This is my second Ross and Rachel story, this one takes place three months after Ross's proposal. Ross and Rachel are getting married for real and good this time. Amy is the maid of honor, Jill, Monica and Phoebe are the bridesmaids; Chandler is the best man, Joey and Mike are the groomsmen. Ben is the ring bearer and Emma, with the help of her grandmother is going to be the flower girl. My story starts the day before the wedding and everyone is taking care of last minute things. They want to make sure everything is ready to go before the wedding and that nothing goes wrong. Like with the proposal in my other story, this is what I wanted to happen on the show. I felt like we were cheated out of a real wedding for Ross and Rachel. There is also a couple of very welcome surprises for our couple before and after the wedding.

I hope you like this story. Please read and review, feedback is always welcome. Enjoy!

Forever You and Me, After All

Chapter 1

The Day Before The Wedding

The buzzing of the alarm clock wakes Rachel from her slumber. She reaches over and shuts it off as she yawns and stretches and then looks over and sees Ross's side of the bed empty. She becomes concerned as she tosses the covers aside and climbs out of bed to go look for Ross. She goes into Emma's room first and sees Emma's crib empty. Now she's really starting to panic, first her fiance is missing and now her daughter.

She begins searching the rest of the apartment as she starts calling for Ross.

"Ross!?" she yells as she looks in the bathroom and then the living room.

"Ross!?" she yells again as she heads into the kitchen. Once again she is answered by silence.

Once she enters the kitchen, she sees a note from Ross on the fridge.


I'm sorry I wasn't here when you woke up but there was something very important I had to take care of before the wedding tomorrow. I took Emma over to Monica's so she can go with Monica and Phoebe to the dress shop to get fitted for her flower girl dress. Monica will be bringing her back to the apartment later on this afternoon. You are going to love the surprise I have for you and I can't wait to show it to you. I can't wait to marry you tomorrow, after all these years we are finally going to be husband and wife for real. I love you, Rachel and I will see you later on this afternoon.


Rachel smiles and wipes a tear away as she lays the note on the kitchen table. She walks over to the cabinet and grabs the coffee. As she makes her coffee and it begins to heat up in the coffeemaker, she looks in the fridge for something to eat for breakfast. As she looks in the fridge, she realizes that they need to go grocery shopping because there is almost nothing to eat. She decides to have some toast so she grabs the bread from off the counter and puts a couple of slices in the toaster. She gets the butter out of the fridge and a knife out of the drawer and puts them next to the toaster. She then checks on the coffeemaker to see how the coffee is coming but it's still brewing. She hears the toaster pop as she goes over and grabs a small plate out of the cabinet to put her toast on. She grabs the toast out of the toaster and puts it on the plate and then opens the butter and butters her toast. By the time she gets all that done, her coffee is ready. She grabs a coffee cup out of the cabinet and pours herself a cup of coffee and adds milk and Sweet n' Low to it. She grabs a spoon and stirs it together. She picks up her mug and her toast and heads to the living room to watch some TV. She needs this time to herself because tomorrow is going to be so stressful and hectic with the wedding and all the people. She can't believe the day is almost here, a day that she's waited for for so long. She's marrying Ross tomorrow and the best part about it is that nobody will be drunk, nobody will say the wrong name, and the right people are getting married. Rachel hates that it's taken so long for her to realize that she and Ross belong together and all the time they've wasted with stupid, petty, insignificant things. They've both grown and matured and are ready to take this next step in their lives. They are soon to be united as one in marriage and in life and to raise their daughter together as they should.

Once Rachel finishes eating her breakfast, she decides to work on her vows. She wants to get them just right and she has all morning to do so. She immediately gets down to the task at hand.

Later on that day...

Rachel is so engrossed in writing her vows that she doesn't realize how much time has passed as Ross comes home from whatever he was doing. He opens the door and steps inside and spots Rachel on the couch deep in concentration as she scribbles in a notebook. She doesn't hear him come in. Ross smiles as he quietly approaches her and sits down next to her as he tries to get her attention.

"Rachel?" he says quietly.

Rachel is really focused on what she is doing, she doesn't hear him. So he tries again.

"Rachel?" he says a bit louder.

This finally gets Rachel's attention as she looks up and sees Ross. Once she realizes it's him, she hurries up and closes the notebook.

"Ross! Hi, I didn't hear you come in!" she says as she holds the notebook against her chest.

"Apparently. You were so engrossed in what you were doing, and by the way what were you doing?"

Rachel gets a coy smile on her face as she looks at Ross.

"I'm writing my vows for tomorrow and you have to wait till tomorrow to hear them."

Ross gives her a teasing smile back.

"Oh, I do, do I?" he says as he starts to grab for the notebook.

Rachel pulls away from him and holds the notebook above her head.

"Yes you do, mister!" she cries as Ross starts to tickle her.

"That isn't going to work, Ross!" Rachel says between giggles.

That just makes Ross tickle her harder and Rachel to laugh harder. She gets to laughing so hard that her face turns red and tears form in her eyes.

"Ross, stop! Please!" Rachel cries.

"You want me to stop? You really want me to stop?" he asks as he now practically on top of her.

All Rachel manages to do is nod as she continues to laugh.

Ross suddenly stops tickling her and Rachel stops laughing as they look into each others' eyes. Their faces inch closer and closer until they come together in a kiss. Rachel drops the notebook as her arms go around Ross's neck as she pulls him closer to her. Things between them start to get really heated when they are suddenly interrupted by Monica clearing her throat.

Ross and Rachel stop what they are doing and look over at Monica who has Emma in her arms.

"You two can't wait until your honeymoon?" she asks.

Ross and Rachel sit up and straighten their hair and clothes as Monica passes Emma over to Ross. Ross stands up, holding Emma.

"Did you have fun with Aunt Monica today?"

Emma nods her head as she sticks her finger in her mouth.

"We had a lot of fun today, didn't we Em?" Monica says to her niece.

Emma takes her finger out of her mouth long enough to smile at her aunt. Her finger then goes right back into her mouth.

"She loved spending time with the twins and trying on pretty dresses. We had lunch and ice cream and now here we are." Monica explains.

Rachel finally speaks up.

"It sounds like you had a really fun day, sweetie. I think it's time for a nap now." she says as she takes Emma from Ross and puts her down for her nap.

Monica focuses her attention on her brother.

"So have you told Rachel about your big surprise yet?" she asks.

"No, not yet. I plan on surprising her with it later, I really think she's going to love it, Monica."

"Oh I know she will. It's just perfect for the three of you. You got a really good deal on it and it couldn't of come at a better time."

"I know, the timing couldn't of been more perfect. I can't wait to see the look on her face when I show it to her."

Monica smiles at her brother as she heads for the door.

"Well I better get going, Chandler is waiting downstairs in the car with the twins. I will see you all tomorrow at the wedding."

Ross nods.

"Yes, see you tomorrow." he replies as he gives Monica a smile and a wave as she closes the door behind her.

To be continued...