Ok guys this is my first alpha and omega and my very first fanfic eber so plz no rude comments thank u and enjoy

chapter 1 winston/ tony garth/Humphrey

Its was a normal dat and it had been almost a monmonth since

Humphrey and kate got married and all way good although ever

Since the wedding tho its unlike him tony began to feel a bit more

Lonely then he usually did so he chose to go see how his old freind

Winston was doing but when he arrived he herd eve yelling at winston

Eve screaming at the top of her lungs"if u ever do that again winston we

R through donefor!"as she threw a bone at hus head casing him to run outside

Of the main alpha den as he did out of breath grom running he saw tony"tony

My old pall how r u"winston said"im good but u seem to be in a heep of trouble

What u do this time?the red wolf asked"its nothing just got cought looking at another

Wolf is all"the grey alpha explained"well do u wanna stay at my place tonight since its

Going to be only me"

"Were is garth"winston asked"he and lilly r out looking for their own den in tell that they

R living in the tall grass"tony said aa he looked down a bit depressed and sad as winston

Gave him abrotherly nuge as he aaid"ill come stay with u for a bit"tony looked up a with a

Slight smile"really u woyld dothat"tony asked as winston responded"gladly it will give eve

Time to cool off and u seem sad that ur lonenly"winston added "im not lonely...im just a

Bit..yea im lonely"they both laughed for a moment and then started to walk back to tony's

Den as they talked about women and their past with each other and along the way the saw

Garth and Humphrey and they were without the girls as tony and winston both thought

"What u think r they doing out here?" the gey wolf asked "i dont know"tony responded

As the two older wolves approached garth and Humphrey tony asked"garth Humphrey

Garth Humphrey what r u two doing out here its getting late out"tony said seeing that

The sun was going down as Humphrey answered"oh..well we umm we were just"as garth

Steped in"we were wrestling and we got tierd so we came for adrink" "yea Humphrey said

We were just about to go home"he said as he noded hus head to garth tony and winston

Simply said "ok" as winston noded gor them to head home and garth and Humphrey walked

Off tword the the pay den as winston and tony started walking back to the main eastern wolf

Den garth and Humphrey Came back and nuzxled each other passionately "that was close"

The small gery wolf said"way to close we nned to find a new spot after tonight"garth said

As Humphrey replied "yea if anyone cought us epically winston or ur dad we would have a

Lot of explaining"Humphrey then licked garths cheek "i love u garth he added"garth smiled

And lightly blushed as he said"i love u too Humphrey"as the both lay down snuggling close

And feel asleep smiling.

Ok i hoped u guts liked the first chapter and in the next one if u guts liked this one there will

Be more winston and tony and they will uncover an unknown secret that they bithshare but like i said if u liked ut let me know and ill keep going