Chapter 7

The shadows then melted away revealing…. nothing, Danny was gone. Walker started to laugh again, "He destroyed himself with his own buildup of power!"

A cold voice sounded from where Danny was, "Is that what you think, Walker? If so, I have news for you." A figure stepped out of the shadows, they were wearing a long black cloak and carrying a black staff. The figure then reached up and removed their hood revealing pale tan skin, white hair, and neon green eyes.

"Daddy/Danny!" His friends and family shouted.

"So you survived, it does not matter." Walker started, "And your wardrobe change won't make a difference either!"

"Really?" Danny smirked as he put the hood back on before taping the staff on the ground and a slightly curved blade formed out of ice on the end turning the staff into a scythe, and with a gathering of shadows around the base of the cloak Danny had become the grim reaper. "With this power, and 'wardrobe change' as you put it, I will win!"

What happened next shocked everyone present, Danny swung his scythe and launched a wave of black and green energy. Any ghost it touched, even just a nick, was sent to Oblivion. Walker dodged the energy wave just in time and paled as much as he could.

"How did you get that power!?" Walker demanded, a slightly fearful tone in his voice. "The power of shadows was wiped from existence an-ugh!" Walker didn't get to finish what he was trying to say as Sam punched him in the gut, followed by triple cytoblasts to the back, an ecto sound fist to the face and a bite to the leg.

Danny approached the downed ghost and raised his scythe, Danny brought it down...













And embedded it into the ground next to Walker's head.

"Walker you will be punished but not with Oblivion, I Daniel Fenton/Phantom do hereby claim your lair, position,and your powers over Law and Order upon your surrender as per the laws of combat laid down by the ancients." Daniel said, slowly dragging the blade of the scythe even closer to Walker's throat. Walker lowered his head and said, "I…...surrender."

Danny smiled as he looked at Walker, "You have two choices Walker," Danny informed him, "You can stay here and watch over the prison for me, or you can be released and move on to the afterlife beyond the Infinite Realms." Walker was surprised but decided he could live with those choices, just as he was about to give his answer Sam interrupted.

"Danny, how could you let him still exist! You know he was going to torture our Daughter if we hadn't shown up!"

Walker got angry, "I would never have tortured her, just like I have never tortured Youngblood! I may be a bit unfair but I am not a monster!" Walker turned to Danny, "I will serve you as your prison warden if you will allow it."

Danny nodded, "Very well, from this day forth you, Walker, are the Warden of my prison. You cannot make any more rules, you cannot torture any prisoners without permission, you are not to arrest anyone without reviewing the rulebook which i will rewrite until it is fair and just, understood?" Walker nodded his head.

Danny turned to his friends and family, smiled and held his arms open to dani, who immediately jumped onto him and hugged him tightly. "Daddy," Dani sobbed, "I knew you would rescue me Daddy and Mommy." Sam approached the duo and joined them in the hug.

"We will always be there to help you Dani." Sam told the young halfa, Danny nodded in agreement only for their family moment to be interrupted.

"Sir," Walker was right there, "I have to inform you that you are not yet done."

"What are you talking about Walker?" Danny asked as he turned to the white ghost. It held out a shard of crystallized ectoplasm.

"This is a piece of my core." Walker told him, "By taking this you gain my powers."

Danny's, Sam's, and Dani's eyes widened as Danny reached for the Core Fragment. Danny took it and watched as it was absorbed into his body, a white light flared out and when it died down he had changed again. Danny now wore a white robe with gold trim, an Ivory staff with gold patterns and a gold orb on top. He had a golden circlet on his forehead and a cloak of white feathers that resembled wings.

Danny wasn't the only one to change though, it appeared that the power overflowed into the link infusing into sam. Sam's clothes were still the same, but her hair gained white streaks all throughout it and her eyes gained golden flecks sprinkled throughout them.

Dani also changed, like her father she now wore a white robe and a gold circlet but that was it.

Danny looked at himself, Sam, and Dani, "Walker what happened to us?" Danny demanded.

"You gained light aspected powers Sir. As such they took a physical form like your shadow powers, you can use your abilities in your regular form but they will be stronger in your aspected form." Walker explained.

"I see." Danny looked over Sam and Dani again, "and my family? Why did they get affected?"

"I am unsure Sir, as far as i can tell they shouldn't have." Walker replied.

As Danny looked at Sam and Dani he felt the link again, and his eyes widened slightly in realization. Then he relaxed, decided he didn't care and hugged them again. Then as one they turned to Jazz, Tuck, Val, Jake(youngblood), and Ember, "Let's go home guys." Danny smiled and lifted himself and Sam into the ectoplasm, with Dani and friends following behind. Walker watched them fly away with a sad smile on his face, and thought, He was right, all is as it should be. Good luck Danny.

Scene change

Fenton house with maddy, same time as Danny and co start home.

Maddy woke up to the sound of yelling. She got out of bed and snuck downstairs, as she got closer she could make out what the voices were saying.

"Dang it, why do we have to sneak into the Fenton's house anyway Agent W?" One said

"Because Agent B, we don't want the Fenton's to catch us." Agent W said.

"I know that, but I mean why US?" Agent B replied.

"Oh….. I don't know." Agent W chuckled.

"Maybe it is because you two are expendable idiots?" A feminine voice said from behind them, along with the sound of an ecto blaster powering up. The two agents slowly turned around and stared at the business end of the blaster in their face. Maddie sighed, lowered the blaster and stared at the two GIW agents, "Why are you here?" Maddie asked tiredly.

Agent B looked confused as to why maddie lowered the blaster but at the same time was relieved as he answered, "We were sent here to steal a thermos so our scientists can reverse engineer the technology used." Agent W looked at his partner with a 'what are you doing?' look on his face.

Maddie gained a look of anger on her face when she heard that. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small device, she clicked it and said, "Please repeat what you said." as she pointed the blaster at them again.

Agent B gulped, "I said, We were sent here to steal a thermos so our scientists can reverse engineer the technology used."

Maddie smiled at them sweetly, "Thank you," she charged the blaster, "Now get out!" The two agents took off running towards the front door, burst through it and dove onto their ATV style vehicles and gunned the engine until FentonWorks was out of sight. Maddie sighed again, lowered the blaster and was about to go back to bed when her Fenton Phone went off. Maddie rushed to the lab and opened the portal letting Tucker, Valerie, Jazz, Ember, Youngblood, and Cujo through.

Tucker looked at Maddie and saw her open her mouth to ask something when Jazz beat him to the punch, "Mom wait. Danny, Sam, and Dani are fine, they just needed to go talk to a ghost that they know about something that happened to Danny. It isn't bad, in fact it is a good thing, but they wanted to talk about it to someone that would give them answers before they asked a question."

Maddie looked confused, "Who?"

Everyone looked at each other before saying in sync, "Clockwork."

Clockworks Clocktower, same time

Danny, Sam, and Dani flew up to Clockwork's tower and approached the door. When they got within ten feet of it the door opened by itself. Danny raised an eyebrow, "It seems he is expecting us." Sam just sighed while Dani giggled. The family entered the tower and approached the sitting room where clockwork was waiting for them.

"Daniel, Samantha, and Danielle are welcome to my home. You have questions." The way clockwork spoke was not a question but a statement. "Unfortunately I do not have answers for you."

"Why not Clockwork? You know everything!" Danny exclaimed.

Clockwork shook his head, "Not this time I'm afraid, ever since you traveled through time and confronted your evil future self your very existence within the time stream has disappeared. I cannot see your future, only your present and past." Danny was stunned, Clockwork the Master of Time, Keeper of the Clocktower, Guardian of the Ghost King's Throne couldn't see Danny's future.