Why Me?

Chapter One

One may ask why Melanie was walking through the vast pink halls of Ouran Academy with a hole ripped right through her obnoxiously yellow dress and tear stains coating her cheeks despite the smile on her face. When it concerns an answer though, they would have to go back about one hour earlier to the exact same hallway where all you could hear is sobbing from one end to the other.

Another dreary day had passed in the spectacular Ouran Academy which meant another day that Melanie was slowly making her way through the deserted hallway towards the end of the building where the stairs were. As she blew her nose in the tissue she was holding, she used the golden sleeve of her dress to carefully wipe away at the tears flowing from her eyes. A pitiful laugh escaped her lips; she would have thought that after three weeks being here she would have already been able to stop crying everyday, but what could she say? She was an emotional person and couldn't get over things very easily, especially when those things meant that she had to move halfway across the world and couldn't see most of her family ever again.

But that's a story for another day, right?

As her heels clicked against the tile floor, her eyes caught a glance of a sign hanging above a door on the wall.

Music room number three?

Wasn't that the room that contained whatever that club was called that all the girls loved? Melanie looked down at the watch that she kept on the underside of her wrist. It was a bit late for any club activities, but according to a few girls she was eavesdropping on last week, the guys in this club could make anybody smile.

Well, she thought, it wouldn't hurt to try, I guess.

So she stopped in front of the large french doors and slowly opened one of them, peeking her head in bit by bit. It was completely quiet and as far as she could see, there was no one on the couches, sitting by the tables or even standing up which led her to almost retreat back into the hallway had it not been for the most glorious sight she had seen in the past month.

A beautiful grand piano, just sitting there waiting to get played.

Quickly, Melanie scanned the room again from one side to the other and then slowly opened the door, her heart skipping a beat when she heard it creaking as it opened a space wide enough for her to slip through and quietly close the door behind her. As lightly as she could, she took one step towards the piano, but was stopped in her tracks by a force against her. She looked back to see her flimsy dress caught in the door and yanked hard at it until it finally popped back out.

Maybe that was an omen that I should turn back now, she thought, but with one quick glance at the piano, she had easily decided that she wasn't about to leave without at least touching the beautiful instrument. So she took a step towards it, only to be irritated to hear the click of her heel hit the tiled floor again. In two quick motions, both of her shoes were off and she was prancing through the room with only her bare feet, not even making a sound as she finally sat down in the piano bench. Her hands lightly stroked the dark wood of the bench and then the ivory of the keys and softly she pushed down on an F sharp, letting the sound ring freely and beautifully through out the room. After the initial vibration ceased, Melanie let a smile cross her face as she tapped the key again, not even caring anymore if anyone heard, and soon enough she let her hands flow freely down the board. Her hands were making intricate melodies that ranged with high pitches to low and an entire two minutes dedicated to the slow, smooth bridge between the two main parts. As the last few seconds of the music approached though, her hands trailed up the keys to the highest A, letting the note linger in the air with its sweet sound before she closed her eyes and smiled happily, letting loose another deep breath and already noticing how much happier she felt.

"Wow, you're really good."

Immediately Melanie jumped in her seat, managing to hit her knee on the piano as she bit her tongue in an attempt not to curse in front of her mystery visitor.

As she slowly turned around, she saw the owner of the voice that had spoken. It was a tall guy, leaning against the wall with his shoulder and his bright auburn eyes locked on her. His hair was bright red and his body was lean, arms crossed across his chest. Melanie felt her face heat up in embarrassment seeing that she had been caught and without a second thought, she had already leaped out of the chair and was awkwardly standing by herself right next to the piano, scratching the side of her leg with her foot to try and help her calm down.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't think anybody was here-" She started stumbling over her words; she was more concerned with slowly inching towards the door so she could make a break for it rather than having to actually be face to face with someone that she could only assume was in the club that ran in that room

"It's fine, I was just coming back here because I had left one of my books but it turned out that I also got a bit of a show while I was up here." He replied, standing back up and making his way towards the girl. She was kind of short, or at least compared to him, so he made a note to bend down so they were closer to eye level rather than looking down on her. "So, why exactly are you here anyway?"

The girl in front of him awkwardly scratched the back of her neck and took a step to the left, inching towards the door. "Well, I just stumbled in here really and then when I saw the piano I got excited so I played it but I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to intrude!"

The guy shook his head, pulling one hand through his hair and then walking over to the piano himself, tapping on one of the keys that he had seen her press only a few minutes prior.

"I told you, it's fine. I think the only thing you should be worried about right now is that giant hole in your dress."

Melanie looked over at him with a confused face. What did he mean by that?

The guy made a twirling motion with his finger, so Melanie gave a quick twirl only to finally catch a glimpse of the hole he was talking about.

"Oh shi-" Melanie mumbled in frustration, grabbing hold at the fabric and sticking her entire hand through it.

"That's no big deal, you can just go ahead and buy a new one." He said as he walked over and picked up the fabric himself, looking at the ripped edges and shaking his head in disappointment.

Melanie's face fell and all the emotions that had been ripping through her for the past few weeks all came back in an instant. She felt her eyes start to water again and soon enough, the tears spilled over onto her cheeks and she turned away from the boy in front of her in an attempt to hide the embarrassment she felt over it.

"Hey, what's your problem?" He asked, walking over and trying to get a good look at what she was doing but when he saw her damp sleeve after she had rubbed her eye, he immediately understood the situation at hand. "Wait, are you crying?"

She shook her head furiously and tried her best to get it together but the tears kept coming and her eyes hurt from rubbing them. She eagerly sat on the ground and dug her head in between her knees to try and hide her face from him.

"Why are you crying?" He asked, not a hint of sympathy in his voice. Somewhere inside of her, Melanie felt herself snap.

"You want to know why I'm crying? It's because this has been the icing on the cake for all the shit that's been happening to me lately! I could barely afford to buy this dress let alone a new one!"

The guy looked at her bewildered, perhaps she is another scholarship student like Haruhi?

The girl crawled closer to the corner and resumed to wallowing in her own misery; she eerily reminded him of Tamaki, just sitting in a corner when life doesn't go their way and complaining about it to anyone who was willing to listen, even, in this case, a complete stranger.

Nevertheless, she looked pitiful to say the least, as would anyone who seemed similar to that blonde idiot, so he regrettably felt himself walking towards the corner that she inhabited. His brother had told him to reach out to more people, but at this point he didn't feel like this was really worth it even as his legs kept moving.

"Listen, you sound like the type of person that Tamaki loves to help, so I could probably strike a deal with him so that you could play the piano here at the host club for pay, alright? You wouldn't even have to worry about how you would pay for the dress because I'm willing to bet that he would cover that too." He replied again, poking at the back of the girl sitting on the ground in front of him. Slowly, he saw her turn around and look up at him, tears finally stopping their assault on her face.

"Are you serious?"

"Serious as a heart attack."

Immediately a smile broke out on her face and she started to get back up off of the floor. With one last swipe of her sleeve, the remaining tears were wiped off of her face and she fixed the curls on top of her head so that they weren't blocking her eyes like the tended to do when she moved her head too quickly.

"So, I guess we could expect you back here right after school tomorrow for your first day?"

Melanie smiled up at him, examining his facial features at a closer distance than before. He was quite handsome, and it didn't do him justice if you were staring at him from the distance she was earlier.

"Of course, thank you for the opportunity..." She started, then quickly realized she had never learned the guy's name. "I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name?"

The red head started fixing one of the button's on his blazer as he replied, "Hikaru Hitachiin."

Melanie felt herself get light headed. Did she hear him right? Hitachiin?

"Hitachiin?" Melanie asked again, all of a sudden feeling over whelmed with her new discovery. She used to wear Hitachiin brand all of the time and fly out to see the fashion shows with her mother when time permitted; somehow it had slipped her mind that the great Yuzuha Hitachiin had a son?

"Yea, but since you're acting like a commoner you probably don't understand why that's a big deal, huh?" Hikaru said, bending down and picking up her heels off of the floor.

"Hitachiin fashion, of course I know. I just didn't realize Yuzuha had a son?" Melanie replied, staring Hikaru right in the face again. The more that she looked at him, the more she saw it. He looked exactly like his mother.

"Sons." Hikaru corrected, obviously slightly offended,"I have a twin."

Melanie reached for her shoes and thanked Hikaru when he gave them to her. So not only did she have one handsome son, she had two that Melanie had completely forgotten about.

"Wow, I can't believe I didn't know tha- Is it that late already?" Melanie freaked out, bending down quickly to put on her shoes, hoping with one foot towards the door again.

Hikaru looked at the quirky girl in front of him, she definitely had someplace to be it seemed.

"Yea, you may wanna get going before the cleaning lady comes, she's pretty mean about people being here when she is trying to clean." Hikaru told her, startled when all of a sudden the girl's head pops back up again and she has her hand reached out. He shook it, but just as she turned around to start walking away, a thought popped into his head.

"Hey, what's your name anyway?"

She stopped and turned back to him right as she put her small hand on the gold handle to open the door.

"Melanie Suzuki, and I'm looking forward to working with you, Hikaru." She smiled at him one last time before she slipped out of the door and down the hall.





Anywhosie, so I decided to rewrite it! With that rewrite came a lot of changes to the original storyline, more character and relationship development, plot hole fixes, hopefully a story with better flow and all that nice stuff that just makes up a readable and likeable fanfiction.

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