(The Shopping Spree)

It was a pleasant morning and the birds chirped merrily outside. There were butterflies flying around their old, rotten garden and the old gate of their home creaked to the smooth blowing of the summer wind. The smell of strawberry bagel with strawberry cream cheese crawled into the olfactory senses of a certain brunette lass. She can't help but get up from her bed and follow the origin of the sweet aroma only to find Levi neatly placing each plate on the table. Levi, however, did not spare Sasha a glance. He remained quiet and focused. She, on the other side, rubbed her eyes and straightened herself up to look presentable and not so disgusting. Confused on how she suddenly cared so much about her appearance in front of Levi, she threw a palm to her face and shook her head. She then ran into the bathroom and washed her face, fixed her ponytail then ran back to the kitchen. Instead of saying the usual lively 'good morning' to him, she sat down on one of the chairs and Sasha and Levi still cannot get over the incident the previous night. She was petrified! Sure, Levi used to bathe her in the tub and have seen her whole body but she was like 7 years old at that time with no bulging tits hanging around her chest! Everything is different now. She's turned into a lady and her figure has already been developed.

What is more awkward than your older brother, who happens to be not categorically your real brother, seeing you fully naked in the shower?

She sighed in frustration. She swore she saw his eyes fixed on her fucking breasts. His face was as red as a deliciously-looking, freshly picked strawberry.

She tried not to act nervous or awkward but she ended up stuttering and blushing, trying not to look at him in the eye. Levi, on the other hand, tried to act all cool, calm and collected. He did not act all weird like what took place the night before never happened at all. He was on his usual stoic expression, looking intimidating and emotionless like a robot. He can act as blank as much as he wants but he cannot dare look her in the eyes. He was embarrassed and a little shy. He can't even convey a simple 'sorry' because he didn't want to bring the topic up and add more to the uncomfortable situation they are currently in. If only they were real siblings it wouldn't be as malicious as it could be but they were both aware of the fact that they are just foster siblings and there's always going to be that certain gap between them especially that they are now grownups and some lines are drawn whose sole purpose should never be crossed.

He and Sasha didn't really talk much at breakfast, just nods and glances. The atmosphere between seems to be very awkward and Sasha did not say a word. She isn't even the quiet type, but Sasha kept her mouth shut and ate her meal quickly and soundlessly. She was in haste so she could escape the suffocating discomfort and silence that she forgot to take the lunch box Levi prepared for her.

While she was at her school, she was staring into space every now and then.

He saw me naked! I swear I saw his eyes wandering around my chest. What a pervert! Where's all the chivalry he always talks about?! What was he even thinking?!

"Armin! Did your grandfather permitted you to the school outing?" Eren cheerfully approached the blonde little guy.

"Yes. He even promised to take me shopping later. He said it would be great if I buy new things for the short vacation. And I need a new pair of shorts; I told him I wanted a tropical printed one because it looks fresh and cool for the summer!" The blonde boy happily boasted.

"Now that you've mentioned it, I do need a new pair of shorts."

"Well then, Eren. Let us go shopping together later. I need a floppy hat to protect me from the sun. I'm pretty sure we'd be walking around under the heat of the sun a lot during the tour." Mikasa added. Eren agreed.

"Hey guys, can we come too? Ymir and I also planned to go shopping later but I thought it would be lonely if only the two of us will go."

"What? No Krista!" Ymir butted in.

"That would be wonderful, Krista! You can come with us if you like." Armin smiled.

"If Krista will go, I think I'm coming too. Right Bertholdt?" Reiner smirked. Ymir glared at him and was about to hit him in the face when Krista tried to stop her.

"Hey Ymir, please stop it!"

While all of the gang started making a commotion, Bertholdt poked Sasha.


She did not answer. She was deep inside the caves of her unforgettable, ridiculous, embarrassing memory of the bathroom incident.


"Yes!" she jolted as she snapped out of her thoughts. "Is it lunch time already?"

"No." He chuckled. "Not yet."

"Oh. What is it, Bert? Do you need something?"

"You're coming with us later, right?" he gave her a warm smile. Sasha's heart fluttered. It was that smile that made her fall in puppy love with him a few years back. It was alluring and cheery.

"Um…shopping?" she sheepishly smiled.

That's what they were talking about earlier right? I heard the word 'shopping' over and over again.

Bertholdt nodded in response.

"Oh, I'm not so sure about that." She shrugged but kept her smile. She always find herself smiling when she's around Bertholdt.

"Come on. It will be fun! Annie even agreed to go shopping with me." He flushed.

Right. Annie. It has always been Annie.

Oh was all she said.

"You don't have money, do you?" Connie teased, an evil grin speckled on his face.

"Shut up, Connie! Of course I have money! Besides, I don't need to buy anything new because I'm not even sure if I could go."


Everybody turned to look at Sasha. They knew there is lots of food and free tastes during carnivals and Sasha would never refuse food.

"That's great then. I'm pretty sure you'll just eat up our snacks during the trip." Ymir scoffed.

"Ymir, that's so rude of you!" Krista scolded her.

"Say, Sasha. Why wouldn't you come? We are only given this chance once. Also, they will take us to the Titan Museum. You don't wanna miss that. They will hand out exams after the trip and it will all be about what you saw and learned at the museum and all the historic establishments and shrines." Armin said worriedly.

"I know. But I haven't told my brother about it yet. I'm not sure if I can." She looked down at her hands which are resting on her lap.

"Why can't you? Is there something wrong? Did you have a fight?" Krista asked.

"Judging by his appearance and actions, your brother seemed to be really strict and scary. But this is school affairs, he'd surely let you come." Eren said.

"How can you say that, Eren? You guys haven't met him yet."

"Oh, we did. We did yesterday, at the cafeteria. He was looking for you. He seemed really pissed off, I don't know why."

So that's how he found me…and Jean. He must have seen me from the hedges and panicked when he saw Jean chasing me.

"Speaking of which, how's the punishment, Connie?" Eren chortled.

"Gross. He made me clean the year 2 students' bathroom. It smelled horrible and there were piss and shits on the floor. Those people are douchebags, you know?! The urinal and toilet is right in front of them! Why did they even spill?!" Connie clenched his fist at the memory.

"I thought he was going to hack off your head or something." Eren said jokingly.

"Yeah, I thought so too. Anyway, Sasha. The outing will be next week and today is Friday already. If you won't go, I would be lonely and I would never forgive you for that matter." Connie pouted.

"Alright. I'll ask him later." She gave a reassuring smile and squeezed his shoulder.

"Hey, Jean. Where have you been?"

"The bathroom." Jean answered as he slumped on his weight to the chair beside him.

"I see. So are you going? They were all planning to go to the mall later. I figured we should come too. I think I need some hygiene supplies. I'm writing down the list right now." Marco turned to look at him waiting for an answer only to find Jean staring at Sasha.


"Eh?" he snapped out of it and faced Marco who was eagerly waiting for his reply.

"You have been staring at Sasha for a while now."

"I…I was?" His face reddened.

"Yes. Yes, you are." He chuckled. He clearly understood that his best friend will not be able to get himself together right away now that he caught him staring at their brunette classmate.

"I uh – "

"Eren and Armin are talking about some kind of tropical shorts. It sounded cool so I guess I should buy one too."

"Well then, I'm in! I'm gonna buy one and show them who wore it better. I'm pretty sure a horde of sexy ladies would come to me. Hah!" he said proudly.

"Is that so? Well, if you're going, can I ask you a favor?"

"Sure. Anything for ya."

Marco rummaged through his bag looking for something. After a few moments he handed a piece of folded paper to his best friend.

"Could you maybe um…buy those stuffs for me, Jean?"

As the paper was handed towards him, he unfolded it nicely once, twice, thrice. To his surprise, it wasn't just a small piece of paper but a long list of necessities Marco is going to need during the trip.

"I'm very sorry. I got a lot of things to finish at home tonight so I won't be able to shop with you. I was hoping that you, my good friend, will buy them for me? Don't worry I will be paying for that."

Marco smiled warmly, his curved lips reached his eyes and accentuated his freckles. Jean, in turn smiled back and nodded in agreement. He'd do everything for his friend, besides it was just a very small favor.

"Ah, thank you so much! I knew I could always count on you."


As the bell rang to signify the end of the morning classes, Connie leaped in excitement over the fact that it's already lunch time. Eren did the same and both raced down the halls towards the cafeteria. Armin and Mikasa followed suit while the rest of their classmates slowly exited the room. Sasha wasn't feeling particularly energetic so she decided not to join the hype.

"Hey Sasha,"

Sasha was startled by the deep voice and shot her head up towards the voice of the speaker. "What is it, Reiner?"

"Your brother is an upperclassman right?" She hummed in confirmation.

"Well, go ask permission now. I'm pretty sure he'll understand. We'll wait for you at the cafeteria." The bigger man squeezed her shoulder and reassured her. She just nodded her head and smiled up at him. Reiner bid her goodbye and left with Bertholdt.

Sasha quickly rushed outside and went to climb on the hedge to check if Levi left the classroom already. As she was propping herself comfortable between the strong branches, she accidentally stepped on the soft ones and it caused her to fall down.


Expecting to fall into hard ground she closed her eyes and braced herself in preparation for the impact but instead she felt strong, lean arms catch her instead. She slowly opened her eyes to reveal her savior. And it was none other than her –

"Onii-san!" She took a moment to stare at his dark, obsidian eyes.

Before she ever got the chance to get lost in his eyes, she then realized it was Levi. Him of all people! Sasha quickly jumped off his hold and straightened herself. She blushed at how his strong arms circled her body and at how safe she felt in them.

Levi however, gave her an unamused look and crossed his arms.

"Care explaining why you were climbing up the hedge? Sneaking up on me again Potatohead?"

"Wha – No! I was just trying to–"

"You forgot your lunch. It was in my bag." He held the box towards her and she accepted it without hesitation. Forget the flustering, they were talking about food alright. Seeing how her eyes lit up I joy at the sight of her food, Levi made a 'tch' sound and turned to walk away.


"What now, Sasha?" Levi impatiently looked at her over his shoulder.

"About the field trip…" Sasha's mood quickly escalated from happy to anxious.

"I don't remember you mentioning anything about that."

"Well, we will be going to the West Side of Trost. After the tour at the Titan Museum, we will be going to the fireworks festival and the teachers will be accompanying us too. It's going to be educational."

She tried to explain everything neatly with a hint of beseech on her voice.

"…and it's going to be this Monday."

"You're telling me this now?" Levi turned around to face her. His expression was blank but his voice says otherwise. He sounded kind of mad for being told late.

Sasha's heart beat rapidly. She wanted to go. She really wanted to travel since she's never been out of the city before. She never got the chance, having been raised in the forest and live in a hell hole owned by their step mother.

"You know you'll be loaded with tons of paper works right after that trip right? The teachers are only using the students as an excuse to use the school funds so they could go outing for free."

"I don't care! They said there's a carnival and that it would be fun! Lots of desserts and free tastes, meat...basically everything colorful and tasty!"

Sasha begged for his permission. He is a challenging man, she knows that. But she wasn't ready for how challenging he can get. She thought asking for his permission on the last minute would make her earn it but boy she was wrong.

"You know I could take you there myself anytime you want."

"But it would be boring if there's only the two of us. I know how much the word 'fun' annoys you!" Sasha retaliated, crossing her arms in defiance.

"You're saying that I'm a really boring person, huh?"

She wasn't expecting that kind of response from him. She mentally scolded herself for being tactless and insensitive. Levi wasn't a boring person. She likes his company more than anything in the world but she just wanted to go out with her friends. Their company is just different.

"No! I didn't mean for that to come off that way. I mean it would be kind of lonely if there's only the two of us. You don't talk that much – no I mean, you hate being loud. I – "

Ugh, how do I explain this?!

"I just wanted to go out with my friends…please"

Sasha looked at his eyes with a sad look. Why is asking this person's approval so hard?

"Will the Kirschtein boy be there too?"

Her brow raised at the question. What does this have to do with that horse-face? Of course he'd be there.

"Uh…yeah. He's my classmate so he's surely gonna be there too."

"Then you're not going anywhere." Levi shifted his weight on his right leg about to turn around as he has finally decided not to let her go.

"What? Why?" Sasha pulled on her hair desperately upon hearing her foster brother's difference of opinion.

"You're being terribly unfair right now, you know that?"

Silence filled the air as both of them had a staring contest. A few moments later, Levi huffed. He then closed his eyes shut and shook his head.


"Oh thank Goodn –"

"But I'm coming with you."

Her short celebration was momentarily cut off.

"I'm sorry but you can't! You aren't even allowed to." Sasha's voice was clearly chockfull with exasperation. She just wishes for this conversation to be over.

"Oh hell yes, young lady. I definitely can." He deadpanned.

He's Student Council President after all so he knows the secrets of the higher-ups. He's surely going to black mail them in order to come with us. Sasha was about to cry as tears began to form in her eyes. She looked disheartened at his words, in fraught just to go to the festival alone.

"I'm just playing around. You can go."

Sasha let out a sigh of relief. She slowly walked up to him and…

"Thank you so much Levi Onii-saaaan!" She practically threw herself all over him and hugged him ever so tightly.

"You're the best, y'know that ye?"

"Y-you're choking me…b-brat! I can't breathe…"

"Oops, sorry!" She instantaneously let go of her hold and smiled apologetically. Sasha beamed at her brother both gleefully and thankfully when suddenly her stomach growled and it sounded like stampeding horses.

"Tch. Go and eat up already. I've got a lot of more important things to do." Levi fixed his collar and started to walk away.

"Um…Onii-san? My friends will be out shopping today after class. They said they will be buying the things they'll be needing for the trip. Could you possibly um…accompany me? You know I do not know how to use my money well."

Sasha called him out in a soft, gentle voice. She was thinking that at least they could bond together since he won't be coming with her to the upcoming field trip.

"Fine, kid. Just wait for me outside the gate."



Sasha walked towards him and grabbed his hand. It caught him off-guard when she grabbed his hand and took his pinky finger.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"Pinky swear! We usually do this when we were kids right?" Sasha grinned with cheer. The annoyed Levi just withdrew his arm back and scoffed.

"Whatever. I'll be meeting you outside after class."

She just happily bobbed her head up and down, excited for what awaits them later.

She watched as his silhouette slowly disappeared into the distance. She watched his back with a glad heart but was also regretful that she chose the wrong words to say to him. She smiled sadly and let out a deep sigh.

Sasha wishes Levi would understand. Whenever she's around him, she can't help but stick to his side and keep her focus on him. She wouldn't even be able to look at her friends because she's pretty sure her eyes would be glued only to him. Little does he know, she just wanted to hang out with them alone because it's very hard for Sasha to divide her attention. If she was to spend time with him, she'd want it to be serene and peaceful, without a bothersome Connie, Eren and Mikasa disputing, Bertholdt following Annie everywhere like a dog and of course the annoying Jean Kirschtein who's being so nosy about where she got her bruises and scars. She just doesn't want any distraction.

While getting deeper in her thoughts, her stomach growled once again reminding her of the top priority at the moment.

"Right! Lunch."

"Hey guys!" Armin came running towards his best friends. He was still panting.

"Sorry I was late, grandpa got sick so I had to take care of him before leaving." He explained while trying to catch his breath.

"Alright then. Everybody's here. Let's go!" Reiner boisterously exclaimed and everyone started walking except Sasha who stayed behind.

"Hey, why aren't you coming? Did he not permit you to go?" Connie worriedly asked his friend. He squeezed her shoulder with a sullen look on his face. Their friends looked back behind them and stopped in their tracks.

"He did, Connie. You guys go ahead and I'll just catch up with you later. I still have to wait here for him. I'll be fine." Sasha smiled warmly at her friends and bid them goodbye. The gang waved back and went on their way.

Just around the corner were Jean and Marco walking side by side.

"Marco, you sure you're not coming? The salesladies there are hot y'know."

"I'm really sorry, Jean. But my mom's head is hotter than any saleslady in town if I don't finish all my tasks tonight. Take care." The freckled man patted his friend's back and smiled apologetically.

"I'll make it up to you next time."

"Alright then. Take care, tell your mom Jean says 'hi'!"

"I will. Good bye!"

And with that Marco ran home. As Jean was walking towards the parking lot, he noticed a certain brunette sitting at a nearby bench with her legs dangling and swinging freely. She was humming some kind of happy song.

"Oi! Potato girl." He called out as he approached her. But Sasha ignored him and continued humming the said tune.

"Hey Sasha, I'm talking to you. Where are they?"

"Oh. They already left."

"Shit. Why did they leave me behind? Did they forget about me?" Jean cursed under his breath, completely pissed.

"I don't think so. They waited long enough for Armin so…"

"Oh, shut up. I've heard enough."

Sasha just rolled her eyes.

"What are you doing here anyway? Waiting for someone?"

Jean sat at the bench beside her which in turn earned a glare from Sasha who moved over to create more distance between them.

"You know, Jean. I'm not allowed to talk to you."

"Why? Is this about your shorty boyfie again?"

"I told you, he's not my boyfriend!" She stood up to face him and half-yelled.

"Geez. Calm down 'tato girl. Who is he then?"

"It doesn't concern you so just bucker off and eat hay or something."

"He hit me! Twice! So hell yeah, it does concern me." He frowned in response and brought up his swollen hand toward her. She seemed surprise and her eyes widened.

"Didn't think he hit you that hard. I'm very sorry in his behalf." Sasha slumped back down the bench and inspected his hand only with her eyes, she didn't dare touch it.

"So who is he?"

"He's my older brother, alright."

"But you don't share any resemblance. Honestly, I'd say he looks more like Mikasa's big bro."

Jean leaned back and cradled his head with his arms crossed from behind.

"He was adopted. And now that you've said it, they do look alike. They're both Ackermans though. I never really asked if they were related." Sasha said while tapping her chin as if in a deep thought.

"Why don't you ask 'em?"

"Well why don't you?"

"What? Why me?"

"Why don't you go and ask her instead? The girl you have a crush on since like…forever?" Sasha teased the now flustered Jean.

"Wha – No. That was a long time ago!"

They talked and talked until the sun was slowly setting down to its serene slumber behind the great walls of Trost. Jean's company made Sasha forgot that she was forbidden to interact with him. They laughed at each other's jokes, bickered here and there, both unconsciously enjoying each other's company.

"Hey, it's getting dark already." Jean pointed his finger at the sky. The sun has now set and stars started to appear in the sky.

"Look! That's the first star right there. They say you can make a wish at the first star that appears at dusk. Let's make a wish!"

"What would I wish for anyway?"

"I don't know Jean, maybe wish for brand new horseshoes."

"Very funny, Sash."

Sasha ignored his sarcastic remarks. She hastily closed her eyes and clasped her fingers together, murmuring things like 'yakisoba bread, tempura,' and all sorts of food she can think of the moment.

Jean, however, did not do the same. Instead he took this opportunity to stare at her face. She's got long, curly lashes, and her skin glowed radiantly under the faint moonlight. His eyes traced the contour of her face and the shape of her nose. Her hair also shone faintly as her bangs fell slightly behind her ears. He should've been making a wish right now but here he is, gawking at Sasha. He realized that her beauty won't catch your attention at first glance, no. But if one really takes time to stare at her, one would appreciate how beautiful she really was.

Guess, I'll have to save my wish for later.

She was about to open her eyes so he immediately closed his, not wanting to get caught. As they opened their eyes, a shiny black car drove past them.

"That's a pretty sleek car. Only ridiculously rich people could afford that." Jean expressed in awe as he pointed at the shiny wheels.

"You're right. I wonder who owns that. It came from inside the campus. The student whose family owns it must be very lucky." She commented enviously. She has always wanted to ride one.

Her stomach growled in agreement.

"What was that noise? Did you fart or something?!" Jean asked in pure disgust.

"That was my stomach. I'm very hungry already."

"Don't you have some snacks? You always bring a bread or two everywhere you go."

"Nah, I wish I had but I ran out," Sasha answered him dejectedly and nursed her poor tummy.

"I'll go buy us something to eat."

"No, Jean. It's fine. Shouldn't you be going to the store and buy Marco's stuffs? You should've gone earlier but you stayed with me. I've taken too much of your time. Please go ahead. I'll be fine. Levi will be here in a few, I guess."

Sasha felt thankful and guilty at the same time. Thankful because he stuck around, but guilty because she promised Levi not to talk to Jean ever again and here she is enjoying his presence.

"Nah. A gentleman like me should never leave a girl waiting alone in the dark. Why don't we go find your brother? It's almost an hour since we sat here waiting."

Sasha can only nod in response. She was grateful.

"You're being so nice, Jean. It's strange." She gave him a suspicious look and he just smirked in response. Jean is showing her a lot of kindness these days, it's very unusual.

"What are you talking about? I'm nice all the time!"

"Hah. You wish."

"Why don't we go inside and search for him?" He suggested nicely.

"Thank you, really. But I don't want to confuse my brother. His instruction was crystal clear. 'Just wait for me outside the gate' was all he said. I'm obliged to do as I'm told."

"Fine." Jean pouted like a kid and crossed his arms. The duo continued to wait a little longer but a few minutes later, not a soul of a certain Levi Ackerman showed up. Sasha was about to give up waiting and was about to decide to just go home when a familiar man passed by. He was blonde, he had bushy brows, and he had a strong built. He looked stern and he gave out an ambience that demands respect.

"Hey I think that's Onii-san's friend." She pointed at the said person.

Sasha quickly took a piece of paper and wrote something:

"At the gate waiting with a friend.

What's taking you so long, clean-freak?

I'm hungry so I'll just head home.

~ Pretty, lovely, adorable Sasha

P.S. please bring me more food when you get home. xoxo"

"Uhm… excuse me sir." She slowly walked towards Erwin. "You're Levi's friend, right?"

"We are subordinates, yes. What do you want?"

For a moment, Sasha wanted to run and hide. The man towered above her, and he looked scary.

"Oh…uhm…Will you please give this to him?" She handed out the folded to paper to him.

He gave her a look before accepting the note and placed it inside his pocket. Just like Levi, he also wields an intimidating poker face.

"Very well."

"Thank you so much, sir!"

Sasha bowed with gratitude, her long brown locks turning upside down, almost reaching her toes.

"Anything else?"

"Um, do you happen to know where he is?"

"Last I checked, he was alone with Petra at the Student Council Office."

Erwin's words hit her like a truck. For some unknown reason, the thought of Levi being alone with Petra makes her blood boil.

"Oh. T-thank you, sir. Have a good night."

"Head home kids. The road is not safe for youngsters like you.

With that, Erwin left the princess and her stallion alone in the benches.

"Sasha!" Jean exclaimed and looked at Erwin's leaving form with admiration. "You just talked to Erwin Smith!"


"Erwin Smith. The principal's right hand. The predecessor of the current Student Council President. An elite upperclassman."

While Jean went on blabbing about how great of a man Erwin was, "Oh." was all Sasha had to reply. She couldn't care less about who's who. All she cares about the very moment was that Levi was alone with Petra. The hopeful and cheerful mood she got turned into a gloomy one. He basically left her hanging, waiting out in the cold evening breeze for so long only to wait for nothing.

"Hey, something's wrong?" Jean, having notice this sudden change of frame of mind worried him. He immediately went to Sasha's side and squeezed her shoulder.

"I just want to go home." She hung her head low. She's lost her appetite now and it's not a good thing.

"Wait here."

Jean ran towards the parking lot leaving a perplexed Sasha behind.

An engine reeving was heard from a short distance and Sasha was blinded by a bright light.

"Hop on."

"Y-you have a motorcycle?"

"My dad owns this, I just borrowed it. Come on and wear this."

Sasha hesitantly hopped on the motorcycle and wore the helmet Jean handed her. This will be her first time riding one.

Should feel just like riding a horse right? I mean Jean's the horse but whatever.

Jean took her arms and wrapped them around his waist.

"Hold on tight. Kinda have the feeling that this is your first time riding one."

"It is." She nodded and giggled nervously behind him. As she wrapped her arms tightly around him, her chest accidentally touched his back which made him flinch.

"What's wrong horse-face?"

"Stop calling me that name already!"

"Ya…Yakisoba bread!" Sasha jumped in pure joy as she took a bite of the sandwich Jean bought her.

"I couldn't stand the noises your stomach is making." Jean tried to sound indifferent but failed.

"Oh, you know you love me."

"W-what?" Jean's long face had a tinge of red. He was certain Sasha was just teasing him but the way she stated those words caught him unprepared.

"I want to repay your kindness, Jean."

"There's no need to – "

"So I'll help you buy Marco's things. I'm good at picking the best products for personal hygiene simply because I've learned from the best." Sasha looked up at him proudly. Her eyes were full of gratitude. All she ever wanted was to give back to his benevolence from waiting at the school with her to feeding her all the foods she wanted to eat that night.

"Really, it's fine. Just think of it as a – "

"And you know you can't turn my offer down. You lost the list didn't you?" She wore a victorious smile. "You always say it like a mantra. Ah, no. you always say it like you're trying to recall what was on the list; toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo. It's pretty much everything that I heard from you the whole trip."

"Sasha, your…"

"A lifesaver, I know."

"No, your…"

"Knight in shining armour?"

"No Sash. Your teeth. There are crumbs between your teeth."

"Wha – Oh…" Sasha licked her teeth and moved her tongue as if trying to dislodge the food debris stuck between them.

"Come on. We still got a shopping spree ahead of us."

They stopped on the shopping mall the squad agreed to shop at earlier. Sasha inspected each product, scrutinizing them as if she was some kind of an Infection Control Inspector. Reading each labels like making sure if they contained poison.

"Oh come on. We're just buying a toothpaste. Just pick anything and let's move on. Why do you even have to do it like that?"

She gave the impatient Jean a look. She took the travel-sized one and placed it on the cart.

"Quality, Jean. Quality."

"Where'd you learn all of these anyway? You said you said you learned from the best."

Jean trailed behind her as she inspects the next item. She tapped her chin and her gaze towards the label was focused. She was weighing whether the price was worth the quality of the product.

"Oh. I learned this from Levi. We always shop together when we need to restock our supplies at home." Sasha nodded towards the toothbrush in contentment and placed it on the cart while they moved to the next shelf.

"Speaking of your brother, I wonder if he's – "

"He's having a good time with Petra, his pal, so just leave him be" Sasha told him with hooded eyes and a stop-talking-about-it-or-I'll-shove-you-in-this-cart-this-instance kind of glare.

"O-okay. Whatever you say, Sash."

The two finished shopping successfully and walked out the grocery store. Jean thanked his friend and Sasha was happy to help. As Sasha was about to bid him farewell, he stopped her in her tracks. She looked behind him and tilted her head in inquiry.

"Is there anything else you need, Jean?"

"You didn't buy anything for yourself."

"It doesn't matter. Besides, I don't have any money with me right now, so – "

Before she could even finish her sentence. Jean grabbed her arm and took her to the women's wear area.

"W-what are we doing here? Are you gonna make me help you choose a gift for your girlfriend?"

"No, silly." He face-palmed his face at her naivety. "We're gonna buy you a pair of new clothes."

"No, no, no!" Sasha waved her hands in front of her frantically. "This is too much. I don't want to be indebted to somebody. I don't know how I can repay you anymore."

"You don't have to repay me anything!"

"Then why are you doing this?"

For the third time, Sasha's caught the young man unguarded. Why is he doing this anyway? Jean's face turned to a bright color of red and certain hues of pink. Blushing, he turned around so she can't see his face.

"Y'know what they say, curiosity killed the cat. But if you badly wanna know, just consider it a friendly gesture Sasha."

Jean brought his hands to his face and pinched the bridge of his nose. He can feel a bad headache coming.

Why does this girl ask everything, why can't she just ask why the world is a sphere and is not a circle?

But Jean couldn't have answered those questions either. So he just shut down his thoughts right there and then.

"Besides, you look so pitiful in those clothes. You almost look like a beggar to me." He arrogantly remarked. Sasha scowled at him, ready to fire her objection.

"Listen up horsey. First of all, I am not a beggar. Second, I don't want anyone to feel pity on me, third –"

"Third, you're going to quit yammering and try these on."

Jean handed her a stack of yukata to try on, but one of them caught his attention the most. It was emerald green in color with leaves as patterns which was intricately detailed. The skirt was midnight black with a small, white, floral design embroidered at the bottom. It was made of fine silk and sure as hell look pretty expensive. The design was simple yet sophisticated. But jean came from a pretty well off family so he can still afford it.

"This one matches your eyes. Try it on, Sasha."

It was true. Her hazel orbs and dark chocolate hair would complement the colors of the dress perfectly.

Sasha gasped at the splendid clothing. The colors reminded her of her home. It reminded her of the forest behind their backyard, and all the happy memories that come with it. Most of all, it reminded her of herself. She was simple and she was contented with that. But the yukata was expensive so she handed it back to him.

"I can't accept this. I'm sorry. This…this is too much, Jean."

"Do you like it?"

"I love it, I do. But –"

"Excuse me ma'am, we'll take this." Jean courteously called out the saleslady nearby. He handed her the dress and walked towards the counter to pay for it. Sasha could not object no more since Jean was busy talking to the cashier and pretty much ignored the protests of the young brunette lass.

"I haven't even tried it on!"

"Hey Jean! Sasha!"


The duo looked towards the direction of the familiar voice only to find out that the owner of the voice was none other than Eren Jaeger, with Mikasa right beside him, tugging at her scarf. Coincidentally, the females of the squad were in the same stall shopping for what to wear at the festival too.

"Eren! Guys!"

"What's up Sash, horseface? Fancy seeing you around here."

"I thought you were with Levi-heichou. Where is he?" Connie placed an arm around his bestfriend.

"Oh, he couldn't make it. So Jean took me with him instead, he even bought me a –"

Jean ran towards her side and covered her mouth, muffling her complaints under his hand.

"We're going home guys. See you around!"

Jean darted out of the store together with Sasha. She then bit his filthy hand so he would remove them from her face.

"Ow! You rabid animal!"

"Hey Jean. I think I'm seeing a future lovey dovey here!"

The ever annoying Eren who annoyed the shit out of him shouted over his shoulder and so he hissed back at him.

"Shut up Jaeger!"

"You sure this is the right place?" Jean inquired the gal behind him, helping herself in unmounting the motorcycle.

They have already arrived at her home. The gate looked old and rusty and there was an eerie, unwelcoming atmosphere for strangers who dare step foot on its grounds. The place looked haunted to be exact.

"Thank you so much for taking me home, Jean. And for the dress, the food, I couldn't thank you enough." Sasha returned the helmet to its rightful owner while she tucked a strayed hair behind her ear. "Please take care on your way home. I really enjoyed this evening with you. You can go home now."

It had been a long day and Sasha had lots of fun. It felt refreshing to be around Jean and he's a pretty cool company. He was a good gentleman although he could be an ass sometimes. Sasha smiled sweetly at him. She'll have to convince Levi later to let her interact with this horseface in the near future.

"I'll wait for you to go inside."

"Please. You'll only get me in trouble." Sasha pleaded with him. She doesn't want him to see how Rosetta would probably welcome her. She doesn't want to be pitied on. She doesn't want people, especially him to see how her life is basically hell.

He obeyed her plea and bid her goodbye. Unbeknownst to her, Jean stayed in the shadows to watch her for a while. He noticed how the girl made sure he was already away as she was looking back behind here every now and then like she was making sure that the coast was clear.

As soon as Sasha opened the door, what Jean witnessed next was horrifying.

"Levi, I've been looking for you everywhere."

"What is it do you want, Erwin? I apologize but I have someone waiting for me so make it quick."

The raven-haired man signed the last page of the document and stood up to take his bag with him.

"A young brunette wanted me to give this to you. Seems like your fans club keeps getting larger."

Erwin took the folded paper from his pocket and handed it to the shorter man. Levi accepted it and flipped it open. As soon as he read the last part of the note, he cursed under his breath.

"Damn it, Sasha!"

"You know her?"

"The girl, who was she with? Could you describe her friend?"

Erwin was taken aback by this peculiar question, now it got him curious as to what the note had said.

"He was tall, and he had an undercut. Just some horseface-looking kid"


Levi gritted his teeth. She broke the agreement again. He closed both of his eyes as his brows furrowed, hiding subtly behind his bangs. Levi could only clench his fists to keep himself calm.

"I see, thank you Erwin. I'll be heading home now."

As he was about to walk off angrily, Erwin placed a hand on his shoulder, his next words making his body froze. Had Levi been a normal and expressive person, one could say that his eyes would've widened in surprise at that very moment.

"This isn't related to the people who rode the black car, is it?"

Levi's shoulder tensed a bit before relaxing back to its calm state. He turned to face Erwin and looked him dead in the eye.

"So, you've heard."

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