Chapter 6

Danny, Sam, Tucker, Valerie, Jazz, and Ember flew through the ghost zone with Danny and Sam leading. To the group of six it felt like hours since nobody thought to bring a watch and the Ghost Zone looked the same wherever you went. Soon however they came across a group of ghost animals that looked like they were attacking two smaller animals. Danny recognised one of them and the Ghost dog, which Danny started to call Cujo, so he quickly blasted the bigger animals with an Ectoblast. Cujo looked at Danny and started to yip happily while wagging its tail. Danny floated up to Cujo and the other animal and proceeded to pet the small green dog while examining the other, it looked like a small fox with red 'fur' and eyes that had slits for pupils but what really drew his attention was the foxes tail, or rather all nine of them.

"Are you okay?" Danny asked the nine-tailed fox, not expecting an answer.

The fox looked at him, "I am fine now. Thank you sir for rescuing me and my friend here."

Danny was shocked that the Fox spoke to him and was very well mannered at that, "Of course I would help if anyone was in trouble and it just so happens that this little puppy that I call Cujo is a friend of mine as well."

The fox looked at Danny more closely, "Again thank you I have recently reformed and am not yet strong enough to fend for myself so I asked Cujo if he could help me, and now I ask you the same question would you be so kind as to help me until I get stronger?"

Danny smiled since he never refused a request for help, even from an enemy, "Of course I'll help you. Just one thing left to do, My name is Danny Phantom, what is yours?"

The fox smiled as much as a fox could smile, "My name is Kurama. It is a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Phantom."

Danny shook his head, "Call me Danny I don't like the sound of Mr. Phantom. Anyways I am actually looking for my daughter. Do you think you can help me?"

Kurama nodded, "Of course Danny-san."

Danny ignored the -san suffix for now and nodded before flying to his friends and family, "Everyone this is Kurama, she has asked me for help in defending herself for a short while so she and Cujo will be coming with us. Kurama, this is my girlfriend Sam, my sister Jazz, her fiance Ember, my friend Tucker, and his girlfriend Valerie."

Kurama bowed her head, "Nice to meet you all and thank you all for your help."

The group said their hellos and they all flew off. Cujo instantly took a liking to Ember and Jazz and flew next to them, while Kurama flew next to Danny and Sam. They all flew silently for a while until Kurama got bored and started to hum. Danny didn't recognise the song but found he liked it, Sam took a liking to the song as well. Suddenly Danny and Sam froze in place as the link they shared with Dani got stronger and they heard her thoughts as she woke up, Danny more so than Sam. Everyone else stopped next to and around them as they tried to figure out what happened. Suddenly Danny and Sam passed out.

Dani's POV

As Dani awoke she started to panic since she didn't recognise the room she was in, but instantly calmed down when she felt Youngblood's arm around her waist, which confused her slightly, and she remembered where she was. All of a sudden she could hear both of her parents in her mind although she couldn't make out what they were saying. Dani sat up, which in turn woke up Youngblood who looked at her with questioning eyes, and tried to focus on her parents when suddenly she could hear them as clear as her own thoughts. 'Dani where are you?' Dani heard Sam ask so she tried to think her answer to Sam, 'I am in Walker's prison with Youngblood, We are fine right now but I don't like it here.'

Dani didn't hear anything else so she assumed Sam got the message and shrugged. Youngblood had her lay back down and they both relaxed in each other's arms, which still confused Dani as to why she was so comfortable and relaxed in his arms.

Youngblood's POV

Youngblood awoke with a small start when he felt Dani move and sit up. Even though he wanted to know why he didn't ask because she looked like she was concentrating on something so he stayed silent. 'I wish I could tell Dani my thoughts but I am afraid she will reject me.' Youngblood thought sadly as he stared at what he considered a vision of beauty called Dani. As he watched Dani seemed to relax slightly and didn't have a look of concentration on her beautiful face and Youngblood took his chance to lay down with her in his arms before Danny came to rescue her.


Back with the group Danny and Sam woke up, looked at each other and flew off without a word or glance at anyone else. Both of them had heard Dani say that she was in Walker's prison and the moment they woke up they knew exactly where to go and who to pummel into the ground. The rest of the group did their best to catch up but it took all they had to just keep from falling further behind as Danny, Sam, and Kurama flew off at speeds that would have broken the sound barrier in the living zone. No one noticed Sam's eyes glow red for a moment or the thin line connecting her to Kurama. Kurama noticed but shrugged it off for now.

"You guys need to slow down!" Tucker yelled as the trio started to pull away.

Danny looked back and realized how far ahead they were so he grabbed Sam and Kurama and slowed them down enough for the others to catch up, "Sorry Tucker, we found out from Dani where she is and we were going to storm the place and destroy anyone in our way."

Kurama looked at Danny, "It is fine Danny-san they should have realized it. By the way, where are we heading?"

Sam looked at Kurama, "We are heading to Walker's prison." Everyone that was not an animal paled at her words.

Kurama looked at Sam, "Do you have any weapons Sam-san?"

Sam looked confused, "I have a quick question, what is with the -san at the end of our names? And in answer to your question all I have is this Blaster that comes with the Fenton Peeler Suit that I am wearing."

Kurama looked thoughtful, "I add the -san because the last time I had reformed was In Japan where I met a boy named Naruto, But that is a story for another time. As to why I asked is because I would like to grant you a gift."

Sam's eyes widened, "What do you mean a gift, and what does it have to do with my weaponry?"

Kurama smiled, "Because my gift is a weapon, and because you are doing this for your child." At her words Kurama started to glow and out of the glow came a sword after which Kurama stopped glowing and caught the blade with one of her tails, "This katana is called the Kyuubi No Kitsune no ken, or the Nine-tailed Fox Sword. It is an ancient weapon forged from one of my teeth and is imbued with my energy making it virtually impossible to break and I am giving it to you Sam-san."

Sam looked surprised Kurama was basically giving Sam a piece of herself, "It would be an honor Kurama, to accept this." Sam reached out and took the sword from Kurama feeling a rush of energy. Sam smiled and sheathed the sword in a sheath that formed on her hip when she took the sword. Then she returned her attention back to where they were going and stopped suddenly to avoid crashing into Skulker, you could almost see the skid marks she made in the air or whatever it is that is in the Ghost Zone. Skulker looked at Sam and Danny then turned to the rest of the group, and just looked at them. Skulker turned back to Danny and was about to speak when he spotted the fox that was hiding behind Sam and Danny.

"Hello Ghost-child I see you have a new pet and a rare one at that." Skulker said with an evil grin.

"What do you want Skulker, we are in the middle of something important." Danny replied to Skulker patiently

"I am not here to hunt you this time Ghost-child, I bring a message from Clockwork." Skulker told Danny.

"Give me the message and move Skulker. I am already in a bad mood and you do not want to test me." Danny said

Skulker laughed, "You do not order me around Ghost-child. I am Skulker, the Ghost Zone's greatest hunter."

Sam scoffed, "Seriously? According to your ex you couldn't find the tv remote if it was in your hand."

"Oh, and how would you know what my ex has to say about me?" Skulker was oblivious to the fact that his ex was in the group.

Ember smirked, "Because I told them and you just proved it you stupid metalhead, Cujo here is a better hunter then you."

Skulker looked surprised that she was there, "When did you show up Ember?" he asked angrily.

Jazz answered, "My fiancẽ has been here before you even showed up you stupid excuse for a scrap heap."

"FIANCẼ?" Skulker roared in disbelief

Danny sighed his patience wearing thin already, "Skulker give me the message and move NOW." When Skulker heard the frustration and anger in Danny's voice he turned back to him and was about to tell him not to give him orders but when Skulker saw Danny's eyes he froze, his eyes were not that of a ghost or human, no his eyes could only be described as demonic and it shook Skulker to his core.

Skulker just nodded, handed Danny a letter, and flew off faster than Danny and Sam had earlier. Danny just shrugged and put the letter in his pocket then the group proceeded on their way to Walkers prison. On the way there the group was silent, no one made a sound as they flew. The only sound they heard was the slightly muffled sounds of the jetpack on Sam's back. Danny, having forgotten about the letter, just focused on the slowly strengthening link he shared with his daughter. Sam was also following the link but was also wondering what the letter from clockwork said, and wondering if she could convince Kurama to come stay with them in the Living Zone. Kurama was wondering how she could convince Danny and Sam to let her stay with them in the Living Zone (although she didn't say it was the Living Zone). Jazz was worried about her niece and the boy she was going to adopt. Ember was worried about Youngblood and how he would react to being officially adopted by her and Jazz and how he would react to suddenly being related to Dani. Tucker was worried about his friend, he had caught a glimpse of his eyes and it freaked him out. Valerie had also caught a glimpse of Danny's eyes and was also worried but not as much as Tucker was. Cujo is a dog and wasn't thinking about anything. Dani was half asleep so not much going on there either. Youngblood however was wide awake. Youngblood knew that he didn't have much time to spend alone with Dani so he was enjoying the fact that Dani was comfortable enough to fall asleep in his arms as much as possible before Danny got there (he doesn't know about the rest of the group that is on their way).

Danny stopped moving suddenly causing Jazz, who was behind him, to crash into him. Danny looked around as if lost, before he started flying in another direction. Sam, since she is able to feel the link, was confused since the direction the link was leading them hadn't changed. Danny flew for a while before the rest of the group saw what was drawing him, it was the parrot that was always around Youngblood. The parrot saw Ember and immediately sat on her shoulder while Danny just ignored it, he was focused on something else. Danny suddenly attacked the thin ectoplasmic air that was in front of them only to see it hit something. Danny, having seen what he wanted to see, turned back to the direction of the link and flew off again. After another twenty minutes the rescue party finally reached the entrance to the prison.

Danny floated there in front of the prison staring at the giant doors. Kurama, Sam, Jazz, Ember, Tucker, and Valerie watched him as they could see him planning.

"Danny?" Sam quietly asked, "What's the plan?" Danny turned to the group.

Danny sighed, "First we need to get in, then Sam, Jazz, and Ember are going to find our children. Tuck, you and Val are to take out their heavy weapons, anything you can commandeer do it. I will take on Walker himself and act as a distraction to pull as many guards to me as possible."

Tucker's eyes widened slightly, not that you could tell with the helmet on, "Dude, are you sure? At last count Walker had close to 200,000 guards, that includes at least 20 heavy hitters, so I ask again ``Are You Sure?" Danny nodded with a serious look on his face as he turned back to the doors.

Kurama said, "Danny-sama, I have an idea." Danny looked at the red vixen as she continued, "If you have any enemies that are smaller than me, I can use one of the abilities at my disposal and shape-shift into them I will then be able to get inside and open the door for you."

Danny smirked as he looked at Tucker, "Do you have a picture of Skulker Tuck?" Tucker nods, pushes a button on his wrist and produces a holographic image of Danny holding a small green blob with arms and legs. "Will this do Kurama?" Danny asked as he returned to gazing at the door. The fox nodded, smiled and changed shape.

Danny grabbed Kurama, flew to the door and knocked. After a few minutes the door opened and Walked stepped out. "What do you want, Punk, come to turn yourself in?" Walker demanded.

"No, I came to trade," Danny held up Kurama, "Skulker for my daughter and Youngblood."

"You got some nerve punk, but I can trade, but Skulker is only high enough priority for one prisoner not two." Walker replied with a slightly sadistic smile.

Danny growled, "Fine take him and give me my daughter."

Walker chuckled as he took Skulker from Danny, "I lied, you will never see your daughter ever again." The door slammed shut. Danny growled again as his ghostly energy started to build. Ten minutes later the door creaked open and Kurama poked her head out.

"Let's go." Danny said as he floated forward and entered the prison.

Danny flew as fast as he could towards Walker's office, never once slowing down, reaching the office without encountering even one guard he opened and entered the room quietly. Once inside he looked around, not seeing anyone he approached the window overlooking the yard and saw Walker with the bulk of his forces. Danny's eyes widened as there was almost twice their estimate in the yard alone with who knows how many in reserve, Danny then narrowed his eyes and blew the window out with an ectoblast before jumping out into the yard.

"GIVE ME MY DAUGHTER NOW WALKER!" Danny shouted, he then created dual ecto-blades and charged the group.

(Scene change)

With Sam, Jazz, and Ember

Sam ran forward blasting everything in her path as she followed the link to Dani. Jazz was behind her still in her phantom style ghost form launching ecto blasts at any that tried to sneak up on them from the sides and Ember was behind her leaving delayed sound grenades as they ran.

"They just keep coming!" Jazz said in annoyance.

"We just have to keep going babe." Ember replied, dropping another sound grenade.

"Don't worry we just have to get around this next corner and we should see their cell." Sam said, just as her Fenton Peeler deactivated from lack of power. Sam growled and drew the katana Kurama gave her, her eyes flashing red as her rage grew, especially after they turned the corner and were met with about 100 guards standing between them and the only cell in the hallway. The three women charged.

(Scene change)

With Tucker and Valerie

Tucker and Valerie had swung a hard right when they entered the prison and headed for the armory in order to take out anything they could. Turning another corner the two suited heros came face to face with armor with a mech suit currently manned by a ghost guard. The ghost looked at them in surprise and attempted to point the arm cannon at them but the suit wasn't built with close range combat in mind so was unable to.

"Let's see, how do we do this?" Tucker asked, looking at Valerie. She didn't bother to answer, she just smirked, shoved an ecto grenade into the arm joints and stepped around the corner with Tucker just as the grenade went off. Peering around the corner they could see the mech suit on the ground its power core exposed, now it is Tuckers turn to smirk as he placed ten ecto grenades on the core put the suit on his hoverboard and activated one of the grenades before making the suit fly into the armory. The board flew out without the suit and returned to Tucker, the explosion that followed rocked the entire prison as the two turned and walked away.

After a couple of minutes they arrived at Walker's office but all they saw was Kurama looking out the window. Just before they could ask anything though, Sam, Jazz, Ember, Dani, and Jake (youngblood) showed up. After hugging the two children the group approached the window and were shocked, there in the middle of the yard was Danny completely surrounded with Walker calmly walking up to him from behind. Danny felt the approach and turned around only to get kicked in the chest throwing him back, the guards moved out of his way and he slammed into the wall.

(Scene change)

With Danny

Danny groaned as he shook his head and glared at Walker. Walker laughed, "Look at yourself punk. You are no match for my army."

Danny growled again as his ghostly energy began to spike, "I" the energy grew, "WILL" the shadows around him became darker, "NOT" they started to gather as walkers and his forces started to back away, "LOSE!" with a roar the shadows converged on Danny engulfing him and forming a cocoon. The shadows then melted away revealing….