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Nick and Jessica pulled into the parking lot of Mr. Smith's old town grocer. It had a rustic feel as bunnies made their way in and out of the department store. You could occasionally see a predator here and there, but it was mainly just bunnies. Nick got out of the car as Jessica followed.

"Is there something in those blueberries? You've been smiling the whole way here" she grimaced, she walked right next to his side, close enough to bump shoulders with him. Nick could care less, yes he had been smiling the whole way here, he had one image on his mind. Judy

"I just love blueberries" he shrugged

"So we couldn't stop for lunch but you get to make a pit-stop for some stupid bunny fruit" she snapped

"I'm the boss, my rules"

Jessica curled her long white tail on his back, Nick flinched a little and gave himself some distance from her. She noticed his reaction and smiled a little as she trailed a little bit further behind him. They entered the grocery store as Nick lifted his shades to the top of his head. A tiny sheep stood next to the shopping carts, greeting animals as they entered. The sheep spotted the two officers and scurried quickly in front of them.

"Oh you're here, Mr. Smith is waiting for you, this way please" Nick and Jessica followed the tiny sheep to a back office where Mr. Smith was looking over paper work. Mr. Smith was an older rabbit, his glasses too large for his face and he was dressed in a blue sweater vest with white slacks.

"Mr. Smith, the police are here" the sheep whispered

The bunny turned, setting eyes on the two fox officers, Nick stepped forward.

"Officer Wilde ZPD, and this is my partner Officer Stream, we are here to help you with your stolen goods sir"

The old bunny hopped down from his plastic folded chair, "You are thee Officer Wilde? What an honor" he began shaking Nick's hand in a rapid motion.

"Yes sir" His hands are sweaty

"I'm sorry, I just didn't realize that the famous Officer Wilde was…uh…a fox, I mean you would think I would know since your always on the news, I'm just getting old" Mr. Smith sniffed, fixing his large glasses. Jessica growled behind Nick, Nick shot her a look and she knew that look, keep her mouth shut.

"What can I help you with today sir?" said Nick

"Ah yes right, the past month a huge amount of my inventory has been stolen, and there is no trace of anyone stealing my shipment because no one is even caught on the security cameras" he whispered

"What is missing?" said Jessica

"They are rare flowers, I have recently just heard about them, apparently it keeps bugs off the produce and it's selling rapidly in other parts of the county. So I decided it would be good with sales, shoot I can't even pronounce the name, it's a long one" he started to fidget with his paws.

"So are they missing when they arrive?"

"No, they arrive every Monday morning, the truck drops them off and you can even see them being dropped off in the security cameras, and then the next morning they are all gone, I even hired a local security guard to stand watch and they still slip under his nose".

Nick and Jessica shared a look, how odd

"I would like to see your tapes please and we will take them back to the station and analyze them, we will contact you tomorrow, sound good?" said Nick

"Yes of course, thank you sir"

"I'm going to call for some backup to watch over your next shipment as well, maybe someone bigger?"

"That would be great sir, thank you so much, Mrs. Wool will give you the tapes"

The little sheep from the front entranced re-appeared, "follow me please" she whispered.

Nick glanced over at Jessica, gesturing for her to follow the sheep, Jessica rolled her eyes and sighed as she followed the sheep out. The only reason Nick wanted to be alone was that he noticed something in Mr. Smith's office. The bunny sat back in his chair, carefully reading his paperwork. Nick had caught a glance of a crate full of carrots, which said Hopps Family Farm.

"Mr. Smith" said Nick

The bunny looked up at him, "Yes?"

"Do you know a Judy Hopps?" Nick's heart skipped a beat as he said her name.

"Why yes, Stu and Bonnies daughter, beautiful girl, why you ask?"

"I ran into her earlier and she forgot something that I need to return to her, do you know where I can find her?"

"Well I know she lives at home still, but she works part time at Gideon Grey's bakery I hear, it's in Carrot Square" said Mr. Smith


"Thank you sir, I will look over the tapes and get back to you" Nick started walking out

"Yes and tell Ms. Hopps if you end up finding her that I hope she is doing better", Mr. Smith turned back to his work.

Nick stopped in his tracks, doing better? What does that mean?

His thought came to a halt as Jessica waved him over, the tapes in her hand. They walked out as Nick put his shades back on. Jessica nudged Nick in the arm, "So how about that lunch now?" before Nick could answer another cop car pulled up. Another one of their fellow officers, Officer Higgins, a big polar bear with a lot of attitude and a very huge crush on Jessica.

"This is exactly what I need" Nick thought

"Hey Wilde", he paused and lifted his shades to look at the artic fox, "Jessica" he winked at her. Jessica glared at him, Nick couldn't help but smile at the tension.

"Hey Higgins, what brings you here?"

"Just pulled over a van full of teenage bunnies for speeding, you know…the usual" he scoffed with pride.

Nick needed to slip away

"Hey buddy, do you mind giving Jessica a ride back to the station? I have something I need to take care of in town" said Nick as he pulled out his phone, starting to look for the address he needed.

Jessica shot him a death glare, "What!? What do you need to do!", but before she could protest any further, Officer Higgins had his arm around her, "No problem Wilde" he flashed his white teeth at her.

Nick walked quickly to his patrol car, "Thanks Buddy!" he yelled, he could feel the daggers that Jessica was giving him behind his back. But honestly he couldn't care less, he punched in Gideon Greys Bakery into his GPS and took off leaving dust trailing behind him.

Carrot square puked of everything rabbit, all the building were carrot shaped for miles, until he arrived at his destination, a small pink store called Gideon's Greys Bakery. Nick parked his car, his heart pounding in his chest.

PLEASE let her be here

He opened the front door, a little bell went off. The inside looked brand new, he could smell the fresh paint, the bar and stools shined a bright red, complementing the white and black tiled floor. He looked over the counter to see a bigger…fatter fox. He just loaded a new tray of pies into an oven, wiping his paws on his apron.

Nick felt a tinge of jealousy, did she work with this fox? Were they close? Nick coughed to get the foxes attention. The baker turned, his eyes widened to see a police officer in the store.

"Officer, how may I help you?" he stuttered a little in his speech, a thick country accent rolling of his tongue. Nick perched his shades on the end of his nose, so he could look more intimidating.

"I'm looking for a Judy Hopps, is she here?"

The fox's eyes widened in surprise, "Has she done something wrong? Because I can tell you right now she is the most nicest person ever sir and .."

Nick cut him off, "She is not in trouble, I just need to speak with her for a moment" Shut up you fat fox and tell me what I need to know.

"Yeah, she is in the back" said the fox


"Hey Judy, someone is here to see you" the fox yelled

Nick's heart raced as his ears picked up the sound of tiny feet walking towards him. She emerged from the back double doors wearing the same outfit he had seen her in this morning. Instead of the sunhat, she wore a white apron. She didn't look up; she was cleaning her hands off with a cloth. His heart was in his throat again, waiting to make contact with those beautiful purple eyes. She looked up and her eyes met his.

It's her, it will always be her.

She dropped the cloth she was holding, she broke out in a huge smile, putting her hands on her hips.

"Well" she laughed, "I'll be dammed".

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