A/N: I know I have another fic going on right now but I saw something that really made me remember things about Avatar. Then I thought to myself 'it would be pretty sick if Naruto entered the Avatar world, being a ninja who can master all the four elements and more' so I decided why not? I really loved Avatar and the whole thing sounded awesome to me so I'm doing this fic, let's get started now!

Chapter 1: A New Avatar

Naruto grunted as he was hit once again by Obito's overwhelming attacks. He was in Biju mode fighting against the new ten tails jinchuriki. Sasuke was at his right, his sharingan spinning wildly as he focused more lighting chakra into his sword, currently Sasuke and Naruto were locked in a stalemate with one Obito Uchiha, the most powerful being in the shinobi world as of now. All of them were sweaty, tired, bruised, and battered having suffered all the attacks that they threw back and forth at each other. Naruto took a fighting stance as he whipped out his tri-pronged kunai. This was his father's ultimate attack, the Hirashin.

During Pein's attack his father had informed him of his one of a kind jutsu, hidden inside the Namikaze estate which could only be opened by the blood of a Namikaze. After Pein had been defeated and everyone in Konoha had been revived, that was the first place that Naruto had went to.

The gate to the place had a giant seal in the middle, which is where he guessed he had to put the blood. After searching the house for a while he finally came across it in his father's study and immediately went to work on trying to figure out how to master it. He pretty much had it down with help of Kakashi-sensei on his way to Turtle Island. He had to say if was pretty damn badass to be able to teleport any where on the battlefield.

"Why won't you just give up? There is no point in fighting back, with this power in my hands the Elemental Nations will know true peace." Obito said levitating in the air.

Naruto snarled "Trapping everyone in a huge illusion isn't true peace Obito!" He shot back

Obito frowned as those words that came out of Naruto's mouth.

"Don't be naïve Naruto, I'll give you the same option like I did before, you both should join we could create a world were there is no suffering and where everyone can live happily." Obito said with conviction

"There's no way in hell I'd ever join you, after what you've done all for this 'peace' your just a madman that needs to be taken down." Naruto bit out, Sasuke nodded in silent agreement.

Obito sighed "Well I was hoping hoping you would see it my way, but if you won't comply I'll have to destroy you." He said raising his staff.

In response Sasuke raised his arm as thunder clouds began gathering in the air. Thunder and lighting began going off randomly as the dark atmosphere began descending upon them. Then in swift movement, Sasuke brought his hand down.

"Kirin!" He screamed as a gigantic beast of lighting with terrifying blood red eyes came out of the clouds with a massive roar. The beast zipped down from the sky at, frankly, lighting speed.

Obito quickly moved his hand, making the truth seeking balls form a huge sphere around him. The attack struck and furiously grinded against the sphere, but to no avail. Once the smoke was cleared they orb was still in the air, not even scratched. Obito let the his defense fall ready to face his enemies.

"I told there is nothing-" Obito started but was cut off when he felt a stinging pain in his stomach. He looked down and his eyes widened at the deep gash that was present on his abdomen.

On the other side of the field Naruto and Sasuke deactivated their Kurama-Sussano mode after dealing that fatal blow to Obito. The Kirin was the perfect distraction in order for Sasuke and Naruto to get in close.

As their fusion mode dissipated, Naruto couldn't help but put on a huge grin. They had won! Finally all the senseless killing and violence would come to an end, and the peace that his master so desperately wanted would soon descend upon the shinobi world. That thought was put to a halt as Obito suddenly started to glow.

"What the hell is going on!" Naruto yelled

"How should I know!" Sasuke said using his hand to cover his eyes.

Suddenly the whole shinobi alliance had to shield their eyes from a huge ray of white light coming from the center of the battlefield.

Obito was glowing in a bright white light, screaming in pain and agony as cracks were appearing on his skin.

Naruto couldn't keep the surprise off his face, what the hell was going on?

"The chakra of all the tailed beast being released at one time must have caused some sort of reaction, I think he's going to explode!" He heard Kakashi scream from the other side of the battle field.

That quickly set off alarms in both their heads "If an explosion like that goes off everyone here is gonna die!" Sasuke said as the ground started to crack and shake.

"What do we do?" Naruto asked trying to stay rooted to the spot.

"I don't know, even if we run we won't make it to far before it goes off, if we try putting up any jutsu the explosion will just break through it." Sasuke said listing off all the bad ideas

By now the whole sky started to turn black as thunder and lighting boomed over head. They were so screwed there was literally no way they could get out of this situation. Naruto could just teleport to one of his markets around the elemental nations, but he couldn't just let everyone die!

Naruto's eyes widened as a plan came into his mind. He suddenly dashed towards Obito with all the chaos and destruction going on around him.

"Naruto! What are you doing?!"Sasuke called out after him.

Naruto approached the ticking time bomb that was Obito and gripped into his arm, barely being able to stand the magnificent amount of power he was letting out.

"I can teleport the both of us to Turtle Island and its far enough from here that it won't hurt anyone!" Naruto yelled at him preparing to make the jump.

"If you do that you might die, he's so unstable he could blow up any second now. If you get there you won't have enough time to make it back!" Sasuke said as huge cracks appeared on Obito's skin and light only got brighter.

"It's either me, or the entire shinobi alliance. Sasuke it's up to you now, you'll be the one to lead the elemental nations into an era of true peace. I'm passing on my dream to you make sure it happens Sasuke." Naruto said with a small smile.

Sasuke was actually stunned by his words, he would make sure everyone would remember his sacrifice. In a rare moment of compassion Sasuke gave Naruto a small genuine smile while nodding to him.

"Goodbye Naruto, I'll make your dream come true that's a promise." Sasuke said with determination.

Naruto smiled once again before disappearing in a huge yellow flash leaving the whole shinobi alliance to wonder what happened.

Sasuke turned away from spot where his best friend disappeared from. He closed his eyes, he wasn't a man who showed much emotion, but just this once he would leak some tears. For his best friend….

For his brother.

Earth Kingdom

Naruto awoke groggily, his head was pounding and there was a loud ringing noise coming from his ears. He opened his eyes slowly as sunlight streamed down from in between the trees. He sat up slowly, grabbing his throbbing head as the ringing started to subside.

'Well dying didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would' he thought to himself as he started to look around, figuring this place was heaven or something.

'You're not dead, idiot.' He heard Kurama said.

Naruto fell forward, startled by the voice of his partner. He got up again rubbing his head muttering curses at his tenant

'Stupid fox, don't surprise me like that' Naruto said back to him.

'Not my fault you get scared easily.' Naruto grunted saying that he was just caught off guard.

'Whatever look the point is after your self sacrificing stunt, you miraculously didn't die which I'm guessing had something to do with the Hirashin.' Kurama said.

Naruto froze, certainly shocked that he was alive. His faced suddenly curved into a huge smile as he started to jump all around the place "Hell yeah! I survived, best ninja ever." He yelled

'Yea, yea celebrate later, we need to find a way back to the village.' Kurama suggested

'Wait what about the tailed beasts! I promised that I would free them.' Naruto said in a concerned voice. If Obito exploded did that mean all the tailed beasts were gone too?

'Calm yourself, my brothers and sisters were destroyed in that explosion but their chakra should reform in time. So move it.' Kurama grumbled out.

Naruto finally calmed down and decided to follow Kurama's advice and look around. He stopped once he realized something, why was the ground so much closer to him? He scratched his head, he was almost 6 feet tall last time he remembered so why did it seem like he was short as hell?

A sudden wind started to blow around him, and Naruto suddenly shivered as the cool air touched his skin. Skin? He looked down and was surprised to find that all of his clothes had been ripped off. The only thing that remained was his boxers, which looked like a pair of huge shorts at this point.

Naruto suddenly yelled and tried to cover himself up, he didn't want to be seen practically naked.

'Will you calm down there isn't anyone looking at you in the middle of the forest.' Kurama said

Naruto blinked realizing Kurama was right, he slowly removed his hands and inspected his body. Now he wasn't the most ripped guy in the world, but he had muscles and his body was in shape. But right now he looked like skin and bones compared to what he looked like before.

He swallowed, all these signs were adding up to one thing. He quickly rushed out of the forest clearing, there was no way this happened to him, it was impossible! He came across a calm and steady river and immediately looked at the surface off the water. There staring back at him was a 4 year old Naruto, he slowly brought his face up to his check trying to make sure it was him in that reflection.

Once he confirmed that it was actually him, he released a loud scream. He ran around comically screaming and yelling about how he shrunk, while Kurama tried to calm him down.

'Calm down brat!' Kurama yelled at him

Naruto wouldn't listen and just shook his head "Calm down! Why should I calm down, looked at me I'm a chibi" he said out loud pointing at the river.

'How did this happen? I don't want to be this small everyone's gonna laugh at me.' He said holding his head down in a depressing tone.

Kurama laughed at him, it was pretty hilarious seeing his host get turned in a little kid. No doubt a lot of insults would be thrown his way by his friends

'It's not funny Kurama! I need to figure out how to reverse this." He yelled at his Biju

'I couldn't resist, as for reversing it I wish you good luck with that.' Kurama snickered.

'What's that suppose to mean.' Naruto said a little ticked off that Kurama was making fun of him.

'Don't you get it? You used a space-time ninjutsu in order to teleport that human away from the battlefield. All that chakra must have done something to your Hirashin and since it's a time-space ninjutsu I'm guessing that it must have teleported you away from where you wanted to go and the time aspect de aged your body in the process.' Kurama said

Naruto once again peered into the water looking at his his young face. Man this was crazy, never did he think that it was possible to make himself younger and because of how it was done Naruto could reverse the affect unless he did the same thing again. At least it was better than dying, he would take being turned into a baby if it meant he survived that explosion.

He sighed 'At least I'm alive, now I just need to figure out where I am and head towards the others.' Naruto said while getting up. He crossed his fingers in a familiar sign.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu." He said as a bunch of smoke flooded the clearing.

"Alright, guys I have no idea where we are so let's split up and figure out a way home." The real Naruto ordered.

"Aye, aye sir!" They all saluted him before running off into the woods.

Naruto himself decided to follow the river in hopes of finding some sort of fishing hut or something that could possibly help him. He had ran about a mile down the river by now when he came across a crazy sight.

'What the hell is that?' He asked his friend shocked at the creature before them. The thing that he was asking about was a giant bear with duck like features. It was current feasting on fish that it managed to capture.

'I have no idea.' Kurama replied, curious about this strange creature.

Suddenly the bear turned and looked at Naruto before letting out a beastly roar. The bear charged as Naruto became alarmed and reached down to grab some shuriken only to realize he left it back with his clothes

'Damn, guess I'll take it out with my bare hands.' Naruto jumped up avoiding the charge. He then put one hand on the beasts back while using it as a hand spring to land safely on the ground.

The bear suddenly got on its hind legs, slashing and swiping at Naruto with its sharp claws. Naruto easily ducked and dodged its strikes and delivered a right kick to its face. The beast stumbled back from the kick but still persisted.

'Damn my strength is so low, curse this stupid four year old body.' Naruto thought to himself before avoiding another strike.

He had lost a lot of his strength and speed, but he was still a ninja and had a lot more power than a regular 4 year old boy. Well now was a good as time as any to get some training started. He dodged left avoiding another strike, he then performed a kick to the beast's hind legs making it trip over and fall with a loud cry.

Naruto then kicked it in the stomach making it roll on the ground and crash into a tree. The bear still got up albeit slowly and painfully. Naruto dashed to it while landing 3 full powered kicks to its face making it stumble and fall to the ground.

Naruto dusted of his hands and mentally patted himself on the back for doing so well in this small body. He prepared to turn around a leave when he saw people looking at him! There in the forest staring at him with open mouths and wide eyes was a man with black hair a grey eyes, he was probably middle aged and was wearing a grey robe-like shirt and white pants.

The woman looked like she had some sort of heart attack, I guess it wasn't everyday you saw a little kid take on some sort of weird bear and beat it with his bare hands. She was pretty in Naruto's opinion, the long flowing dark brown hair with the brown eyes looked really good. She was also wearing what looked to be some outfit made out of green and light yellow colors.

The last one was a little girl about …. his age. She had short brown hair and grey eyes like her father. And was wearing a plain green outfit like her mothers. She had a look of wonder and awe on her face, no doubt amazed by what Naruto did.

Naruto scratched the back of his sheepishly "Hey, nice weather we're having huh?" Naruto said awkwardly.

"Sonny you just took down a 320 pound bear with nothing but your fists!" The man yelled.

"Hey I guess so huh?" Naruto said nonchalantly.

"But, how did you? ….. How can you?... Huh?" The man said trying to figure out what he just witnessed. It shouldn't be possible, how could a four years old just completely demolish that bear?!

"It was so cool! How did you do that?" The little girl piped in.

The adults looked curious too, wondering if he could give them answers to the questions that they they had.

"I'm actually a ninja." He said in a high voice. Damn he would have to go through puberty again before his voice got less annoying.

The man's face spread into a frown, surely this kid couldn't be playing a prank in them right now. He knew that bear was real though so this blonde kid had to be sort of amazing bender or something, it was the only thing that made any sense at all

"Right a ninja sure. You sure your not just some sort of prodigy earth bender?" The man asked.

Naruto raised an eyebrow. What was an earth bender? He had never heard someone call him that before. I

"Stop questioning him dear, don't you see he's in the middle of the woods all alone and without any clothes? If your lost well be more than happy to help." The woman spoke softly while moving her hand slowly to cover her daughter's eyes.

Naruto was little embarrassed when she mentioned his lack of clothing but he still smiled "Uh Yea! Thank you so much, I have no idea were I am and I need to find the Leaf Village." He said politely

"The Leaf Village?" The man scratched his head trying to figure out what Naruto was talking about.

"Yea you know the Leaf Village, Village hidden in the leaves, Konoha?" Naruto asked not believing this guy didn't know what Konoha was.

"I'm sorry I've never heard of that place, have you?" He asked turning to his wife.

She shook her head "No I haven't."

Naruto looked at them surprised, how could they not know about Konoha. It was the most famous of the 5 hidden villages out there. He sighed, ok he just needed to figure out where he was and then maybe he could find his way back.

"Do you have a map or something I could borrow?" Naruto asked.

The man smiled "We sure do, we came here to catch some fish and our house is on the other side of this forest. Speaking of, how much do you want for that platypus bear?" the man said forgetting all about his questions.

So they knew what that thing was? How weird they were talking about it like it was some common animal.

"You know what that thing is?" Naruto said jabbing his thumb at the unconscious animals direction.

The man gave him a weird look, "Of course I do that's a platypus bear, pretty common among these areas. You act like you've never known they existed or something." He said in a questioning tone.

Naruto scratched his head, maybe it was a common animal here or something he didn't know. Besides its not like it was the weirdest thing he ever saw so maybe he should stop questioning it so much.

Naruto just shrugged "Can't say I ever knew they existed but it really doesn't matter to me, you can just take it if you want." Naruto said and the man's face went from shock at Naruto's lack of knowledge to look of happiness from getting a free bear. He could probably get a good amount of pieces for this thing!

"Don't be ridiculous. We have to give you something, it just doesn't seem fair." The woman said.

Just then Naruto's stomach growled loudly, he blushed a little showing his embarrassment.

"How about some lunch it's the last we can do for the bear." The woman said.

"Thank you, I really appreciate it." Naruto said with a smile.

She smiled back and motioned for him I follow her while taking her daughter's hand. The man stayed behind, probably to kill the bear and load it up or something like that.

On the way to the house Naruto and the woman made some small talk, like introducing themselves and such. She also draped him in a cloth so he wouldn't have to go around just in his boxers.

As they approached the house, the woman said that she would bring him some clothes and Naruto gave her a smile and word of thanks.

As they finally entered the house, Naruto looked around and noticed that it wasn't very big, but it was cozy. The whole place was made out of wood with and straw making up the ceiling.

"Sit down, lunch will be served in a minute and I'll be right back with your clothes as well ." The woman said walking into the kitchen.

"Hey my name is Mona Suizei! Nice to meet you." The little girl said holding out her hand.

"Naruto Uzumaki, nice to meet you too Mona." He said shaking her hand.

"Naruto? That's a really weird name." She said giggling a little while pulling her hand away.

"Is not." Naruto said pouting a little, man he was already starting to act like a little kid and it hadn't been an hour yet!

"Your hair is weird to, I've never met anyone with yellow hair before." She said bringing her hands up to stroke his blond spikes.

Naruto quickly brought his hands up to stop what she was doing, this girl had never even heard of blonde hair before? That was extremely odd.

"It's not yellow, it's blonde." Naruto stated matter in factly

"And what are those marks on your cheeks? They look so adorable, like a little kitten." She said once again bringing her hand up and stroking his whisker marks, eliciting a small purr from Naruto.

"Stop that!" Naruto said smaking her hand away, but she just continued to giggle clearly amused by this whole situation.

"Your really weird I've never met a person like you." She said happily

"And it was really cool how you beat up that platypus bear, if you're bender like papa said you must be really good." She said her eyes shinning

"Uh why do guys keep calling me a bender? I'm a Shinobi." Naruto stated.

"Shinobi?" She asked tilting her head cutely.

"A ninja, you know people who can use chakra." He said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Not only did these people not know what konoha was they didn't even know what a ninja was! He didn't understand, as far as he knew everyone in the elemental nations knew of the 5 hidden villages, and if by some crazy reason they didn't they had to have some concept of ninja. After all they were basically running everywhere doing missions and such.

Her face scrunched up in confusion, "I never heard of them, but I bet benders could beat up ninjas any day!" She declared

"Pshh, yeah right. I bet these 'benders' couldn't last 5 seconds in a ring with a ninja." Naruto said quite childishly.

"They could too!" Mona yelled back at him.

And so an ensuing argument began between the two about who was better, the ninjas or the benders.

Mona's mother came around the corner wondering what all the shouting was about. She came around the corner to see her daughter and new guest standing on the table growling at each other.

"You two get down here this instant." The woman said with a stern voice. They both stopped their argument and faced her. They blinked a couple of times before listening obediently and sitting back down in their chairs.

"Better." She said walking over to the table and handing Naruto a pair of clothes.

"You can change in that room over there, dinner will probably be ready when you come back, ok?" The woman said softly with a smile.

"Ah, thank you very much." Naruto said kindly while gently taking the clothes out of her hand and heading towards the room where he could change.

While putting on his pants he couldn't help but think how helpful these people had been to him. Though he still couldn't wrap his head around the fact that they never hear of ninja, it was quite odd even in a world full of crazy things.

After putting on his shirt, Naruto looked at himself at the mirror. He was wearing a green robe like short sleeved shirt with his collar folded back showing off a light yellow color. His pants were also the same light yellow and attached to his waist was was a brown rope like string, which went along with the outfit and kept his pants from being too loose. It wasn't like his amazing orange jumpsuit, but it was still quite fashionable in Naruto's opinion.

After looking at himself in the mirror Naruto nodded to himself in approval before heading towards the door. Just as he was about to open it, his eyes caught sigh of a table on the other side of the room. The table had many books on top of it along with a bunch of other things.

Thinking that there would probably be a map, Naruto decided to go and take a look. Spotting a rolled up piece of paper, Naruto quickly grabbed it.

Or so he tried, he was still to small to reach the paper for it was all the way in the back. His eye twitched as he repeatedly failed to reach it.

"Stupid body." Naruto muttered before climbing up onto the chair. He then finally got his hands on the paper and opened it.

"They've never heard about konoha, I bet it's right here on this- huh?" He said in confusion. This map was totally wrong! The Land of Earth, Fire, Earth, and Wind were in completely wrong places! In fact if it weren't for the symbols he probably couldn't even identify them because of how different the sizes and shapes were!

Not only that all the other countries were gone, the demon country, the spring country, the land of Iron all of them gone! He tried twisting and turning the map to somehow get it to be somewhat accurate but it just wasn't working!

'Oh, so that's what happened.' He heard Kurama mumbled inside of his head

'You figured out what's wrong with this stupid map, Tell me before I rip this thing to shreds!" Said frustrated Naruto.

'Calm down you idiot, the map isn't wrong.' Even though this moment was funny, he had to inform his host of something extremely important.

'What? Are you kidding Kurama look at this map. This thing looks like something Shikamaru drew while half asleep in the academy. ' Naruto said still trying to decipher the map.

'Think about it when we first came here we were attacked by a species of bear we've never seen before, then when you asked those humans were Konoha was and they said that they had no idea, not only that but they also had no idea what a shinobi was, and finally the map that you just saw is completely different from all of the others we've seen in the elemental Nation. All these signs point to one thing. We're in another world.' Kurama said finishing his explanation.

'What?' Naruto thought his eyes going wide. Well it did make sense there where many geographical and biographical differences between this world and their's. So as crazy as it sounded, Kurama's explanation made perfect sense.

'But how is this possible.' Said Naruto still reluctant to believe that he had somehow crossed dimensions.

'Well it looks like not only did the release of all that chakra make you young again, it also altered the space aspect more than we thought and instead of just teleporting you to some random location in the elemental nations it actually transported you to a different world.' Kurama explained

Naruto was in absolute shock, never in a millions years that he would be in this situation. But again, Kurama's logic had made perfect sense and now there was no denying that he was probably in a foreign world.

Naruto's eyes got even wider as he realized something. Would that mean that he could never go back? I mean how would it be possible to recreate such an event? Simple. There wasn't any. He was stuck here. As this revelation came upon him, Naruto's eyes started to tear.

'Don't get all soft on me now gaki.' Kurama said from inside his head

'What do you want me to do! I've just lost everything! You expect me not to be crying?!" Naruto said angrily.

'Yes you might have lost everything, except you're life. By all means Naruto you should have died. No man could have survived that explosion, but luck was on your side and made sure you lived. You should be thanking Kami right now that your perfectly unharmed and safe. On top of all this weren't you just prepared to give up your dreams, and other things so that your friends could live? Even though it would cost you your life, you weren't afraid to sacrifice yourself and leave all those friendships, and dreams then. So stop crying you ensured the peace of the shinobi world, and should have made peace with what was going to happen as soon as you transported Obito away.' Kurama said trying to lighten his hosts' mood

Naruto tears hadn't stopped.

Kurama was right, he had prepared to give everything up anyways, so how was this any different? Well he was alive of course, but he was still deeply saddened he would never be able to see his friends again. Yet no matter how much Kurama's point made sense. Yet, Naruto couldn't stop thinking about everything he had lost.

"Are you ok in there." He heard the woman call from outside his room.

'You'll have more time to grieve later, for now go eat dinner. And hey Naruto, I'm here for here for you.' Kurama said

Naruto wiped his tears and sniffles before giving a sad smile and jumping out of the chair. Naruto made his way to the door and pushed it open, he then made his way to the dinning table.

"Sorry, I guess I just got caught up looking at these cool clothes." Naruto said in a very childlike manner. He might as well play the part so people wouldn't get suspicious.

"Oh it's no problem, come sit dinner is ready." Said Mona's dad. It looked like he finished up his task and was anxiously waiting for his wife's cooking.

His wish was soon answered as his wife came to the table with what looked to be some cooked fish.

"Come on, take a seat and eat up." Said Mrs. Suizei said to Naruto

Naruto did as he was told and climbed onto the chair. He then proceeded to eat the fish, and he had to say it was quite good.

"So what was a little boy doing out in the forests of the Earth kingdom all by himself." Asked Mr. Suizei in between bites.

"Uh, I wanted to have my own little adventure you know." Naruto said, trying to come up with a somewhat legitimate story.

"Ah, I see. I used to go out and explore a lot as a kid too." Said Mr. Suizei with a chuckle.

"So does that mean you live close by? I mean your parents must be worried sick about you. You should probably head over there as soon as you're done eating." Said Mona's mom

"Ah actually I don't have any parents." Naruto said his voice dropping a little. It wasn't that big of a deal though, he loved his parents but he had pretty much lived on his own his entire life anyway.

"Oh I'm sorry I had no idea!" Said Mrs. Suizei trying not to upset Naruto.

"Don't worry about it, it's no big deal really." Said Naruto putting another piece of fish in his mouth. Seeing how unaffected Naruto was Mr. Suizei decided to go on.

"So this Konoha, where is that exactly?" Questioned Mona's dad recalling their conversation when they first met.

Naruto actually stopped bringing the piece of fish close to his mouth and set it back down. What was he suppose to say to these people ' I come from another dimension?' Nah these people would probably think he was wacko. But then suddenly a place on the map came to his head, and since it was the only one he remembered he might as well use it.

"Oh that was just a made up name I created for my adventure, I actually live in Omashu." Said Naruto laughing slightly.

"Oh so the whole ninja and Konoha thing was all part of the game was it? Well you actually had me convinced this Konoha place existed, I guess you're a pretty good actor." Said the man chuckling slightly.

"But Omashu is still pretty far from here, it would take a couple days just to get there. You really traveled all the way here, I mean I guess it's not impossible judging by how you took down that bear." Said the man rubbing his chin.

"Yeah well they were training me non-stop over there. I've always had a knack for bending and they've been training me ever since I could walk. But sometimes I want to relax you know."said Naruto using everything he heard about benders in the argument with Mona. At first he had just thought of her as a girl with a crazy imagination, but now that he knew that he was in this new world, her stories of people bending the earth didn't sound as dumb. Especially when her father had called Naruto one when they first met.

"Oh the guards train you over there. Why is that?" He questioned further.

"Well I was found just outside of Omashu by a guard and they decided to raise me together instead of putting me up for adoption inside the orphanage." Naruto explained. It was surprising Naruto how many lies were coming out of his mouth right now, but it was necessary.

"Oh so I guess all the training finally caught up to you and you finally decided to cut loose for a little bit, but we should probably take you back I bet your pals are getting pretty worried." Said Mr. Suizei finishing his plate.

"Uh I just wanna say thank you for all the things hat you've done for me, I really appreciate it." Naruto said sincerely.

"Don't mention it, we'll leave first thing in the morning for Omashu, we're going to have to sell this bear hide somewhere so might as well knock out two birds with one stone right." Laughed the cherry man.

"Get some sleep now, we don't have a lot of space but you can sleep in Mona's room. She usually ends up sleeping with us anyway since she afraid of the dark." said the mom with a smile.

"Mom! Don't embarrass me." Exclaimed Mona

The mom and dad soon burst out in laughter and Naruto couldn't help but join in.

This family was probably one of the happiest families Naruto had ever seen. He absentmindedly wondered what it would be like living his childhood out with his own parents. He then said his goodbyes and headed for the room, there would be a long couple of days ahead of him.

6 days later.

Now on a carravan Naruto and Mr. Suizei were only a quarter of a mile away from Omashu at this point. They were having a peaceful conversation right now surrounded by the the beautiful scenery.

"So could you match up to some earth benders in Omashu, I mean it doesn't seem like you're a pushover when it comes to bending ." Said

"I guess you could say so." Naruto said looking around, not really paying attention. The scenery was quite different from what he was used to and he was very curious about everything in his new world.

Plus just looking at everything helped clear his head about this situation. Kurama was right when he told Naruto that he was prepared to die and made his peace with his decision when he transported Obito away, but he was still having a lot of trouble stomaching it.

It's not like he suspected that he would survive, I mean don't get him wrong he was happy to be alive, but just waking up and realizing that everything you once loved was gone was tragic to say the least.

"We're here." Naruto heard Mr. Suizei say. Naruto then shook his head and looked forward, becoming astonished at what he was seeing. First off their was a huge gorge surrounding the the giant place that was Omashu. They only thing connecting them from here to to the great city was a small narrow bridge of stone.

The city itself was something else. For one it was built on a mountain, and the city seem to be built more vertically than horizontally. The place was pretty big as well and overall looked pretty amazing.

'Naruto don't forget to use the genjutsu when we get close to the gate.' Kurama said from inside his head.

Obviously, Naruto wasn't friends with any of the guards so he and Kurama had to figure out a way to this Omashu place. Usually it would be impossible for Naruto to perform an academy level genjutsu, but he had been training in chakra control with a massive amount of clones in order to get the necessary control to do this genjutsu.

As they made their way along the narrow rock path, Naruto took a glance at the walls surrounding the city. It was honestly magnificent. Plus the city was put in a very strategic location, I mean how would invade a city where the only way in was a small narrow path you probably couldn't fit 10 soldiers across?

"Halt!" Naruto heard a man in front of him say. He slowly sat up make sure to take his time in order to go through all the seals without anyone noticing. Finally after completing the last seal Naruto's face became fully visible.

"Naruto? Where have you been? Everyone's been very upset since you left." Said one of the soldiers.

"Ah you know just went for a little stroll in the forest a couple days walk away from here." Naruto said in a nonchalant tone.

"I would keep you here and give you a piece of my mind, but Jing will do it for me." Said the guard while signally the men to let Naruto and Mr. Suizei through.

Well that went off without a hitch. To be honest he wouldn't have had to do all those things if hadn't exposed some of his skills to the old man beside him. Luckily it didn't seem like these guys could recognize genjutsu, or even counter it for that matter. Which made them as prone to genjutsu as an academy student.

Naruto saw two guards, still under the effects of his genjutsu , make a movement and suddenly the wall in the middle was suddenly pushed back.

Naruto's eyes became wide. So what Mona said was true, these people could actually manipulate the elements without doing any hand signs!

'Interesting' Kurama said. This would put his host at a disadvantage. Initially Kurama had hoped that Naruto would be able to defend himself with just taijutsu, since if he went around spamming clones and rasengans all over the place people were bound to ask questions.

Now that they had learned that these people could control the elements without hand signs, Naruto would have trouble competing with only taijutsu.

As the small caravan strod in, Naruto took in the view. The place was very different from Konoha, a bunch of small rock buildings with intricate and precise designs littered the entirety of the city. They all had yellow and green life roofs and were truly works of art.

Naruto suddenly heard something in top of him, and was surprised to see a whole network of carts being moved through rock slides. It was truly astonishing how great this city was. A whole bunch of new things had already been exposed to him in Naruto's first week in this world, and he would be lying if he didn't say he found this world amazingly unique.

"I'm going to unload and head to the market place, you go on and talk to this Jing. If I were you I wouldn't keep him waiting." Said .

"I just want to thank you for helping me again, I truly appreciate it." Naruto said smiling

"No problem kid, it was actually fun getting to know you. Come back and visit me sometime." Said the man giving his own smile.

Naruto nodded and hoped off the caravan. He started walking down the many small pathways and streets that this city had.

Well I guess it was time to get to work.

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