Chapter 5: Crumbling Fa├žades

He kept his cockiness in tact through the whole thing yet there were moments when it had deflated, and he felt as if his gaurd was more down then ever before, and that was not something he wanted perhaps she wasn't the only one fighting. The words she offers a challenge she's just the same rang through his head. Making the smirk spread across his lips once again. Although it became a little less true when he was by her ear and had wanted to brush a quick kiss against her neck. He had even been at least a little reluctant to let go of her waist.

'Bloody hell I'm Captain Hook I do not cave due to a woman.' When he had pulled away he quickly covered all his chaotic emotions masking them as if they had never been there. Something he had come to be quiet good at over the years. However he was surprised when she had whirled around to face him to make the comment about never being able to ignore the call of Neverland he half expected her to stand there half baffled by what had just happened. He gave a scoff. The only reason he was still here was magic beans were to hard to come by and he was searching for them. Or at least that's what he told himself. He chose to be oblivious to his reaction to the fairy because that would mean trouble. That would mean settling and Captain Hook didn't settle. He went in and slipped out and that was the end of it.

"Love the first chance I get I'm leaving this hell on earth, and I'm never looking back. It can make calls all it wants, but I answer to the sea not to Neverland."

The emotions that were going through her her mind, and the feelings that were now overtaking her mind were so strange to her. The only person she ever felt like that around was indeed the Captain. No one had a hold over her like he did.

She hung on every word he said, although she denied it and fought it with every ounce of strength she had in her body. The though had crossed her mind many times before in the past about him. What his feelings were towards her. She knew it was silly as he was Captain Hook he didn't settle for anyone why would that change now.

As she stood face to face with him, she couldn't take her eyes off his lips, she kept thinking about how close they were to her neck and how easily it would be to turn round and capture his lips with hers, but she didn't do that. She fought hard and she was winning. So far.

She took one step and only one step closer to him. Her eyes still fixed on his as she bent down and picked up her dagger from the ground trying to get a read on his emotions but she couldn't it was very hard to do that this time.

" You can tell yourself that all you want, you will never stop coming here. "

She wanted to add a few more words to that, instead she placed her dagger back in its place and licked her lips gently.

" You say you answer to the sea and the sea only. Yet here you are answering Peter and Neverlands call. "