A/N: This has an origin. A real life origin. But not in a walled garden.

Enjoy this random little FlashxKelly


"No." Kelly strode down the corridor to Spanish class, leaving Harry frowning while he waited for Fritton.

"Blue?" He caught her again in the lunch queue and leant against the door jamb smiling down at her. She raised her gaze from the line ahead of her to meet his and with a half-smile she shook her head.

"Damn it Kells." He groaned. "Green?" She shook her head again.

"Last guess Flash." She moved with the queue towards the food.

"Black." She turned back to him and nodded.

"About time, you're rubbish at this game." She nodded at the lunch lady who spooned the stew onto Kelly's plate. "Tonight at seven, in Fritton's herb garden." Kelly nodded to him as though she was conducting a business meeting while Harry danced off to his debt collection with the art teacher.


"So what do I get?" Harry was already sat on the bench when Kelly came into the walled garden.

"This." She bent her to his level and kissed him hard, but the touch was only brief and before his brain could process, she had stepped back once more, taking refuge in the dark shadows the wall provided.

"That's it?" He said breathlessly as he stood to follow her movements.

"That's it Flash." Suddenly though she grabbed his hand and pulled him against her in the shadows, her other hand over his lips to stop any sarcastic comments. He edged a glance over his shoulder towards the gate in the far corner and saw Camilla and Annabelle Fritton's silhouettes.

"Auntie, who did you get the Venezuelan marijuana from?" A hefty crate was snug in Annabelle's arms and Kelly could just spy the young plants bouncing with the other girl's steps.

"That, dear niece is a secret." The headmistress frowned at the semi dark garden. "I've been told that they won't have such a distinctive smell, but I still want to hide them. I know those damn fifth years are smoking away my plants."

"I was under the impression that marijuana needs heat, wouldn't the greenhouse be better?" Annabelle shifted her weight, her arms arching from the crate.

"You may just have a drug empire at your fingertips niece dear. To the greenhouse!" The two figures vanished leaving Kelly and Flash still staring at one another. Neither had moved with the Frittons' so close by but now they were both aware of their close proximity. The spell was broken as Kelly stepped away, back on the path.

"Milla needs to cut me in on that weed." Flash narrowed his eyes at the gateway, looking to be deep in thought already but was quickly pulled back as Kelly let out a low laugh.

"So you don't have your fingers in all of Fritton's pies." She smirked before moving towards the gate. "You back next week Flash?" Her eyes lingered on his, a smug smile turning up the corners of her mouth and he grinned cheekily back to her.

"Of course." He tipped his hat to her.

"Then I'll be wearing a new colour." She winked and slipped back up towards the school, being sure to avoid the greenhouses route.