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"I want to ride the roller coaster, walk through the haunted house, ride the Ferris Wheel, and eat a lot of funnel cake!" Ryan paused for a moment and then asked his mom, "Can we eat the funnel cake first?"

Currently, both families, all seven of us, were in a taxi driving to Coney Island. I looked up from reading my emails to see Amber laying her head on the window, rolling her eyes. Ever since we left the hotel, Ryan had reached a new level of hyper and seemed to be bursting all the way to the roof. I silently laughed as I looked back down to my cell.

"Ryan, you just ate breakfast at the hotel a half hour ago," his mom answered.

Ryan shirked into his seat as he mumbled, "Yeah, but everyone at school said I should eat the funnel cake first, because it's to die for. I don't want to go back to school and say I didn't eat the funnel cake."

"You know if you eat first and then go on the rides, you'll get so sick that we'll have to take you to the hospital and you'll never ride any of them again," Amber murmured as she slowly closed her eyes.

Ryan looked behind to glare at his older sister. He tried to hide it under his Mets baseball hat that his dad bought him yesterday, but he wasn't doing a good job of it. "At least I'm not afraid of riding a little baby coaster like someone I know," he retorted.

Amber's eyes snapped open and stared him down. Ryan's eyes popped with fear and instantly covered his mouth with his hand. "What did you say you little monster?"

"Nothing," Ryan answered immediately.

"All right you two, that's enough. Now we are here for a family vacation and I do not need you two to fight every single minute. If I hear one more argument, then I will send this taxi back to the hotel and we can forget about Coney Island and Broadway tonight. Do I make myself clear?" commanded their dad.

Amber and Ryan looked down in shame as they said in unison, "Yes sir."

I silently laughed and shook my head. I felt like Ryan and Amber should have their own TV show. After a 45-minute drive, we finally arrived at Coney Island. Ryan bolted out of the car like a rocket and he would have flown to the park gate, but his dad caught the collar of his shirt. I placed my cell in my purse and I got out of the taxi with a smile. I was wearing a cute Tardis blue Doctor Who shirt and black pants.

I gasped at the pull of my arm and suddenly forced to run to the gate. "Let's go! I want to go on the biggest roller coaster they have," screamed Ryan as he looked back at me from his tight grip.

I had to admit it, but going to Coney Island was fun. The place was huge, bigger than any fair I had been to. There was so much to do it was hard to choose what rides and activities to do for the six hours we had. We started off with riding what seemed like half the roller coasters, but without Amber. It was tough leaving her behind, but the speed and erratic movements made her too sick to endure them. I made up for the time lost by sharing a seat with her on the Ferris Wheel, taking probably too many selfies at the petting zoo, shared so much delicious food, and just walking around all the beautifully flashing lights of the fair.

"We better hurry if we want to get a good seat for the acrobat show," my dad told us.

"What time does the show start?" I asked.

My mom looked at the schedule and replied, "It's at 1 o'clock, so we have 20 minutes to get there."

I nodded my head and followed everyone. We were about to turn the corner when I felt a whisper dance into my ear. "Brieanna… Come to me... Brieanna…"

I immediately stopped and turned to look for the voice. Who said that? It seemed familiar, but I couldn't be sure. What if I merely imagined it? I took a shaky breath and ignored it, walking faster to catch up with my family, when I heard it again. "Brieanna… Come to me... Brieanna…"

I stared into the crowd of laughing strangers, but I saw no one to match the haunting whisper. It had to be real and yet there was nothing. Then my eyes caught one attraction called, "The Hall of Mirrors," and a dark figure reflected in the distant glass. What kept my eye focused was on one side of the figure's face appeared to be a white mask.

No, it couldn't be. Without thinking, I ran to "The Hall of Mirrors" to follow the figure. As I entered the hall, I stopped when I realized he had disappeared. I spun around to find him, but all I saw was my own reflection. My lashes fluttered with sorrow and I sighed the disappointment from my lungs. I knew it was too good to be true. I slowly headed toward the exit, but stopped at the sound of a soft melody starting to play. In the back of my mind, I knew I heard this song before. The music started to crescendo as I turned my head and slowly began my descent into the hall once more. Each time I passed a mirror, I saw my reflection change shapes and sizes.

When I nearly bumped into a mirror hidden in shadow, I stumbled back at the sight in the mirror. I gasped when I saw myself. It was me, my expression, my movements, but I was wearing my "Think of Me" dress. I closed my eyes and when I opened them again, I was wearing my normal clothes for the fair.

As I continued to journey down the hall, the music grew louder and louder. Suddenly the notes came to me and I remembered how I knew the song. It was "The Coney Island Waltz" from the musical 'Love Never Dies.' I halted my footsteps as adrenaline flooded my veins. Why were they playing this music? They couldn't know I would enter the Hall of Mirrors at this exact time to play a sick joke. Or that they even could do something so cruel to me!

I almost screamed when I felt something buzzing in my pocket. I pulled out my cell to see Amber was calling me. "Hello?"

"Brie, where are you? We're at the acrobat show and your mom is worried sick," Amber said.

"Sorry, I got distracted. I'm at "The Hall of Mirrors" because I-I thought I saw something. I'll be there in a few minutes."

I heard Amber sigh before saying, "Well you better hurry. The show is about to start and I don't think you want your mom to have a panic attack if you go missing again."

"Okay, yeah, I'll be there soon."

I hung up the phone and decided to leave. It was for the best after all. Before I could exit the hall, a huge mirror revealed itself right in front of me. I gasped and glanced about to see I was impossibly standing in a room full of mirrors... No doors, no windows… No way out. I ran my hands through the mirrors, trying to see if there was a lever or a pulley to open a secret door or any kind of exit.

"No, no, no! This cannot be happening! Not again!"

As I pushed another mirror, I looked up to see a face staring right at me. I screamed as I backed away. My eyes widened and my hands immediately covered my mouth. Staring right in front of me… was Erik. He was wearing his Phantom outfit and his face was stone cold. I gazed at every mirror surrounding me only to find he was in every single one.

Every Erik raised their right hand and commanded in a haunting voice, "I am your Angel of Music… Return to me Angel of Music..."

I closed my eyes and covered my ears. I'm just imagining this. This cannot be real. All of a sudden I felt something burning on my chest. I gasped and looked down to see my ring was lightly glowing. What in the world was happening? I slowly looked up to see the Erik's still had their hands held out to me as they repeated, "I am your Angel of Music… Return to me Angel of Music..."

The mirrors instantly started to spin around me, faster and faster by the second. Erik's face was now melting away as my ring began to get hotter upon my chest. My head began to seize from all the movement. I couldn't see where to step and accidentally tripped, falling backwards. As I landed on my back, my whole world slowly began to go dark as I continued to listen to "The Coney Island Waltz" and I heard the voice say one more time, "I am your Angel of Music… I am your Angel of Music…"

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