Bloom smiled up at Sky as he lifted his left hand to brush away a strand of hair that fell out of her ponytail, he stopped when the strand was behind her ear and cupped her cheek. The were pressed ap against on of the walls outside Alphea, just waiting for the others to show up for the girls practice, they were always the first ones there which was good for them as they both liked to have some time to themselves. His thumb rubbed circles on her cheek, gently, and she slightly nuzzled her head into his hand. She loved the feel of his hands on her body whether they were wrapped around her waist or just simply holding her hand, he made her feel so safe and closed her eyes as he leaned down to press his lips against hers, first it was a few gentle presses then he licked her bottom lip asking permission to enter her mouth. She granted him access, sighing softly as she wrapped her arms around his neck whilst leaning more into him. Their tongues gently twined together and they continued as Sky's right hand went around her waist, pressing her even closer to his body, lightly bunching up her light pink flowing blouse.

She was wearing cropped black denim jeans with a light pink blouse that was supported by two thin straps, underneath she was wearing a light pink lacy bra and matching panties. As they were spending the afternoon outside she decided to forgo her usual sandals and wear pink lace up pumps.

The kissing started to get rougher as they both lost themselves to each other's love and lust. The gentle dance that started in their mouths turned into rough, passionate duel for dominance. Their lips moved in rhythm together as their tongues continued their dance and Blooms hands moved up to his hair, wrapping his blonde hair in between her fingers. They broke apart for a few seconds to catch some much needed air and Sky moved his lips down to her neck, enjoying the little moan that came out of her as she tilted her head back. He suckled gently at her pulse point and lightly scraped his teeth against the skin at her throat and moved his left hand to the side of her neck, holding her in place so that he could continue his ministrations.

Bloom panted softly as she tightened her hold on his hair, gently tugging at it when he sucked a bit too hard at her neck. They had never gone this far before but she didn't want him to stop. It's not like they hadn't talked about having sex, they just both agreed to wait until the time was right - they couldn't rush into sex just simply because they could, they both wanted it to be special (especially since it would be Bloom's first time). Bloom was glad that the others were taking their time to get there, she never wanted this feeling to stop.

Sky slowly slid his right hand down her side going past her breasts and hip to her thigh where he pulled it to wrap it around his hip-

"Hey you two, stop that now!" A male voice, laced with amusement and shock, ripped them out of their haze. Sky set her leg back down and Bloom moved her hands out of his hair. Before pulling completely away they both needed to cool down, not wanting the interlopers see their obvious arousal.

Sky moved away from Bloom first glaring at his friends for coming at the worst possible time. He could still feel her pressed against him and her sweet taste in his mouth, god he wanted more of her. Bloom blushed as she felt their friends eyes on them.

"Let's get started girls." Bloom said, wanting to avoid the questions the girls had for her.

Bloom smiled as she looked at her friends she never realised how lucky she was to have them, all of them. Stella with her blonde bubbly self, Flora with her peaceful demeanor, Musa with her love of music, Tecna with her knowledge and Layla with her 'I can do anything' mind. She truly loved these girls they were like sisters to her - she would die for them & they her.

They were practising combining their winx convergence, making sure that they were able to fight an opponent strongly and without giving the opponent the opportunity to fight back effectively. At that moment nothing seemed to break their concentration as they strengthened their bonds, that was how the winx convergence worked - they needed to have a strong bond (so that nothing was able to break it) to be able to fight together as one.

They had all transformed and were standing in a circle a few feet apart, not touching. Their wings fluttered behind them as they continued to concentrate. Bloom nodded to them and they started to form a small ball of magic in the middle of the circle. Each one adding little bits of their power, making the ball grow, it was important that they don't put too much power in the ball otherwise it would fly away uncontrollably - which had happened before much to their embarrassment, the only thing that seemed to it was Bloom who snuffed the power out.

The ball grew bigger and bigger and the girls smiled as their control strengthened.

Out of sight as to not disturb the girls sat their boyfriends who were watching them practice, as they always did when they had free time. Watching the girls practice their magic was a favourite pastime they all shared. However that didn't stop the boys questioning a certain blonde friend.

"So for how long have you two been making out outside before?" Riven asked, smirking at Sky. He always enjoyed teasing the couple because Bloom always blushed which caused his gut to tighten a bit. He knew why it did that, he was aroused by her he had no shame of that and Musa knew about that, he knew the limits of the attraction and he wouldn't ever try to act on them - it just meant that he had a lot of fantasies.

Sky glared at him and sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck. "First time and please drop it." he said wanting to stop the questions. He didn't like to discuss the intimate details of his and blooms relationship, it was private. The guys decided to not to question him any further and sat back to watch the girls.

Hunter leaned his right shoulder against one of the tree's as he watched Bloom with her friends. The way she concentrated to get that ball of magic stable was magnificent, he knew that she the one who was stabilizing the thing (even if she didn't know) he could feel the power they all held none of them were a match for her.

His orders were to follow and learn everything about her whilst also keeping her from learning the truth about her powers, they didn't need her learning how to control them - it would make it harder for them to get what they needed. She would try to do something stupid, like run or fight them but she couldn't fight them, this was her destiny.

What he needed to do was wait until she became more used to him, she would have to trust him and when she did it would be like leading a lamb to the slaughter. He ignored the little pang in his heart at the thought of her dieing, he did not need to develop those feelings for her - it was how throughout the years the other look-a-likes ended up dead. They fell in love with the target.

He turned around when he heard his cousins coming towards him.

"You guys ready?" Hunter asked to Hector and Jason, he didn't wait for their nods in response he just turned and started walking towards the group.