A/N: This story is dedicated to the lovely LadyBellOfNL on twitter because without her this story couldn't have been possible in the first place. Hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed writing it.

Chapter 1 Unfriendly Reunion


The place of his bloody nightmares and he had just returned. Between the incompetence of his crew and the irritatingly annoying tricks that Pan constantly played to make his life the much harder it was a wonder he hadn't lost sight of his original goal in the first place, and that was to seek revenge on the dark one, but as the days drug on and Pans tauntings grew more and more irritating he began to get sucked into childish game's. It was a wonder he hadn't lost his mind completely yet. Today was one such day that that he could have, and Pan hadn't even been the cause this time it had been because Smee was a bumbling buffoon. He tromped around the island practically with steam coming from his ears avoiding various plants here and there for obvious reasons. He hadn't been on the search for Tinkerbell, but somehow he had stumbled on the woman, or she had stumbled onto him either way it wasn't the most pleasant of meetings when he was already in quiet the foul mood.

Neverland to many was the place of nightmares. A place of darkness and a place where evil and danger lurked around every corner. The Fairy that took residence on the island, though. She called it home.

To her this was a place that she would protect at all cost, so when she seen the Pirate ship on the shore, she knew that Killian and his crew were around someplace, doing what ever it was Peter had sent them to do. She watched for a while as both Killian and Smee wandered around, with what seemed to be a clumsy attempt by the Captain's ' Side Kick ' to impress him no matter how foolish it made him look.

With a smirk on her face, she jumped down trailing them closely but not so much that they knew of her presence until she herself wanted them too. Finding a piece of wood that had been left carelessly by one of the boys. Felix or Chubby no doubt, she aimed it at Smee's head and knocked him clean out. Reaching for her dagger she continued to walk behind the Captain and when the time was right she took her chance. Raising the dagger up to his neck, she held it tightly in place so that if he made a move he would no longer give anyone any more trouble. She pressed her cheek to his as she snarled at him.

" What are you doing back here ? What does he have you doing now ? "

She pressed the dagger into his skin more, to show she was serious and wasn't playing games with him.