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"November 5, 1985.

Well, today it finally happened. Krista finally talked me into going out with a boy! I was asked out a ton before, but I always declined. I have my reasons, but how would they know? They are all such kids! I never really liked a boy, not even once, and I think I never will. Neither will I ever marry. It's petrifying, to be someone else's and not your own anymore. Like you're someone's possession. People throw them out and toss them around ever so easily. Anyway, so Krista said Jenna told Marie I was such a nun, and that Marie said I was a dyke. Ew! Then Claire, an actual dyke, asked me if I was one. I said no. So of course, to prove it, I have to go out with someone now. I thought and thought and decided to say yes to Kirk Wildenberg last night, and I must admit I'm a bit excited. Just a tiny bit. I mean, I won't fall in love, ever, but he's cute and I think he really likes me (weird how anybody could?). Mama Pagel said it's stupid and of course he liked me. She even got me a new dress, it's green and really pretty, special for the occasion. I am glad that in it, Kirk won't see my scars… I can't wait! I hope it will be fun and romantic…."

Dewey chuckled. He'd think it was cute if the next entry hadn't said the following…

"November 6, 1985.

The date both did and didn't happen. Really. That whole day just never existed. That's what I'll keep telling myself. It was all just a huge black hole. A supermassive one. I wish I'd died, but then again… I guess in a way, I did. People are pigs. All of them."

Dewey sat there, completely dumbfounded. Forget the time. Just thinking about what might have happened to Gale that fateful night made him sick to his stomach. Working in police, he'd seen it all. So much awful stuff going on. Was she… abused? Insulted? Made fun of? Or worse yet… raped? He gasped in horror. Anything was possible… anything. Who knows. Dewey sometimes assumed that Gale had this perfect little life as a superstar, simply because he never saw her really crumble and she would never truly open up… so he rushed to Sidney's defense at once instead.

Now it was slowly dawning on him that maybe it was Gale who needed to be protected and looked after all along.

Right under the final entry, Gale's hand scribbled someone's address and phone number. Dewey took the sheet, confident he would later check on both the address and the number. Whoah… It's apparently on the other side of the state. Maybe he should call first.

Something was up. He could sense it.

The blood. And these obscure diary entries… What happened on that date? And why is there blood on Gale's nightgown? There wasn't an awful lot of it, not really, but still… it was blood. It wouldn't just appear on there completely by itself. Something must have happened. He cringed at the thought of her hurting.

And the diary mentioned scars…

During the several blissful months they had spent together, Dewey got to explore her body thoroughly. He would spend hours kissing and caressing it… He only noticed a few faded ones on the white of her soft breasts. Dewey asked Gale where they had come from once, but she never really answered. Dewey would then kiss her breasts tenderly, which he absolutely adored to do, and she'd moan quietly under her breath…

So most likely, these probably were the scars the diary talked about.

He felt overwhelmed then and felt like he needed support in order to keep going. Dewey neatly placed the flowers he had brought into a vase, carefully jotted down a note for Gale, and sat down at her kitchen table. He resolved to call Sidney and seek her advice.

She answered almost right away, to his surprise.

"Sid? That's Dewey. Are you alright there?"

"Yes, I'm fine… Dewey, I haven't heard from you in so long. What's up? You know, besides the murders and so on…"

He sighed.

"I'm okay. I'm temporarily in LA and something happened… I'm not sure what to do. I'm nervous."

"I understand. But hey, it's not the first time something like it happens, and we always pull through, don't we?"

"Sid, I'm not talking about the murders. It's Gale… I don't know where she is at. Her show stopped coming on. She vanished. I'm at her apartment at the moment, and there's no sign of her whatsoever. She won't return my calls or answer the phone. I hate to admit, but I'm scared as hell. Really"

It was quiet on the other side of the connection for awhile, until Sid sighed and said:

"Dewey. Dewey, calm down. We don't know if anything's wrong or not. When did you see her last anyway? Didn't she… I don't know… say anything?"

"No! Except for… Well, we fought a little. She came to the lot spying on me and Stone – the bodyguard – caught her eavesdropping by the bedroom's window. I yelled at her a bit, but it's not like we're not used to it… Not really. She is not the one to take offense easily, is she? I think I kind of told her… to get lost… or something. I was a bit rude, but you know how I am… I'm overprotective, is all. I don't want her in trouble. Just as much as I don't want you in trouble."

"Well, and she did get lost. Be careful what you wish for…"

"Sid! I'm feeling bad enough already. I didn't wish for her to be actually lost, I just wanted her out of this whole mess. She's the reckless kind, it's weird, she is always getting in trouble, like she's not really scared for her life. Well, I am"

"I know. It just doesn't always sound this way, Dew. It's not how you talk to a lady"

They both giggled. Gale. Yeah, right.

"I know Dew, but still… You never really know a person, like with my mom, there are always so many deep secrets. You never know what buttons you might be pushing… You need to be careful."

"I know that! I'm just… you know, she ditched me, I'm still mad. I'm mad she won't realize that the life I wanted to give her would be good, she sacrificed me and our relationship for her stupid job… It's hard not to be mad."

"Yeah… I hope she's okay. Did you find anything at her place?"

He swallowed.

"Yes. I found her old journal entries, back from when she was 16 or something… it said something about her date turning out terrible… I mean, real terrible… And I found her nightgown. There was blood. Just a little bit, but it's creepy. I'm getting nervous"

They talked a bit more for a few minutes. Dewey told her to remain safe and not go out into the public. She offered to come to the city and help him look for Gale, but he had to refuse. Dewey didn't want both of them in trouble.

He decided to go and grab something to eat, then return to Gale's apartment and call the number recorded on her journal entry. Dewey thought it would be best to wait for her here, just in case she would turn up.

Tomorrow is all there is
No need to look behind the door
You won't be standing there no more
I had my chance
To dance another dance
I didn't even realize
That this was all Love
And no lies?
Then I lost you

I guess I loved you
Oh, less, less than I should
Now all there is me and me
I turn around and all I see
The past where I have left our destiny~

Lara Fabian, I guess I loved you