Forever You and Me, After All

Chapter 9

The Visitor

Rachel is still in shock as she just stares at the person standing at the door. Emma looks at the stranger for a moment before turning her head and burying her face in her mother's shoulder.

"Hello, Rachel." the stranger says, breaking the silence.

Rachel manages to pull herself together, and find her voice so she can answer.

"Emily! What are you doing here?!" she asks, her voice coming out almost like a squeak.

"I'm actually here visiting my uncle and I figured I would stop by and say hello to Ross." Emily explains.

Rachel adjusts Emma on her hip before replying.

"Well, Ross isn't here right now. He's at he university helping one of his students with an assignment. He should be back shortly if you would like to come back later?"

Emily nods.

"Yeah, I might just do that because I really need to speak to Ross. It's rather important."

Rachel starts to reply but is interrupted by Emma who is getting restless and is squirming in her mother's arms.

"Down, mama!" Emma cries.

"I'll put you down, but you have to promise me, you'll be good and stay out of the boxes." Rachel tells Emma matter of factly.

Emma nods.

"Okay, mama. I go play."

Rachel nods as she puts Emma down. As soon as her feet hit the floor, she heads straight for her toys. That's one thing Rachel hasn't packed yet. Now she's glad she didn't because it will keep Emma occupied for awhile.

Rachel directs her attention back to Emily. Emily has tears in her eyes as she looks at Rachel. Rachel notices and wants to find out what wrong.

"Emily, you're crying! Are you okay?" Rachel asks, concerned.

Emily nods her head as she takes a tissue out of her pocket to wipe her eyes.

"Sorry about that, I didn't mean to break down in front of you like this."

"No, it's okay. But you can tell me what's wrong if you want."

"As soon as I saw your little girl, I knew I made a mistake in coming here. I was hoping to talk to Ross and see if he would give me a second chance. But now I know I'm too late because you and he have a daughter together."

"Emily why don't you come in and we can talk."

Emily nods as she continues to wipe her eyes with a tissue. As she steps into the house, she sees all the boxes.

Rachel closes the door behind her before approaching Emily. Before she can take a step towards her, Emily turns around to face her.

"Are you and Ross moving?"

Rachel nods with a sympathetic look on her face.

"Yes we are moving to a house in the suburbs and he and I got married two weeks ago."Rachel explains as she shows Emily her wedding ring.

Emily wipes her eyes once again with her tissue before looking at the ring.

"It's beautiful." Emily says as she manages a smile.

"Thank you." Rachel says as she gives Emily a genuine smile.

Emily sighs as she smiles back at Rachel, seeming to have calmed down some.

"Would you like some water, Emily?"

"Sure, that would be fine. Thanks."

Rachel nods in acknowledgment.

"Okay, well have a seat on the couch and I'll be right back with your water."

As Rachel excuses herself to get Emily some water, Ross comes home. As soon as Emma hears the door opening, she looks up and laughs when she sees her father. Ross can barely get in the door before Emma runs to him, squealing with happiness. He hasn't even seen Emily yet.

"Daddy!" Emma squeals as she runs right into him and wraps her arms around his leg.

Ross leans over and picks up his daughter.

"Hi, princess!" he says, giving Emma a kiss on her cheek.

Emma wraps her arms around Ross's neck.

"Where's your mommy, Emma?" Ross asks her.

"In kicchen, (kitchen) daddy." she answers as best she can.

Ross nods as her turns and comes face to face with Emily.

Emily stands up and smiles nervously at Ross.

"Hello, Ross."

Ross stares at Emily, disbelieving what he is seeing.

"Emily, what are you doing here?" Ross asks, with the same look of disbelief on his face.

"I came here to talk to you but now I realize it was a mistake." Emily explains.

As soon as Emily says this, Rachel comes out of the kitchen with a glass of water for Emily. Rachel spots Ross and smiles.

"Hi, honey. Look who decided to drop by for a visit." Rachel says, her voice dripping with exaggerated happiness as she hands Emily her glass of water.

Emily takes the glass from Rachel.

"Thank you, Rachel." Emily says as she takes a sip of the cold liquid.

Rachel just nods as she approaches Ross and wraps her arms around his waist. Ross puts Emma down as she goes back to playing with her toys. Ross puts his arm around Rachel's shoulders. Rachel lays her head against Ross's chest.

Ross then focuses his attention on Emily.

"So what did you need to talk to me about, Emily?" Ross asks a bit too aggressively.

"I was hoping that you and I could start things up again, I was hoping you would give me another chance but now I see that it's too late for that."

"Yes it is, it's about five years too late, Emily. Why did you decide to come here now?" Ross asks.

"Well my divorce was finalized a few weeks ago, and then I got to thinking about you; about us, and realized that I never really got over you. My marriage was a mistake and I realized I got married to get over you. I was never really in love with him. Our marriage started falling apart about six months ago when our baby died. She was born too early and had complications, she was in the NICU for over a month but she never improved. So the doctors said it was best that we let her go. We said goodbye to our daughter and they took her off life support. It was the hardest time in my life, and I'm just now able to deal with it."

Ross and Rachel both give Emily sympathetic looks.

"We are so sorry for your loss, Emily." Ross says.

"I can only imagine what you are going through, if anything happened to Emma; I don't know what we would do." Rachel adds.

Ross nods agreeing with Rachel.

Emily nods and smiles at Ross and Rachel before speaking again.

"I was hoping when I came here to see you that things would get better and that you and I could get back together. But now I see that it was a bad idea to come here because you and Rachel have found each other again, have a beautiful little girl and are happily married. I kind of knew that you two belonged together. Since I know there is no chance for you and I again, I just want to tell you and Rachel congratulations and wish you a lifetime of happiness. I'm sorry I came here and bothered you. You'll never see me again."

Ross gives Rachel a kiss on top of her head as he takes his arm from around her shoulder and approaches Emily and gives her a comforting hug. He just wants her to know that he's there for her as a friend and someone who cares.

Emily hugs him back and holds him for a few moments before letting him go. Once she does, Rachel steps in and gives Emily a hug as well, she wants her to know there are no hard feelings between the two of them.

Rachel pulls out of the hug and looks at Emily with a faint smile. Emily smiles back as she picks up her glass of water and takes a long sip of the cool liquid. It feels good sliding down her dry, parched throat.

Once she's had enough, she hands the glass to Rachel and excuses herself.

"Thanks, you two for being so kind and understanding. I know it was a surprise to find me at your doorstep but I'm just glad we had a chance to talk, and I feel that I've gotten proper closure with Ross." Emily explains re assuredly as she heads towards the door.

"I will admit that it was a shock to see you here, but I'm glad you came. It gave us a chance to really talk and clear up the past." Ross replies.

Emily smiles and nods as she reaches the door.

Ross and Rachel take each others' hand as they follow her to the door and watch her leave as the door closes behind her.

Ross and Rachel look at each other, shake their heads, and smile trying to absorb everything that just happened. They almost can't believe it happened as they go back to packing. Boy do they have a story to tell the others when they see them.

To be continued...