"Annnndddd we're out!" Joy said, just as Riley fell asleep. The day as ended, and the day has been as successful as all the other days! "Alright everyone!" Joy said. "Another perfect day! Good job guys! I hope you guys sleep well! Sadness, you have Dream Duty! You can wake up Riley when she has a nightmare, okay?"

Sadness nodded. "Okay, I guess," she said. She didn't want to do Dream Duty. She felt different with another certain emotion. She started to like something about that emotion. She wished that this feeling would go away, but it kept staying inside of her. It was like an itch that doesn't go away until you scratch it.

Sadness hated having a feeling like this. She wanted to be back to her normal, negative self. But she felt like she has changed a lot. She felt a tear in her eye. She didn't want to cry. Not like this...

But she couldn't hold back her tears. One escaped her eye, which caused her to sob quietly. She didn't bother to watch the dreams. She covered her head with a pillow from the sofa and continued crying, getting the pillow wet with her tears.

"Sadness?" said a voice. Sadness didn't look up, although the voice sounded familiar.

"Sadness, what's wrong?" the voice asked. This time, Sadness looked up. It was Joy, having a look of sorrow on her face.

Sadness did a sniff. "Well..." she said. "C-can you not tell anyone please?"

"I won't," Joy said. "My lips are sealed."

Sadness half-smiled. "Well...there is something with Anger that, uh, made me have, like, feeling for him," Sadness explained.

"You like him?" Joy said, softly. "I understand how people feel with that stuff. But...why do you like Anger?"

"Well, he...he just looks like someone who would protect you from danger and stuff like that, or he would let you read his newspaper with him...it just sounds romantic to me and I'd like to do that with him."

"Why don't you try to confess him tomorrow?"

"I just can't, Joy, or otherwise he'll think I'm crazy! Anger doesn't like all this touchy-feely stuff." Sadness started to cry again.

Joy hugged Sadness tightly, and let her cry o her shoulders. "Shhh, it's okay," Joy said. "Just let it all out. I promise I won't tell anyone your secret."

"Thanks, Joy," Sadness said.

Joy nodded. "And also," she said. "Anger would never be someone who would call you crazy! However, if you tell him about how you feel around him and those things that you think he'd do to someone special of his, that'd probably mean a lot to him."

Sadness thought about that for a while. Should I tell him? I mean, me and Anger have nothing much in common, Sadness thought to herself. But what if Joy would be wrong? What if Anger would call me crazy? Then I'd be crying for days...but should I give it a shot? Just in case Joy is right? Why do I always have to be so shy around people like him?

"Hey, how about I tell him along with you?" Joy asked. "I'll always have your back."

Sadness smiled. She did want Joy's support, so she'd do this a lot easier now! "Sure," she said. "Let's tell him tomorrow."

"Atta girl!" Joy said. "Well, I better get some sleep! Goodnight Sadness!"

"Wait, Joy!" Sadness said.

Joy turned her head to look at Sadness.

"Can you stay with me?"

Joy smiled. "Of course," she said. She sat on the sofa next to Sadness and put her arm around Sadness. "Hope he'll understand your feelings," Joy said.

"Me too," Sadness said and watched Riley's dream on the screen.

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