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Months have passed since Natalie returned on her own whole Central City was back on its normal was honored by the mayor for saving the and Dr Wells went back to Earth two so that Jesse would saw her world and Barry are both promoted by their Captain and now Barry has married Caitlin but now he began to worry what Caitlin would do if she would gone to told him to calm down as well,despite Barry's told him that he like staying on Central City and decided to bury his past for became the head journalist of her office and Caitlin is still working on Mercury labs ,but she decided to resign and go back to Star Labs.

"What happens if Caitlin would receive a eternal mass bleeding?."Barry told Julian ontheir office

"You know that you,re feeling a bit edgy on me."Julian reminded him

"Edgy? You call me an Edgy that my wife would gone to a labour? What if she was bleeding? what will i do?.."Barry screamed

"You know that i am dating your niece."Julian reminded him

"That's because you kept asking me what her favorites are."Barry shouted back as he kept pacing the room

"Hey at least she didn't like expensive likes simply."Julian told him

"Only if you hurt my niece...i am going to kill you."Barry said

"Deal."Julian told him "And stop pacing the entire Captain Signh discovered that your the flash then a new scope of reporters will came to interview you.?."

"Ahhh goddamn it.I should have been there for Caitlin...and now she kept going to interfere the whole sitiuation.I did married her because i love her and this becoming a father would be excited but.."Julian cut him off by throwing him a water bottle.

"Okay...you kept blabbering know that your going to be a great father know we survived the entire chaos here and you are not going to run away like you intended to."Julian snapped

"And who said that i am running away from my responsibilities?."Barry asked

"God why is it you speedsters? Deadly Sin and other worlds that you,ve intended and besides i assumingly like livin on the Dangerous zone."Julian told him

"If my niece is 'll pierce you her arrow."Barry reminded him

"I'll survive."said Julian until Barry's phone ringed

"Hello?.."said Barry

"Barry its me Iris...its Caitlin."said Iris

"What happened to Caitlin?."Barry asked while Julian grab Barry's jacket

"She's..."Iris voice cut off

"She's what Iris?.."Barry yelled until he heard Caitlin screamed

"I'm having a baby you know that.!"said Caitlin

"Okay i am going to go there as soon as possible."Barry dropped his phone yet Julian gave his jacket to him until he speed out but he came back. "Oh and Julian? Her favorite flowers is Rose."

Barry speed to the hospital causing the entire street filled with cars seeing him run until he arrived on the hospital where he heard Caitlin screamed was worried,he entered the room and hold Caitlin's was covered in sweat even she tried to push several times.

"Cait its okay.."said Barry

"Okay? Barry what if our baby...will not survive? What will happened to both of us?."Caitlin asked until it hit her

"Hey...remember what Natalie said to are afraid of what we have become but we still have hope for each Caitlin...you gave me a reason to live...you gave me life to live,if it wasn't for you and the others i would stand nobody now.I promise you that our baby would be safe and sound."Barry reassure her

"Promise?.."Caitlin asked

"I promise keep pushing and i'll hold your hand even it hurts."said Barry

"Come on Mrs Allen push."The doctors told her

Caitlin kept pushing and pushing so hard yet she collapse on Barry's told her that she gave him wonderful things to be with opened her eyes and keep pushing despite her both of them heard a wail of a baby.

"Congratulations its a normal baby girl."said the doctor as she grab a cloth to cover the baby. "Would you like to hold her while where stitching your wife?."

"Of course.."said Barry

Barry stepped outside of the emergency room carrying his baby girl on his kept rocking it did remember that he and Caitlin married,their honeymoon on Hawaii and most of all their touring trips but Barry was happier that he was holding the happiest in his life...his beloved kept staring on the window of the hospital even rocking his baby until it stired causing it to cry.

"Its okay...Natalie...its okay...Daddy is here for you no matter what...Daddy and Mommy will always there for you."Barry told her causing the baby to smiled until he walked on the room where Caitlin was resting on the bed with her new night gown.

"Hey how are you feeling?."Barry asked her

"I'll be i hold her?.."Caitlin asked.

"Here you go...careful."said Barry as he give the baby to Caitlin.

"Hi...,its me Me me Natalie...i will love you no matter and your father are my greatest love in the whole world.."said Caitlin until she looked at Barry.

"Isn't she beautiful?."Caitlin asked

"The prettiest one.I love you Caitlin Allen."said Barry

"And i love you so much Barry Allen."Caitlin replied as they both kissed until the sun began to set.

"Sunset."said Caitlin

"Sunset is the best love we had in the world."

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