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Shepthine could not believe that hotch, reid , and her were going to tell the others about who their true family was . During One of the rare weeks off for the team … they choose to meet in new york at central park . Ok we are all here said morgan . why asked rossi . I have no idea said JJ .The team met the other four members of their team at group of benches next to a grove of trees . Ok said reid Hotch , shep, garcia and me all have big news for you guys . Hotch said that it's something that needs to kept a secret from others but the ones who need to know within the FBI know .

Shepthine said that we are family to some heroes . hotch said shepthine and I are of two of three to get the super soldier serum . We are the long lost brother and sister to steve rogers . howard stark after steve's plane crash put us on ice meaning that Tony stark found us in an old warehouse and let us go when he did . Steve was found a year later but by that point we had gotten sat up at the FBI . Remember when we were gone for two weeks last year she asked . ya said morgan and rossi . We were with steve after shield fell . What do you mean with him asked JJ .
Steve had gotten hurt badly to the point of needing the hospital . And before you ask We were two years older than steve when we all got the serum .So Aaron hotchner rogers is my true name. Shepthine anna hotchner rogers is my name.

My true name is spencer stark ried . and tony stark is my brother. Ha i knew it said morgan making the whole team langh at reid's face . What you are a genius and so is he said rossi . So how are you his brother asked emily Howard stark made jarvis put me up for adoption at the age of five . At the age of 25 MIT Tony and I ran into each other . We just knew then we were brothers . Two days later we had the test to prove we were really brothers and it was true .