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Quinn took pride in her stamina and her size but Jessica was quite talented with her mouth. She was one of the few woman that she has played with that could take more than half of her in her mouth without gagging. She knew she was close but she refused to come before 10 minutes was up. She looked down when she felt hands on her thighs. It was a signal for her to take over, which she was happy to oblige. She placed her hands on the back of Jessica's leg before pushing the woman's head down slowly, making her swallow more of her cock.

It was right after the 10 minute mark when she came down Jessica's throat. Quinn had to take a moment to catch her breath before she stood up and looked at the woman panting while kneeling below her. She loved seeing a good looking woman kneeling with flushed cheeks, blown pupils, and wet lips. The twitching of her dick and a moan from Jessica reminds her of the promise she made. She pulls her boxer briefs up before looking down again.

"15 lashes. 10 with my hand and 5 with the brush. I want you to go down that hallway, enter the last room to your right, and lay down on your stomach with your legs together and hands by your side." Quinn commands before turning and walking into the kitchen, the sound of footsteps followed by the rustling of sheets letting her know that her rules are being followed. She walks over to the fridge and grabs two bottles of water before making her way to the same room her entertainment for the night was waiting for her.

The room Jessica was in can be considered her "Play Room" or "Dungeon" of sorts but it's a room that she uses barely once a month. The floors in her entire house were all hardwood but in here she had gray and white carpet and all of the bedding was white and the walls were painted a dark gray. The room also had it's own bathroom with was highly convenient for all parties involved.

Quinn entered the room and had to keep herself from mounting the girl from behind before she can turn her ass a nice healthy shade of red. Jessica was on her hands and knees, ass facing the door, and Quinn could already see how wet she is. She walks over to her left, where the wall is covered with tools to implement either pleasure or pain that are sitting on shelves, and grabs a wooden brush before walking over to bed and looking down at the pale woman before her. She kneeled next to her hips, setting the brush and waters on the table besides the bed.

"I want you to count out loud for me." Is the only warning before she brings down her right hand in a quick yet controlled hit. It isn't until she hears a breathy "one!," that she allows the next four hits to follow in a quick succession, alternating between cheeks, and the "two!, three!, four!, five!-" that comes out in little moans lets her know that she's warmed up enough so she slows down to admire the pink shade of Jessica's ass. The next hit brings out a "-siX!" that's followed by a squeak and then a moan that causes Quinn's hand to sting slightly but she loves it. She makes sure to steadily increase the force so that her tenth hit brings out a "TEN! Ohmygod!" And a loud groan that Quinn would mistake for pain if not for the fact that Jessica is dripping all over her sheets. She brings down both hands to rub lightly and to calm them both down a little before the next part.

"5 left with brush but don't count out loud this time." She picks up the brush with her right hand while her left hand rubs Jessica's ass until she feels her body relax. Quinn looks down at Jessica again but instead she imagines darker skin, darker hair, and a smaller but still full little ass.

Santana's full little ass.



She blinks, 1-2-3 times, and then brings the brush down to her right cheek followed by the left. The next two are directed at her sit spots which makes her groan and wriggle a little. Quinn pauses until she's able to lay still again even though her chest is heaving. The last hit is the hardest and the "Fuck!" that Jessica accidentally lets out before her body starts to shake from the force of her orgasm has Quinn grinning with pride. She drops the brush before reaching the lotion to help with the sting Jessica will feel tomorrow.

"I'm going to rub some of this on your ass and then I'm thinking a shower for you before we call it a night, yeah?" Quinn asks and all she gets is a nod in return. Usually she would be fucking her like there's no tomorrow but she isn't one to fuck someone while thinking of someone else, at least not anymore. Been there, done that. Instead she straddles the back of Jessica's thighs and takes her time rubbing in the lotion, enjoying the little noises she makes.

It's the sound of her phone vibrating on her bedside table the has her jolting into a sitting position at 12:16 am but before she can reach for it, it stops, for all of three seconds, and then it's vibrating again. She answers. "Hello?"

A shaky breath is the first sign that a person is actually there on the other line and then there's the sound of a horn followed by a loud scratching noise in her ear that causes her to pull the phone away but she can distinctly hear the loud curse of a "FUCK!" that has her clicking her tongue in annoyance. She's three seconds away from hanging up when "Hi… this is Santana" is rasped into her hear and just like that she's wide awake.

"I'm pretty sure it's past 9 o'clock." While she's happy to hear from Santana, she is still slightly annoyed by being blown off.

Santana is taken aback by the clear annoyance she hears in Quinn voice. She's currently sitting in a stinky cab, wondering why she didn't get an Uber instead, and her phone is cracked from dropping it after hearing Quinn's voice. This night was not turning out how she hoped it would but she was still a little too high to care. "I'm pretty sure you said I had to text before 9 and I'm calling. Should I hang up?"

"NO!" Quinn blurted out without even thinking. She needed to get off the phone before her mouth decided to take over again. " I mean, how about tomorrow we give this another try? I'm free after 2 pm, how about you?"

Santana was not expecting for Quinn to want to see her again after she ignored her request or more like demand, earlier, she stared at her phone in disbelief for a few seconds before her curiosity won out, "I'll be free." She decides not to question Quinn at the moment.

"Okay, I'll text you the details tomorrow, see you then. Goodnight Santana." Quinn hangs up before tossing her phone on the other side of her bed, looking at it with a dopey smile on her face. Hopefully she'll be getting laid tomorrow night.

Santana's cab pulls up to her apartment just as Quinn hangs up. She pays the fare before getting out and entering the building. She silently thanks herself for not drinking as she starts climbing the three flights of stairs that leads to her door.

After unlocking, and then double checking to make sure it's locked after she enters, she's met with darkness. The usual.

She uses her memory to walk to the kitchen before she cuts on the light in there. She has a serious case of cotton mouth going on that some ginger ale would fix right up. Pouring herself a glass and grabbing a small bottle of water, she walks to her room. Clothes and shoes were scattered on the floor but she couldn't be bothered with that at the moment. All she wanted to do was sleep and not think.

Although her mind seems to have other plans. She couldn't help but think of Quinn as she took off her jeans and climbed into bed. The woman was a mystery to her. Not once did she think she would find herself in this situation. The only thing she remembers hearing about Quinn was that she slept with a lot of women and had money. She wasn't sure what someone like Quinn would want with her.

Santana isn't sure what she signed up for tomorrow but she's hoping she won't be regretting it this time tomorrow.

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