Chapter 1

Sam, Danny, and Dani were taking a walk in the park when suddenly Danny's and Dani's ghost sense went off and they heard someone shout, "BEWARE!" It was the Box Ghost…again. Danny sighed, "I'll be right back." Danny spotted an ice cream vendor, "Why don't you two go get some ice cream." He added while handing them some money.

"Ok Danny." Said Sam and Dani together as they watched Danny transform into a ghost. Danny flew away as Sam and Dani went over to the ice cream vendor. They sat down on a nearby bench so they could wait for Danny as they ate their ice cream.

"Sam?" Dani said cautiously, "Can we talk? I have some news for you, and Danny when he returns."

"Of course Dani." Sam said, "You know you can tell me anything."

"Well before I came back I did some snooping in Vlad's house and I found the file he kept about me." Dani started, "What I discovered in the file shocked me."

"What was it?" Sam asked curiously.

"Well it basically said that I am not Danny's clone but his daughter." Dani told Sam, she then spotted Danny walking towards them. "Look, it is Danny!" Dani cried out happily.

"Hello my little Halfa Angel and my favorite Goth, are you enjoying yourselves without me?" Danny asked when he got close enough.

"We were just talking about something Dani discovered in Vlad's house." Sam replied with a smile.

"Oh? And what did you discover Dani." asked Danny.

"Well I found the file that Vlad kept about me and I discovered that I am not your clone." Dani told Danny.

"Ok I figured that much since you're a girl." Danny replied, "So if you are not my clone what does that make you?"

"It makes me your daughter." Dani said matter of factly, "Your's and a purely human Female's daughter."

"So who is your mother?" Sam asked a little sad though Dani and Danny didn't notice

"The file didn't have a name but it did have a picture." Dani told them, "It was a picture of someone I had already met from Amity Park."

"So what's her name?" Danny asked, starting to get impatient.

"You already know her Danny." Dani said, "Her name is Samantha Manson." That last sentence was met with silence as Danny and Sam stared at Dani, then each other as they tried to process the information they just received.

"I am your mother?" Sam asked quietly

"Yes you are my mother since I am made out of a mixture of your's and Danny's DNA." Dani said.

"Hey Sam," Sam looked at Danny, "Didn't you always say you wanted your first child to be a girl?" Sam just looked at him like he was stupid for trying to make a joke in this situation.

Dani sighed, "Hey, Mom and Dad, can we go home now or are we going to stay here all day?" Hearing Dani call her mom snapped Sam out of her thoughts as she smiled at Dani and said, "Sure we can go home now."

Danny got out his cellphone and said that he will meet them at the house in a bit as he walked away and started dialing a minute after Sam and Dani got back to the house Danny walks in with Jazz and Tucker, neither of which knew Dani was staying with Danny and Sam.

"Umm Danny, do you mind telling me what Dani is doing here?" Tucker asked while at the same time Jazz asked, "Danny who is the little girl on your couch?"

Danny smiled as realized he had never told Jazz about Dani's existence and never told Tucker about her living with them. "Jazz this is Dani at one point Vlad tried to clone me and Dani here is the only survivor, and Tuck she has been living with us for the last year already. She is also the reason why I called you here, I have something to tell you guys that surprised both Sam and I."

"Well what is it?" Tucker asked, already impatient.

"Hold your horses Tuck I'm getting there." Danny replied, "Dani here is not my clone, which should be pretty obvious since she is a girl. She is my daughter because she has a mixture of mine and Sam's DNA."

"Wait a minute you're telling me that Dani is yours and Sam's Daughter?" Asked an incredulous Tucker.

"Yes Tucker. Danny and I have an eleven year old daughter." Sam told him walking out of the kitchen, "By the way lunch is ready Dani and Danny. You two are welcome to join us as well, since I had a feeling you two were coming over. I made enough for you guys."

"Thank you Sam." Jazz said, "We would love to join you three for lunch."

Danny led them into the living room while Sam went to get lunch. When Danny sat down on the couch Dani immediately moved to sit on his lap before she realized that Jazz and Tucker were there. "Daddy why didn't you tell me you were inviting uncle Tucker and Aunty Jazz over for lunch." Dani asked Danny. This surprised Tucker and Jazz as they weren't expecting to be called aunty and uncle.

Danny smiled at his daughter and said, "That is because it was a spur of the moment thing sweetie." Jazz was surprised at how much of a family they already were, until she remembered that Dani had been living with them for a year already.

"Danny, when are you going to tell Mom and Dad that they are grandparents?" Jazz asked just as Sam came into the room with lunch, "And what about you Sam, when will you tell your parents?"

"I don't know Jazz, I will tell them when I am ready I guess." Sam replied.

Danny sighed "As for me, that is part of the reason I called you, I don't know how to tell them." Dani looked crestfallen; she wanted to be able to walk up to her grandparents and call them her grandparents, but she also understands that even though Vald exposed himself Danny never did so no one would be able to understand why Vlad would want to clone him, other than being Maddie's son. Danny sighed again, "I'll just have to let the world know who I really am so I can properly explain Dani's existence. As for your parents Sam, I would like to tell them before I reveal myself so I can introduce you as her mother."

Sam sighed, "Ok Danny if you really think I should I will tell my parents tomorrow, you can reveal who you are the next day."

"Sam, you know you don't have to. It would just make it easier if Dani could introduce her mother, but I am guessing you don't want the publicity huh?" Danny said.

Jazz looked at Sam and smiled then turned to Danny, "What if you introduce Danni without revealing your secret? Then you could say that she was created from a pure human female that didn't want to be exposed."

Sam looked at Tucker, "What about you? You have been quite this whole time."

Tucker shook his head slightly, "I don't Know Sam. This is between you, Danny, and Dani, I don't want to give you the wrong advice, but if you really don't want the publicity you can always do what Jazz recommended,"

Sam sighed again, 'Ok here is what we will do. First we-" Sam was cut off by A knock on the door and she sighed Again, "I wonder who that could be?" Sam asked as she went to open the door.