He screamed. He didn't want to lose them. It wasn't their fight.

"Stay back, you idiots! I shouldn't have to tell you this! You are pirates just like me! We have all sailed the ocean as our hearts guided us! I have my own adventure to live! I have my own comrades! I don't remember asking you three to interfere! Why are you here?! Coming to save me? Do you three morons believe I'm going to forgive you for that?! This is a humiliation! Get out of here, Luffy, Sabo, Law! Why did you come?!"

The sounds of the war was overflowing but he known that they could hear him.

And so he heard their replay.

"'Why did we come?'" started the youngest. He was pretty pissed with all this war by now. "Isn't it obvious!"

"Are you a moron or something, Ace?" asked the gentleman with a top hat "You're asking us a very simple question".

"Yeah" continued the oldest one "I swear, you're becoming more stupid with every damn year! We are here, because..."

And all of them say it at once so the message reached.

"We're brothers!"


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