It was the next day and Sadness felt shivers down her was the day of the confession. But she knew that Joy would be by her side. But what if she said the wrong thing? Anger would definitely think she's crazy!

Anger was reading the newspaper on the couch when Sadness sat at the far end of the couch that Anger is sitting on. She just stared at the screen, pretending Anger wasn't there.

Anger noticed Sadness and the look of her face. Oh, it's probably her being the same as usual, he thought to himself.

Sadness knew that Anger looked at her so she pretended not to notice.

"Hey kid," Anger said suddenly.

Ho boy. Sadness felt her heart beat like a drum. Anger said hi to her...she needed to take a deep breath...just relax...all he did was say hi...just communicating...

"Uh, um, h-hi," Sadness said in response. She did a shy smile to him.

Anger was annoyed with how Sadness was feeling right now. "You okay, kid?" he asked.

"Um, well, ye-yeah, I'm fine," Sadness said.

"Something's wrong with you, kid," Anger said, not giving up. "C'mon, let's talk."

"O-okay," Sadness said, following him to the break room. She motioned Joy to come here as well. She immediately came up next to her. "I think he wants to talk to only you in private," Joy whispered to Sadness. "I'll do a little watching, okay?"

Sadness gulped.

"You got this," Joy whispered.

Sadness smiled. Once she got in the break room, Joy pretended she was getting something from her room, but instead peeked through her door, to where sadness' room was next to Joy. Anger sat on her bed and Sadness sat on the floor.

"Okay," Anger said, once he got settled. "Tell me, kid. Why are you suddenly acting like you've seen a ghost."

Sadness shivered. She wasn't the type of emotion to immediately tell what was wrong. She took a deep breath...counted to ten...and spoke:

"A-Anger, do you ever have feelings for someone?" she asked.

"Me?" Anger asked, having a puzzled look. "No, not really. Why do you ask? Is that happening with you?"

Sadness had to tell the truth. She sighed. "Um, y-yeah, I do," Sadness said.

"Who is it?" Anger asked.

Sadness knew he would ask that, but didn't want to answer it. But she wanted to be honest to Anger just so he can understand... "...You," she answered.

Anger got his puzzled look back to his face. "Me?" he asked. "Why me? What have I done for you to suddenly go gaga on me?"

Sadness had a worried look on her face with Anger's tone. He noticed and said, "Not being rude. I'm just curious."

Sadness nodded. "Well..." she said. " just seem like the type of person who would protect someone that is special to you. You'd make sure that you'd control your temper for that person. You'd make sure that no one is messing with that person...and well, that feeling suddenly hit when, you know, I fell on top of you." Her face changed to a guilty look, remembering when Anger dragged her too hard that she ended up falling on top of him and looked like they were nearly kissing each other.

"Hey, I'm over that moment," Anger said. "And also, that means a lot to me. But Fear would be that first line you know, that protecting one. But yeah, I guess I would do that. I just feel weird that someone likes me." He had a little grin on his face.

" you accept my feelings?" Sadness asked.

Anger nodded immediately. "Sure," he said. "I'd like to have a little special friend who would actually say good things to me, unlike the others."

Sadness felt a gleam of excitement. She did it! And even without Joy's help! She looked at Joy and she did an excited thumbs-up at her.

"Let's go," Anger said, leading Sadness to the door. As Sadness entered the door, she said to Anger, "Thank you."

"My pleasure, kid," Anger replied with a smile. He shut the door and followed Sadness to the smile.

For once, the feeling has gone away from Sadness, and she continued to be her normal little self...

...with that feeling nowhere around her.