Chapter 1

In the springtime the sun washes over Alfea and it gardens with a golden glow as the sky is bright blue with no clouds and the scent of the frosted coating of winter that melted from the grass. Around the parameter of the grounds are trees that surround the school like it is protecting it. There is a plush green meadow that is half hidden from sight and in it lay an array of flowers. Scattered around the meadow are daisies that peep through the grass, buttercups pop up in two's or three's, and different coloured peonies which gives the air a nice spearmint & fresh grass scent. In the trees, hidden from sight, are sparrows chirping disturbing the silence.

Walking on a path towards the meadow are six couples, hand in hand, the first couple carrying blankets, the second couple carrying art supplies, the third couple some books, the fourth couple holding two ice boxes filled with drinks, the fifth couple no holding hands but staying close together so that their arms brush against each other and the sixth couple - the man holding a big picnic basket in one hand and with the other wrapped around his girlfriend's waist, they kept pausing as the guy kept nuzzling his girlfriend's neck making her giggle.

The first couple are named Stella & Brandon, Stella has long golden blonde hair that stops at her elbow, she has golden-brown eyes and a medium skin tone. Stella is tall and slender and is wearing a teal short sleeved dress with pink stripes along with punk sandals. Brandon has a lightly tanned skin tone and a medium, athletic build. He has short dark brown hair with bangs angled inwards. He is wearing a white dress shirt with dark blue jeans and black running shoes.

The second couple are named Flora and Helia. Helia has long black hair with blue eyes and a well built body. He is wearing a light green open shirt with a light blue t-shirt underneath and beige khakis with sneakers. Flora has tanned skin with jade eyes, long honey brown hair with blonde highlights. Like Stella she is tall and slender and is wearing a green midriff, off the shoulder top with puffy sleeves and a light pink flowy skirt with pink ballet shoes.

The third couple are Tecna and Timmy. Tecna has light magenta short bob styled hair with teal eyes and a fair skin tone. Tecna is tall which makes her soft purple flare pants cropped and a lavender polo vest midriff top. Timmy also has fair skin with light brown hair and hazel eyes which are obscured by his black rimmed glasses. He is tall and lithe and is wearing dark brown trousers with a maroon coloured T-shirt and sneakers.

The fourth couple are Layla and Nabu. Nabu has dark skin with brown hair that reaches his back and he has black eyes. He is wearing a purple tracksuit with yellow stripes and white sneakers. Layla is also dark skinned with brown eyes and long brunette hair, she is wearing a soft purple tank top with a blue wave logo, a khaki mini skirt and soft purple leg warmers with khaki hiking boots.

The fifth couple are Riven and Musa. Musa is fair skinned with bluey-black long hair and she has blue eyes. She is wearing a black men`s button up shirt with pink leggings and a pink belt with black ankle boots. Riven is lightly tanned with short spiked magenta hair with violet eyes. He is wearing a white muscle shirt with boot cut jeans and blue & white sneakers.

The last couple is Bloom and Sky. Sky is fair skinned with blonde medium length hair and blue eyes. He has a well built body that features muscular arms (like all the Specialist except Timmy) and a very muscular torso. He is wearing blue jeans and a white dress shirt with blue sneakers. Bloom is tall but has a voluptuous figure (an hourglass figure). Bloom is has long caramel red hair that falls below her bottom and pale skin, she has cyan eyes. She is wearing a multi layered, frilly dress that has three different shades of pink which stops at her thighs showing her long legs. She is also wearing a white headband that pulls her hair back and white sandals.

They picked a spot in the centre of the meadow and placed the blankets down, Sky and Bloom`s blanket a little further away from the others. They unpacked their basket and pulled out sandwiches, fruit, brownies, cupcakes, cookies and mini pizza`s that was cooked, prepared and packed by Bloom. They all dug into their food moaning at the taste, telling Bloom (in between bites) that she is an excellent cook.

Bloom blushed and leaned into Sky, he pecked the top of her hair and rubbed her thigh. She blushed more now but for a whole different reason. She liked Sky rubbing her thigh (or any part of her body) it felt good, to her Sky had magic hands.

They all decided that they needed to have a time out after the events with Baltor. It was a scary time after Bloom destroyed him, they thought she was seriously hurt even after she assured them that she was fine they didn't believe her so they asked Miss Faragonda if she could have some time off to rest, given that she (they) saved the magical dimension from evil Faragonda agreed.

"Hey Bloom why don't you tell us a story?" She was the best storyteller in the group, she really got into what was happening and that was portrayed in her voice.

"Hmm… okay." Bloom sat up a little and thought about what to tell them, for the past few years she told them about mythology and they all seemed to enjoy it.

"I`ll tell you about Hades and Persephone…" She waited until they were relaxed and focus then begun.

" Hades, the god of the Underworld (don't confuse him with the god of death Thanatos), fell in love with Demeter's daughter Persephone who was an innocent and who loved to play in the field where there was eternal springtime. He wanted her as his bride but he knew that Demeter would never allow or approve of their coupling and with Zeus nether consenting or opposing to it he decided to abduct her. So one day whilst Persephone was gathering flowers in a field in Sicily Hades appeared to her in his four-horse chariot and with one arm scooped her up and disappeared with her to the Underworld. When Demeter returned to collect her daughter she could not find a trace of her and she searched high and low for her, she travelled to the farthest corners of the globe searching for nine full days and nights without stopping to eat or drink. Finally, she got mad (really made) and started destroying lands, crops and livestock and she threatened to make the earth barren forever and destroy all of mankind if she did not have her daughter back and being the goddess of grain, agriculture and fertility she could make that threat possible.

On the tenth day of her search the goddess Hecate told Demeter that Persephone had been carried away however she did not know by whom. So they went to the god Helios (the sun god( who see`s everything that happens on Earth and he told her what happened that Hades had carried her away but also tried to persuade her that Hades who was one of the three great gods was not an unfit mate for her daughter.

Refusing to believe that Hades was a good mate for Persephone Demeter refused to return to Mount Olympus and instead roamed the earth in disguise of a mortal, forbidding the trees to bear fruit and the earth to nurture vegetables and herbs which after a full year of famine on earth Zeus sent a parade of gods and goddesses to persist as he realized that she would kill humankind if she persist which would leave no one to make them offerings.

After Demeter refusing, Zeus finally went to Hades to bring back Persephone to her mother. Hades allowed Persephone to go as she had not eaten a single thing possibly out of sorrow or stubbornness however before she left her urged her to eat a single pomegranate seed this was a trick as anyone who eats the food of Hades must remain in the Underworld.

So Rhea - the mother of Zeus, Demeter, and Hades- proposed a compromise which the three reluctantly accepted: Persephone would stay at least part of every year (6 months) as Queen of the Underworld and the rest of the year with Demeter. After this Demeter restored Earth's fertility and returned to Olympus with Persephone. These 6 months became known as spring and summer but when Persephone went back to the Underworld those six months became known as Autumn and Winter. "

Bloom had finished the story coming out of a haze which happened every time she talked about Greek myths it was like she went into a trance and relieved them. This was silly as she was not there.

She looked around and noticed the sky getting darker they had spent all afternoon in the meadow. Next she looked at her friends and watched them get up and packed up their stuff. The specialists walked the girls back kissing them goodbye and waiting to till they were safe in the building before getting on their bikes and going back to Red Fountain.