secret that I am not the real Brieanna Daae and that this whole world is based on an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. A thought came to my head. I am praying that he and Raoul did not make a stupid bet like they did in Love Never Dies. If they did, then they are both on my hit list.

When I finally reached the hidden door, I looked behind me making sure no one would follow me. I knew Erik would not like it if someone else knew where his workshop was. Plus, it would be very hard to explain to why I am willingly having voice lessons with the Phantom of the Opera, not against my will. I recalled the code as I tapped on the brick wall. I took a step back as the bricks shifted over revealing a hidden door. As I opened the door and walked inside, I was unaware that someone had seen me.

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