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Judy pulled into Mr. Smith grocery store parking lot, her mother's truck engine coughed like it was on its last leg. Her face still burned as her heart skipped a beat.

We almost kissed

Nick sat in the passenger's seat, not taking his eyes off her.

"Will you stop that?" she grimaced

"Stop what?"

"Staring at me"

"I can't help it", Nick's index finger rubbed against Judy's cheek.

Judy turned off the engine as she saw a polar bear officer leaning against his vehicle with that artic fox beside him. The vixens 'eyes burnt a hold through Judy's chest, Judy rubbed her chest a little, feeling the death glare piercing a hole through her ribs.

"Stay here, I'll be back" said Nick as he hopped out of the truck and walked towards the duo.

Judy sighed as he watched him walk off the with the two officers. The polar bear did a double take.

"Who's she Wilde" said Higgins as he bites into his glazed doughnut

"A good friend and a witness" said Nick, Jessica scoffed and Nick tried his best to ignore it.

"Alright, what do we got Higgins" Nick followed them both into Mr. Smith's store.

Judy fiddled with her thumbs as she patiently waited, she became bored and began to animal watch as she watched animals going in and out of the grocery store. A mother bunny trying to control her 15 new kits, a pig trying to retrieve all the abandoned grocery carts left in the parking lot, and a goat yelling at the beaver at the flower stand about their overpriced tulips.

Judy then used her paws to touch her lips…. what would have it been like if I kissed him? She blushed at the thought. Who knew her life had been turned upside down in just two days because of Nicholas Wilde.


She rubbed her side a little as it ached and itched under her new bandaged. Before they left, she changed into a grey cotton long t-shirt and jeans. The grey tee was gentle against her cut as she lightly brushed the bandage with her paw. She remembered Nick's touch as he placed his hands on her hips, lightly cleaning her wound.

Ugh she needed some air.

Judy hopped out of the truck, shoving her hands in her pockets as she strolled through the parking lot. Her ears picked up the sound of the goat still yelling about those damn flowers, until suddenly….


Judy turned on her heels to see a weasel carrying a large duffel bag over his back, booking it into the fields.

Without thought, without hesitation…

Judy ran after him.

"You !" she screamed at the weasel "Stop!"

Meanwhile, Nick peered over the cameras as Higgins scrolled through the footage. Jessica stood silently by his side chewing some bubble gum.

"See that?" Higgins pointed to the top left screen


"Look at the first frame and then wait about 10 seconds…." Higgins motioned with his index finger

Nick did what he was told, but still didn't see anything.

"Alright Higgins, are you messing with me?" he snapped

"No, don't you see the car bumper in the top right corner?"

Nick looked closer, yes, there was a car bumper that peered in the top right corner next to the new delivery of flowers. But in 10 seconds, it was gone… someone tampered with the cameras…

"Well I'll be dammed, someone tampered the system" Nick whispered

"Bingo" said Higgins as he cracked his knuckles

"Well done, you're not so useless after all"


"We need to run diagnostics on the system, to see where the hacker came from. If they tampered with the cameras, they obviously didn't want us to see who stole the shipment, good eye Higgins". Nick gave a slap on Higgins shoulder.

"Hey, I did work for the ABI with their computer's sciences"

"Then Higgins find this hacker"

"With pleasure"

Jessica came forward, "That's not all Nick, I did some work on those flowers, the name is a mouth full but their nick name is Night Howlers and they are extremely toxic"

Nick's eyes narrowed, "Toxic huh?"

"You heard Mr. Smith, they are hot on the market because it helps farmers keep their produce free from insects".

Someone stealing extremely toxic flowers….this can't be good.

Both Nick's and Jessica's ear shot up as a young rabbit ran into the security office.

"Quick! Someone has stolen our flowers; he is getting away!"

Nick and Jessica bolted outside with Higgins tight on their heels, the hot sun blinded all three of the mammals as they try to scan for thief.

The beaver screeched "His running over there!"

Nick turned to find the weasel making a break through the corn fields with a grey fur ball right behind him


Judy was chasing him into the corn fields disappearing into the brush. Nick's heart was caught in his throat as fear replaced where his heart use to be.

"Judy!" he yelled as he ran toward the corn field with Jessica right by his side.

"What the hell is your girlfriend doing?" yelled Jessica as her and Nick tried to follow them threw the corn fields. The corn husks smacked their faces as it became difficult to both hear and see where the thief and Judy had gone.

"We lost them" Jessica gasped, trying to catch her breathe

"We can't lose them, she can't face a criminal on her own, she can get hurt!" Nick began to panic as he dug threw his utility belt, reaching for his radio.

"Higgins call for back up!"

Judy continued to book threw the corn field, for being small she was able to weave in and out of this corn jungle with grace and ease. Her large ears could hear the panicked breathes of the weasel. They were drawing near to the end of the field and she needed to catch him before he did so. The weasel was running out of breaths as she could hear him gasping between steps.

She dug her hind legs into the dirt and made a lung for full speed towards the weasel. She used her body and tackled the sweaty creature to the ground which sent his duffel bag flying. Her legs buckled underneath them, sending them face first into the dirt. The weasel struggled with her grip.

"Get off of me cottontail!" he screeched

She tightened her grip around him, trying to get him to stop moving. The weasel threw his head back hitting her right on the mouth causing her to let go. She felt back a bit as blood dripped through her mouth. Her bandage started to become lose as the weasel rolled on his back and used his lanky legs and kicked her right in the chest.

That did it

Her bandage became undone, she felt like her left side was going to shattered, her heart turning into a sucked up helium balloon. She knew what would happen next…..

"Eat that fluff" the weasel snickered as he walked towards his stolen goods. "Come to papa" he whistled.

Judy crouched over her chest. Her heart was sucking dry, damn I should have been more careful. She peered up at the weasel who wasn't even giving her a second glance. He walked casually with his bag on his shoulders, not even watching his back.

"Dumb bunny" he laughed

You're finished!

Judy dug her hands into the cold soil, her legs ready to pounce. She lurched forward with her powerful legs aiming for the weasel's head and knocked him out cold.

Two more officers arrived on the scene. Officers Wolfred and Sparks, both timber wolfs.

"No one came out on the other end of the field Wilde" said Wolfred as all the officers stared at the pacing fox.

Nick was on the edge of panic as he was ready to rip that weasels head off if he hurt Judy.


The Officers turned towards the corn field as Judy dragged the weasel by his collar and the duffel bag on her shoulder, a large smile displayed on her face.

"I popped the weasel!" She yelled, gasping a little, her heart was starting to suck itself dry.

A sea of relief washed over Nick, but then sudden anger. What the hell was she thinking!?


A large black van bursts through the parking lot, ramming into the various grocery store stands. Higgins grabbed Jessica and pulled her out of the way as the van nearly crushed them both. Nick watched in horror as the van pulled the brakes forcefully in front of Judy and weasel.

"Judy!" Nick screamed

Judy stopped dead in her tracks as a large arm yanked her and the weasel into the van, slamming the door shut. It took off, leaving a dust cloud that blinded the Officers

"No, no , no! Judy!" Nick lurched forward as ran towards the patrol car. The other officers following behind him.

"Dispatch! we have a kidnapping in process, black van, no license plate! Heading down Bamberry way, hostages are a rabbit and a weasel, Officers Stream, Wilde, Higgins, Wolfred, and Sparks in pursuit!" Jessica shouted into her radio as she hopped into the car with Nick

Nick knuckles turned white, panic sweeping through his body. He wasted no time as he turned on the sirens and took off after the black van, with the other two ZPD patrol cars behind him.

Judy began to panic as the large arms tighten their grip around her waist.

"Let me go you cowards!" she yelled

"Shut up Rabbit!"

The van was going at least 80 mph as they tried to outrun the cops, Judy squirmed in her captor's arms as the weasel laid unconscious by their feet. The van was dark, she couldn't make out a faces, all she knew she was being held against her will by a strong arm.

"Why did you grab the Rabbit? All we needed was the weasel dumb ass!"

"Hey now I panicked! besides we needed her at some point!"

"The boss is going to kill us…"

"The boss will be happy that we have both the weasel and the rabbit!"

"Sure… with the cops on our ass! Including Wilde you idiot!"

"That's what the Rabbit is for…"

Judy dug her teeth deep into her captor's forearm, her captor screamed and dropped her as she crawled on the dirty van floor to find a way out.

"Ugh! Damn! She bit me!"

Judy tried to find her way to the back of the van as the van swerved on the paved road.

"Get back here you little devil" Her captors voice looming over here.

He grabbed onto one of her legs as she squirmed, her captor reached towards the ceiling and flicked on the light of the van. Judy's eyes burned from the sudden brightness as the captor grabbed her arms.

"Bite me again and your dead rabbit"

Judy turned to look into the eyes of a black panther, his teeth was baring at her.

"What do you want with me?" she wiggled in his grip

"You'll find out soon enough"

Judy was running out of time as her breathing became smaller and smaller, her eyes scanned her surroundings as she tried to find a way to escape.

Her eyes saw the weasel still passed out on the floor with the duffel bag beside him, her eyes came across a serious of pictures pinned to the side of the van, she looked closer, the pictures were of different animals she had never seen before, until then she noticed one on the top right.

It was Mr. Greytsone….

Her gaze followed the string that was attached to the Mr. Greystones photo, she gasped at the picture at the bottom left.

It was a picture of her and Nick holding hands.