Hey guys! I'm so glad you're enjoying my Gale/Dewey stories and here's another one I've been meaning to write for awhile. It's pretty much all made up in my mind, now I just need time and strength to type it all up. It's like an alternate way their relationship could have developed (but don't worry, they WILL end up together, just in a different way, a different journey altogether, okay?). As always, feel free to read and review, your comments make my heart smile and inspire me to write more. I am definitely going to write a story post Scream 4 sometime soon too!

I was born on a sunny fall day, with bright colors in all of nature. When I was 8, I vowed I would never marry. Even as a little girl, I knew marriage was commitment and commitment was scary. It meant you were no longer just your own. It meant you could be hurt more easily.

Even at 8, I knew I was bound to be hurt but maybe shutting down would make it a little less painful.

My mother cried when I told her that. So casually too, like talking about my school lunch. I didn't cry. I stopped crying in front of people at around 5. If you really think about it, sobbing and pouring your heart out in front of somebody was a form of commitment, too.

- Thank you for the information. Now go home, okay? You're just not wanted here.

It was already dark out and I came to the cast houses specifically to grab his attention, although maybe not fully realizing that myself. I was shocked he was in LA and never got a hold of me first. I mean, he knew I lived here. He refused to move here for me, but he didn't mind moving here for her?

To protect Miss Sidney Precious, of course. And to help that mediocre little actress.

He always chose someone over me and still demanded I give up on my job for him.

- Dewey, I…

I fished for words but they were like fleeting shadows. Nowhere to be seen. Untouchable.

- Gale, nobody invited you here. Don't come to places where no one's expecting you. That's common sense. Or are you looking to disrupt more lives?

That sounded harsh and I gasped. Now that I am no longer 8, it's not that easy to wind me up, but Dewey knew exactly what buttons to push.

- Just go home, okay?, - he added softer. – It has nothing to do with you. Stay out of this all please.

He looked at me sheepishly.

Suddenly, my mind was broken into myriads of tiny sharp pieces. I was here with a sharp deliberation and yet nowhere in particular. Traveling on the edge of a knife, in and out of distress. I knew what there was to do. There was only one option.

- Since the beginning of time, people would stare at the stars and their hearts would tear with yearning and ache and loneliness. But then the nights would end and they just went on with their daily lives. But what if you live in a constant starry night and all that is around you is stars making your heart ache? And make you die a little inside. What then?

I heard my own voice and it sounded oddly distant.

- Goodbye, Dewey.

He looked puzzled and I started walking off slowly, desperately hoping he would yell at me to stop me. 'Just do something, anything', I begged him internally.

But he didn't.