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Danny exits his house and locks the door before walking down the driveway to his car. He was running late because as he was dropping Grace off at school he realized he forgot his gun and badge. Not that he would admit that to Steve. So, he had texted Steve to say he'd be late with no explanation. In his haste Danny didn't notice the middle-aged man watching him from the trees. Danny reached his Camaro and opened the door to climb in. Unfortunately, he didn't get farther than that when there was a sharp pain in the back of his head and everything went black.


The first feeling that came to Danny was the elephants stampeding through his head. His brow furrowed and his eyes squinted when he tried to reach a hand to his head but couldn't. Moving his arms, Danny found they were strapped to a chair. Upon further investigation, Danny found his legs were also tied to the chair.

With a lick of his lips, Danny pried his eyes open. The light pierced through them and he quickly shut them as the elephants added trumpeting to their stampede. Taking a deep breath, Danny tried to open his eyes once again, albeit slower this time. He was more successful this time and he glanced around him. He was in a warehouse and he didn't notice anyone else there.

A door screeched open from his right side and slammed shut. Danny cringed as the pounding in his head increased once again. A man in his mid-thirties with light brown hair and dark brown eyes entered. There was what seemed to be a week's worth of stubble on his face and a smirk that had no hint of playfulness was aimed at him.

"Who are you?" Danny asked as he studied the man before him. The only answer Danny got was the smirk grew slightly. The man pulled out a phone and Danny realized it was his own. Before he knew what was happening the man had taken a picture. Danny glared at the man as he began scrolling through his phone. The man pushed a few buttons before throwing the phone on the ground. Danny grimaced as his phone broke. Great. Now I have to get a new phone. Again.

There was movement and Danny glanced up in time to see a fist fly at his face. Pain exploded in his nose and Danny's head whipped back. His vision went gray around the edges. He tried to say awake but eventually he succumbed to the darkness.


Steve sighed and tossed his pen down on the desk before he leaned back in his chair. His gaze automatically went to Danny's office. He had received a text from Danny that morning that said he was running late. It was now two hours later and Danny was still not there. Steve's eyes darted to the front and rear exits. There was still no sign of Danny and Steve was getting worried.

With another sigh, Steve stood up and walked out of his office and over to Chin's. Steve pushed the door open and walked in. Chin was sitting at his desk and looked up when Steve entered. They didn't have a case so they were all catching up on paperwork.

"Have you heard from Danny?" Steve asked with a furrowed brow. Chin shook his head.

"No. I would think he'd contact you first," Chin replied. His door opened and Chin and Steve looked over at Kono.

"Boss?" Kono asked with a furrowed brow of her own. She had been keeping an eye on him. The longer Danny was late the more agitated Steve seemed to get.

"You hear from Danny?" Steve asked Kono only to receive the same answer.

"No. But I'm pretty sure he would've called you before us," Kono replied, sharing a look with Chin.

It was no secret Steve and Danny had gotten close. They were more than partners; they were brothers. And when they were apart, they always called the other first before the other members of the team. Chin and Kono never took it to heart. What Steve and Danny had was special. God knows they both needed it.

"All right. I'm going to give him a call," Steve announced before pulling out his phone and walking into his own office. Just as he was about to hit Danny's speed dial a text popped up from Danny. "Thank God."

Steve opened the text and nearly dropped the phone at seeing the picture that showed up. Steve could hear quick breaths echo around him and realized it was him. He dropped into his chair as his eyes never left the picture.

The door to his office opened and Chin and Kono walked in. They had seen the sudden reaction from their boss. When he had dropped into his chair, his eyes never leaving his phone, they knew something was wrong. It's Chin who spoke first.

"Steve? What's wrong? What happened?" Chin asked, making sure to speak clearly. Steve didn't seem at all 'with it' at the moment. Steve glanced up at them and Chin's breath caught at the fear filling their bosses eyes. There were only a few things that could result in that kind of reaction from their boss. Chin was pretty sure this time it had to be Danny.

Steve glanced down at his phone again. This time, he noticed there was an address typed in the message. It could be a trap; Steve knew that. But this was Danny and Steve knew what he had to do.

It was like a switch had been flipped. One minute Chin was watching his boss fight against the panic and the next minute 'Navy SEAL Steve' came barreling into the room. Steve abruptly stood and marched out of his office and out to the computer.

It was the look on Steve's face that had Kono taking a step back. Just as Danny had the tone that said, 'I'm going to punch someone', Steve the look that said the same thing. And he was wearing it along with a determined set to his shoulders. Kono looked over at her cousin and knew he had come to the same conclusion. The gaze was only held for a few seconds before the two of them rushed out to stand on either side of their boss.

On the screen was a picture of Danny tied to a chair with blood running down his face. Underneath the picture was an address. Chin's jaw set and Kono gasped slightly. No wonder Steve seemed so on edge. The cousins were right though; whoever sent this text was going to wish they hadn't. Steve would make them pay for what they did to Danny and they were going to regret ever thinking this stupid plan up.

Steve had pulled up the address on the screen. It was a warehouse in the middle of a vacant street. Intuition told him the movement around him was Kono pulling up the video feed from the street. He found his intuition correct when the feed popped up on the screen. Nothing out of the ordinary was present which made the leader of Five-0 narrow his eyes. He could feel Chin and Kono watching him, waiting for him to make a call. Steve knew what he was going to do the same time Chin did.

"I'm going," Steve deadpanned and looked over at Chin who was already on his phone asking for backup and rattling off the address. Chin glanced at Steve and gave him a nod. One thing for sure, Steve was glad for his team hear backing him on this.

"Let's get Danny back," Steve said and the three remaining members of Five-0 raced out of the office.


"How do you want to do this boss?" Kono asked as the three Five-0 members stand outside. Their gazes are fixed on the warehouse in front of them. There are HPD and SWAT cars surrounding the warehouse and they are all waiting for Steve's orders. Steve had been warring with himself with what to do. Not having eyes inside there was only one way to go about this. At least for Steve.

"I'm going in," Steve said as he unholstered his gun.

"Steve…" Chin said when Steve held his gun out to him.

"We don't know what's going on in there. We do know Danny's in there by himself. If anything happens you guys are backup," Steve argued as he held the gun closer to Chin. Chin took the gun with a scowl. However, the conversation was not done.

"What if it's a trap?" Chin started and Kono nodded in agreement with her cousin.

"It's Danny Chin," Steve replied firmly as his hard stare fixed on Chin.

"I get that Steve but…"

"I don't think you do. I'm going in," Steve cut Chin off before he moved towards the warehouse. Chin sighed as he watched Steve slowly and cautiously entered the warehouse. He looked over at Kono and they shared a look.


It's the sound of sirens that woke Danny this time. With a groan, Danny pried his eyes open. If he thought the headache was painful before it was near unbearable now. More sirens were heard and car doors slammed shut. Danny lifted his head and looked towards the door. No doubt it was HPD and SWAT.

It was assumed the picture the guy took was sent to Steve. No one could've gotten as many people here as there were besides SuperSEAL. Danny blinked and moved, groaning as the pounding in his head intensified. An engine pushed to its max and the sound of tires squealed as the vehicle came to a sliding stop caught Danny's attention. Doors hurriedly shut and Danny smiled. Speaking of his crazy partner.

With a sigh, Danny's head hung forward. His chin rested on his chest and his eyes closed. A light shown through his eyelids as it blinked below him. With a furrow of his eyebrows Danny peeked his eyes open. As he took in the sight below him, Danny's eyes widened in panic. Strapped to his chest was a bomb.

Putting the pieces together, Danny's breath sped up. If the picture was indeed sent to Steve, then the stranger knew Steve would find out where he was. And judging by the speed of police arrival, which Danny didn't think he was unconscious that long, the stranger must've told Steve where to find him. Now, there was a bomb strapped to his chest Danny's gut clenched in fear. Without a doubt, this was a trap for Steve.

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